Scarlet Detangler and Black Satin Paddle Brush Review #DetanglingBrush

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What I say:

The Scarlet Detangler and Black Satin Paddle Brush set are the perfect pair. They both fit perfectly in the travel bag that comes in the set, there is also enough room to carry other hair items-ponytails, hair pins ect.

The Scarlet Detangler is best used on average to thinner hairs or the hair of children. It is perfect for hair like my daughter haws that tends to tangle very easy. 

The  Black Satin paddle brush was designed for professional salon. It was also made to use on either dry or wet hair to offer you the best of both worlds. It is easy to use and also easy to keep clean.

Product Description:

Best comfort and elegance with the new SATIN FINISH!

The 2 hairbrushes you receive are loved and appreciated by both women and men, kids and teenagers. You get a salon quality large paddle brush, the innovative scarlet detangling brush and the travel cosmetics bag
  • Soft GRIP satin finish
  • Easily DETANGLE any type of hair
  • NO MORE PAIN while brushing
  • Easy to use on WET or DRY hair
  • Convenient storage in you FREE elegant COSMETICS BAG
  • EUROPEAN design high quality SALON grade hairbrushes
  • You will IMMEDIATELY see an IMPROVEMENT in the way your hair looks and feels
  • The paddle brush is designed for professional salons; dry or wet hair is no problem for this large paddle brush
  • Great comfort for scalp thanks to the cushion that allows the nylon pins to glide through the natural flow of your hair
  • Safely remove knots or tangles with its flexible and carefully alligned pins that easily glide through any type of hair
  • No more hair loss or broken hair by rearranging the split ends and removing dead hair, having a regenerating role on hair
  • Kids will love it as they will not have to bear the pains of a comb pulling on their hair and damaging it

I received this product in exchange for an honest opinion.I am happy to have the opportunity to provide my unbiased and honest opinion.

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