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Being a woman in my early 40's I can relate to the new series. I'm a stay at home mother of 3 and wife. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and have been married 18 years. I have been out of the workforce since my first child was born and he will be 15 in December. I have come to realize that wisdom does not come with age and I see a little part of myself in each of the characters in this show. I love that each person in the show is so relatable. It's so refreshing to see that there is life after kids. Yes, I'm a mommy but I am a woman too. I laughed, I cried and fell in love with these women as I have come to learn more about them. Life changes, we learn to adapt and roll with the's nice to see it from another person's perspective. These ladies along with myself are perfectly flawed and just trying to make it through this life one day at a time. Who will you relate to more? Are you an Amy, Trish, Orly or Diane? I'm going to say I'm more of an "Amy".

Season 1 of the series is currently available on Amazon and is free to stream with your prime membership. I am so excited to also see what changes Season 2 will bring and what we will discover about each of these ladies. Caytha Jentis picked the perfect cast of characters to show real life women...admit it, this could be anyone of us on any given day. It's the good, the bad and the ugly of being a woman in today society and I can't get enough of it. The struggle is real ladies and you are showing it perfectly! 

About "The Other F Word" Series:

“The Other F Word,” a dramatic comedy series by award-winning filmmaker Caytha Jentis, is available free on Amazon. The riveting new series whose cast includes names such as: Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy), Michael Boatman (The Good Wife), Reiko Aylesworth (24), Judy Gold (Jim Gaffigan Show) and Ben Bailey (Cash Cab), addresses issues like ageism, sexism, re-entering the workforce, sexuality for women 40+, dating after divorce/widowhood and more. At its heart, the series is about friendship and finding oneself after the kids are grown – an adult coming of age in mid-life.

“The Other F Word” series taps into an underserved and underappreciated demographic: women 40+. Amazon reviewers are raving about the new series because they recognize themselves in the characters and relate to the storylines. The “F word” in the title stands for 40 and 50—ages when women are often overlooked and ignored, but it also stands for “fun” because the #FunNeverGetsOld. “The Other F Word” aims to show that life doesn’t end after 30. It only gets richer with age.

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