Really Big Lights

Really Big Lights

Are you looking for a way to make your holiday decorations stand out this year? Wanna make sure Santa never misses your house again? If so, the elves at Wrapped Up N U have found the perfect lights for you! Really Big Lights are just what they say they are REALLY big lights! The elves are in love with these lights, they are are easy to use and install. There is no more fighting with tiny little strands of lights that for the most part don't work. Better yet when you do get them up and half do not work and you spend hours trying to find the one evil one out of the bunch! Stress no more thanks to Really Big Lights!

1 box spans 15 feet
  • LED powered and individually corded; you decide the color order
  • Each light is 14.5" Tall and 6.55" Wide and 0.6 Watts / 14 lumens
  • Weather Resistant & UL Approved
  • 60 can be connected on the same circuit
  • Includes hanging hooks
Ships next business day anywhere in the Continental U.S.
Size m­atters!
That’s the message from a bold new start-up with a disruptive product in the holiday light business.

The company is called Really Big Lights and the product is, well … really big.
We’re talking about individual bulbs 14.5 inches tall. And that flies in the face of convention.

Lately, the trend in holiday lights is to go from small to tiny, with products that become quickly entangled or broken, and therefore disposable. Many people end up buying new light strings almost every year.

By contrast, really big lights are sturdy, almost unbreakable, as well as weather proof, UL approved and with low-energy LED bulbs that will last just short of forever.

And, of course, they’re really big, and therefore novel, exciting and new.

Conceived and designed by Stephen Rouse, a 26 year old Sonoma, CA entrepreneur, with support
from his business-savvy dad, Really Big Lights change the whole concept of holiday lighting with a large look that is dynamic, exciting and different. Plus, each five-light string has individually-corded bulbs so you can mix the color order anyway you want. Each strand covers 15 feet, comes with hanging hooks and is ridiculously easy to install.

It started with a Kickstarter and just two months later Really Big Lights are now in stores around the Bay Area in time for the 2015 holiday season and can, of course, be conveniently ordered online at

The RBL team is confident the public will embrace the big light concept. “We are supersizing Christmas and adding serious swag to decorating this year,” says Rouse. “Don't be that neighbor with really small lights. You can see really big lights from space!”

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