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With the election year quickly upon us, novelty item are everywhere! It doesn't matter is you are a Hillary Clinton supporter or not you will have to admit this is a pretty nifty item. This is a real working pen topped with a large Hillary Clinton head that has a movable mouth. There is a small black push button under her chin that when pressed releases the real life laugh of Hillary Clinton. The moveable mouth moves in sync with the laughter too.
I will admit I have not removed mine from the packaging for the simple fact that is she wins this will be a historic item no matter what side you are on. This would make a great stocking stuff for her supporters or a great gag gift for those that are not!

Product Description

Delightful or Frightful? Make Friends and Family Laugh out Loud With This HILLarious Novelty
Talking Pen!!
Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, show your support or sarcasm in the upcoming 2016 presidential election with the funniest political gift ever made! Love her or hate her, the HILLARY LAUGHING PEN (TM) will have everyone in stitches!

- Includes a collection of genuine Hillary Clinton laughs, digitally recorded from real TV interviews.

- We challenge you to keep a straight face when the motorized mouth of the look-a-like pen moves in sync with every giggle and guffaw of the potential next president.

- Every pen comes with replaceable batteries, meaning the laughs won't stop even when the votes are in!

- Makes a great stocking stuffer and collectible gift for the politically minded.

Give the gift of laughter and order today!

There is a very limited quantity of the Hillary Laughing Pen(TM) available. Don't miss your chance to own this highly collectible item! Click "ADD TO CART" today and a belly full of laughs will be on its way!

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