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I have seen these products on the market for years and have never had the need for one. in the past few months, I have fallen into making and selling sugar cookies. I have been a few larger versions on this product but could not make myself spend the money on one, yes I'm cheap. I was delighted to get the chance to review one.
I found it very easy to use to seal my cookies. The bags I use are party bags from the $ tree to they are not top of the line and I had no issues at all. It heat sealed them quick and easy. It did a perfect job for what I needed it for. So far I have only used it on this 1 job, but that was 37 cookie packs.

Product Description

LOW Cost and DISCOUNTS offered above! So Simple: Push, Slide, Seal! Ways ReliaSeal will
CHANGE your BEHAVIORS: Want FRESH, FRESH, FRESH? Fresh never gets old, and neither will your food! Exposure to air reduces freshness by damaging food quality, so preserve your food from bacteria, mold and dust. Who doesn't want a CLEAN CAR and a CLEAN HOUSE? Avoid food spills by having heat sealers on hand for wherever you or your kids carry food around. Why let partially-consumed items go to waste? Daily you and your family are opening bags of food, so SAVE WHAT YOU DON'T EAT! Feel comfortable that flavorful taste will be preserved when you later re-open and enjoy. Are you a BULK SHOPPER? Never worry about buying bulk at Costco again! Save money by not letting that supersize bag of chips go to waste! How about an AFFORDABLE GIFT
for your friends! Freshness makes and keeps friends. (And you'll feel better about eating your friend's leftover party food too). Don't you wish every food item came with its own resealable zipper? Unfortunately many do not. But now there is a solution! What can be more simple and awesome than quickly re-sealing an original bag for fresh food? Advance your own good health, savings and security by not letting food spoil and having ReliaSeal handy! And how about additional security? We offer a 100% GUARANTEE. Order Now and stock up your kitchen. Great gift for anyone who appreciates fresh! Isn't that everyone?

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