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What I say:
Let me start out by saying-Made in the USA! Love that it's so few and far between that you see that on a product these days.

Stop playing with your food? Nope-Play with your food-how can you not play with your food when you find an item that transforms your hot dogs into a hot dog person?

So what is FrankFormer? Hot dog cutting device which makes specific cuts to form arms, legs, eyes and a mouth on the hot dog. It's easy to use simply slide your hotdog and press. Easy clean up just put it in the dishwasher, and is easy to store because it is compact. My kids love it-but it is sharp so remember to help your kids make their hot dog man. You can use this on any hot dog-make your hotdog then-grill, boil, fry or bake your hotdog person.
FrankFormer makes the perfect foodie gift for young or young at heart. I can no longer get away with my boring hot dogs and neither will you!

What they say:
The Original "Happy Hot Dog Man"!!!

Eating hot dogs has never been this much fun!!! The FrankFormer transforms ordinary hot dogs into an entertaining meal for the entire family! The FrankFormer turns your favorite hot dog into a “Happy Hot Dog Man” that comes to life before your eyes.

Simply place your hot dog into the FrankFormer, close the cutting shield and lid, and within seconds, you’re ready to watch your hot dog cook into a fun figure that can be decorated with condiments and eaten! Whether you prefer boiled, grilled, or micro-waved hot dogs, you can create your own version of the "Happy Hot Dog Man!” The FrankFormer safely produces accurate & consistent cut patterns on regular or bun-length hot dogs. Make your next meal an adventure with the FrankFormer!

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