Schools out for summer, how will your kids spend their time? #SummertimePlay

IPEMA’s Voice of Play

My children have been out of school for a couple of weeks now and

as always they have reached the point where they are bored, and there is nothing to do. If you are a parent you know it's bound to happen. My family is blessed to live in an area that has a few different playgrounds and also a splash pad playground.  

Living in south Georgia, I have to say the splash pad playground is all 3 of my children's favorite place to spend their summer time playing! It's a fun place to explore, run, play and stay cool all at
the same time. Our local park keeps the playground equipment clean and well maintained. I can remember going to the same park as a child and having cookouts and playing. I love the fact that my children now get to experience the same things I did. 

Our local park also sponsors events to get the community involved and to bring the kids out and play and learn more about nature. So, how will your children spend their summer? Will it be inside playing video games, on the computer, a tablet or a phone? Or will they get out and play? The benefits of play are physical, social, emotional and cognitive. June 21st is the first day of summer, what better way to spend it them taking your kids on a trip to the local playground? 
Please visit IPEMA’s Voice of Play for more information of the benefits of play!  

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