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IMAGINE GreenWear makes organic clothing for babies, kids, and adults.
IMAGINE GreenWear Organic Clothing Company is now one of the few apparel manufacturing operations in the world using green energy to power its production. Safe to wear and super soft, it's the greenest garment in the industry. The colors hold up wonderfully to washing and drying, the clothing also are true to size. I was also pleased with the design on the clothing-very cute and funky-both of my kids love them and Wade would wear his for days if allowed.

• IMAGINE GreenWear is totally made in the USA; knitting the material, cut and sewing of garments, and all decoration including printing and dyeing is done right here in the United States.

• IMAGINE Green Wear garments combine 100% organic cotton and eco-processing to make “the greenest garment in the industry.”
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Wildlife 2fer 

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Curtis (Cas) Shiver began a tie-dye business in his father's garage, where he created SUNDOG Productions after graduating from Annandale High School. For over 25 years Sundog has been servicing local and national customers with creative dyeing and screen printing. IMAGINE GreenWear is a partnership between Cas and Mark and Elaine Fishbein, who had a similar printing/dyeing business in NJ for decades, and sold it after New York area garment production moved to Asia.
A new concept of organic decoration evolved between Cas, Mark and Elaine. The idea was to go back in time before the invention of modern screen inks, when all prints were done with dyes. After some months of testing, a seaweed base dye process was developed that worked perfectly on cotton. The prints were super soft, colorfast (washed perfectly), non-toxic, safe for all skin, environmentally friendly in the workplace, and the colors were brilliant! When they realized how eco-friendly the process was, the next step was to print on 100% organic cotton fabric, creating a totally green garment, and called it "greenwear". Put simply, seaweed based dyes are eco-friendly, and modern screen inks, used universally on all printed sportswear items, are not.
IMAGINE GreenWear knits its fabric in South Carolina using 100% certified organic yarn, and cut/sews and decorates in its new 40,000 sq.ft. facility in Fairfax VA.  Water is heated using energy from solar panels produced by solar panel. The building is cooled by a geo-thermal water system. The facility is one of the greenest textile printing and dyeing factories in the country.
Once the technical process of producing GreenWear was refined, the fun began! The new process opened up many unexplored design possibilities. The idea was to make creative, fun designs with front and back graphics and use interactive hand tie-dyes to make an artistic fashion statement. The new look and soft feel of dye prints has been well received by children's and women's consumers. Says Mark, "There are no eco-slogans; the product is the message. If the fashion look is right, people will feel good about buying our domestic garments which happen to be the greenest in the industry today."

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