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What I say:

If you have a inside cat you know the litter box struggle-IT'S REAL! We are only a one cat home and I am the one that is in charge of the litter box(applause here please), it is a dirty job but mamma's gotta do it! I'll admit I have always been that person that just dumps all the litter out once a week instead of cleaning it daily. Sometimes I would find in my weekly(or monthly-who's counting) cleanings of the litter box that Oreo had torn the liner bag trying to move the poopy to find that clean litter. Yeah, I guess he was trying to tell me, I need to get right and do better!
When I was picked for the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System mission by Crowdtap-I was all YES, PLEASE! Please make my life simpler, and they did! Litter Genie is easy to use and easy to set up! Much like the diaper genie I had when my children were babies, the Litter Genie helps you dispose of your cats waste in a easy more convenient way.
I had no trouble setting up the Litter Genie, thanks to some awesome instructions. The instructions had great pictures and showed how to insert the refills. I love the fact that it has a built in scoop holder-no more worries about using that scoop for other purposes like I have found my kids doing many times. YUKE! 
So after setup you are ready to rock and roll! Here's what you do! Scoop the poop, lift the lid and drop the clumps in the Litter Genie and REPEAT!  Next, close the lid and pull on the handle--DONE! Your cat(s) business is now sealed in your Litter Genie for up to 14 days. Pretty darn cool if I do say so myself! Until I potty train Oreo to use the human bathroom the Litter Genie is a good alternative. 

Product Description 
Litter genie plus cat litter disposal system keep your home fresh and happy with the litter genie plus cat litter disposal system. This complete and hygienic soiled litter disposal solution is easy to use and effectively seals in odor for a more pleasant home environment. The litter genie plus cat litter disposal system reduces odor, makes clean-up quick and easy, hygienically seals soiled litter clumps and reduces trips to the garbage. With built-in antimicrobial protection the litter genie plus is the ultimate hassle-free solution to controlling litter odors. Compact design makes it great for small spaces and the easy carry handle makes it convenient for homes with multiple litter box locations.

Complete Litter System for Odor Control

The Litter Genie Pail offers convenient odor control that lets you seal away litter clumps to help protect against odors and germs. The easy-to-use system works in three steps--scoop clumps from your litter box, drop them in the Litter Genie Pail, and pull the handle to seal in odors. Designed to hold up to two weeks of cat litter, the pail eliminates daily trips to the garbage can.
Durable Five-Layer Bags with Odor Barrier Technology

The Litter Genie Pail uses refill bags with five layers of built-in odor barrier technology. Each Litter Genie refill cartridge lasts up to two months for one cat. When you see a black line on the bag, you'll know it's time to replace the cartridge.
Easy to Set Up and Empty

The Litter Genie Pail includes a litter scoop and scoop holder so it's easy to get started. When you're ready to empty the pail, it opens conveniently in the middle. Plus, a built-in childproof cutter inside the pail provides an easy and safe way to cut full bags for removal.
Compact, Portable Design for Anywhere in House

Ideal for anywhere around the house, the pail offers a compact design and fits neatly in small spaces. A carry handle on the back makes it easy to move from room to room to clean multiple litter boxes.
What's in the Box

Litter Genie Pail, scoop, scoop holder, and refill cartridge.

A disclaimer: I am a member of Crowdtap, where we have the opportunity to answer quick hit and potentially host parties and sample products. I was sent these products for FREE in exchange for hosting a party/sharing samples and giving my honest opinions.

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