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Oh my YUMMY! When I opened my box I have to say first off I was in love with the oh so cute packaging of the pre-mixed snack. But then I opened a bag and it is SHUT YOUR MOUTH-GOOD!! The flavors are true to taste-no guessing what flavor you are eating. Not only can you buy the fabulous pre-mixed snacks – you can buy the Treasure Dust to make your own.
5 varieties of Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures:
Wild “Ghost Pepper” Spicy (very, very HOT!!!)
It looks really easy to make your own Trixi’s Treasures with The Dust Mixture. The combinations are endless, you can mix in nuts, candy, whatever you have on hand, will have your own homemade treasure!

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What they say:
Trixi’s Treasures LLC specializes in creating healthy, easy to prepare mixtures, called Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures.

What is a Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixture? It is a 100% all natural powder mixture that you cook with one cup of oil or butter. Then, bake onto your favorite types of cereals, crackers, cookies, chips, pretzels, dried fruits, nuts, etc. It creates a unique “sweet, salty, savory” flavor and adds a light crunchy coating to each piece. All of our varieties of Shantelyn Treasure Dust Mixtures are 100% all natural and contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or GMO’s, and are also gluten-free.

All of our mixtures, require only one cup (240 ml) of butter, or any type of oil, such as, canola, vegetable, coconut, olive, sunflower, peanut, grapeseed, etc.

Our main goal is to make healthy food taste great! We give people the power to make healthier food choices, by allowing them to create their own healthy, unique blends of treasure mixes. Everyone, including vegetarians, vegans, people with diabetes or celiac disease, or other health related conditions can enjoy our mixes. For some suggestions of ingredients, you can visit our Treasure Mix Suggestions page and don’t forget…

You can make a “homemade” treasure from whatever

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