Back to Nature PLAYFul Trends 2016 #PlayfulTrends

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Since our family is very involved in the scouting movement  we spend lots of time at our local parks. We are very blessed to have a few different parks in our area and get to spend lots of time there with our family and other children in our community.  Our parks have lots of nature trails that are a fun away to get out, get moving
and discover new things. Since they are natural nature trails they are always changing. These trails allow us to explore by hiking or biking. There are short trails that can be completed in less then 30 minutes and others that take a few hours. 
We also enjoy camping at these parks also. The kids just enjoy being out doors just playing. It's amazing the things they can come up with to do when electronic are removed from the equation. 

The back to nature PLAYful trend is a great way to get children and adults involved in the outdoor and out from in front of the TV. The best thing about these back to nature Playful trends cost little to nothing. Our local park also sponsors events to get the community involved and to bring the kids out and play and learn more about nature. So, how will your children spend their summer? Will it be inside playing video games, on the computer, a tablet or a phone? Or will they get out and play? The benefits of play are physical, social, emotional and cognitive.

The National Park Service has enjoyed historic success with its ad campaign, “Find Your Park”—so
much success, in fact, that 2015 saw a record number (305 million) of visitors. There’s even a new IMAX film, National Parks Adventure, featuring Robert Redford narrating a coast-to-coast tour of the parks system. Imagine that—the star of The Natural is promoting the country’s natural beauty.

But for times when a national park isn’t on the agenda and staying closer to home is a necessity, local playgrounds and parks are trying to bring nature to the neighborhood. Butterfly gardens, vegetable gardens, climbing walls and climbing ropes are all popular ways to help kids and adults play in a natural setting.

Summertime is finally here and with your children out of school, they need to take advantage of their free time with opportunities to play! Adults can also benefit from playtime, which is good for physical and mental health. Summer is a great time to be active and go outside to try new recreational activities—we all have a favorite way to play!

Earlier this year, the Voice of Play identified eight of the most exciting PLAYFul trends this year, which include outdoor fitness activities, rough-and-tumble play, play for adults, nature play and several others.

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