Earn Gift Cards with your SmartPhone with Media Insiders Panel

Media Insiders Panel is an application I have been using over a year now and love it!
I saw it on one of the many blogs I follow. It caught my eye. All one has to do is put the application on your phone for over 30 days. I was told you can put this on more than just your smartphone like an ipad or whatever. At one time I think it listed shows you watched on television. Then every 30 days I get an email about a Tango card for $5.00. If you have it one more than one device than you get $5.00 per device. You can get a check for it buy they decrease a small amount because of mailing it. The best option is a gift card. There are many gift cards to choose from. I always choose Amazon. Then within a day, I get the email about the card. I submit the gift card information on my Amazon account. Once in a while I may get an email to do a survey. I do the survey and get another $2 to put on my Amazon account.
Yeah, you will not get rich BUT when Christmas comes around I am thankful for the money I earn for doing nothing.

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