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We are a 3 dog family and from time to time we like to spoil our fur babies. One of our doggies
SHOULD be on a special diet because of skin issues. The diet was not working because he would pick put every crumb he found, along with getting in the chickens feed. The vet and I both decided it would be best to put him on prednisone. Tom is a chihuahua, he went from 5 lbs to 7 1/2 lbs on this medication. So finding Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats has been a blessing. These treats do not contain all the bad things that aggravate his skin issues. They do not cause him to scratch, chew or have that stinky, oily skin. They are also low calorie, he can have a few a day with no worries that he is taking in lots of calories that his little body does not need. They are pretty much the perfect treat or him. They are pretty much the prefect treat for him and our other 2 doggies love them too. This is a large bag of treats with over 240 per bag, I highly recommend these for any dog parent! 

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Brave Beagle 100% Chicken Liver Gourmet Dog Treats

A premium, healthy treat for your best friend! Suitable for obedience training, leash training, snacks and rewards these freeze-dried chicken liver treats are a gourmet treat. They are made in the USA from USDA approved meat, and contain a single ingredient - chicken liver - no filler, grains, dyes, antibiotics, or other hidden nasties. Brave Beagle treats do not need to be prepped, cut or refrigerated. They are easy to store in a resealable US-made pouch that stands up independently. They are low calorie - four calories each means a small dog can enjoy 2 to 4 per day or a large dog 6 to 8. That means these packs of 240 treats go a long way!
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