Nutrisystem Week 2

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"Dear stomach, you're bored, not hungry, so shut up."-Unknown

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I lived to see another week! Yep, it is week 2 of my Nutrisystem journey. I am down another 3
lbs this week for a total of 12. I relalized that I never posted my before photos, I really don't wanna do it but I guess I will. Please be kind-cause guess what? I, like other fat people know I am fat so there is no need to point that out. Wanna hear something funny? I NEVER think I am as big as I am. I will sometimes catch a glimps of myself and think, Who the heck is that? Yep, I have fat girl denial!

So how did my week go? I think I did good....I'm still struggling with the fact that I am having to cook food that I do not get to eat. I always get to this point when I have not lost 50 lbs in a week and I think-what's the point?

How was the food this week? Well I think I over did it on the fruits-so that is not good. I'm still pushing the veggies, BUT I would rather have the friut. I was bad this week and took a night off-what did I eat? Lol FROZEN PIZZA!!
What was my favorite Nutrisystem food this week? Oh my BLESS! This Southern girl had a red velvet whoopie pie! Here are just a few of my Nutrisystem foods from this past week.

start weight: 338(yes I am a big girl)
(4/13): 329
today(4/20): 326
Total loss: 12 lbs

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