Red Velvet By Brooklyn Bean Roastery

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, even in my coffee cup. Red Velvet is a staple item around Christmas in the south. My mom always made the best Red Velvet cake. There is just something about that flavor and it's always been my favorite. As soon as I opened this months coffee selection from Brooklyn Beans I could smell that this was gonna be some good coffee. The mellow, rich of the coffee been roast really shines through with just a hint of chocolate and vanilla. This is one of those coffees where the first sip across your lips speaks to your soul!
Is it wrong to add cream cheese to a coffee? And why is there no cream cheese coffee creamer? Don't judge me!
Leave a cup of this out for Santa and you will not have to worry about all the naughty things you might have did this year. And great news there is still time to spend this for the holiday season as a gift if you have Amazon Prime.

Red Velvet – Winter
It might be known as a southern thing, but red velvet actually got its start up north. Waaay up north, all the way in the North Pole, where legend has it that Mrs. Claus baked the first cake in honor of her hungry hubby’s fuzzy red suit. No holiday treat will bring out a hearty “ho-ho-ho” quite like that sweet, slightly cocoa-y, cream cheese frosting covered deliciousness. Santa loves it so much he’d blend it up and drink it if he could. So, in an effort to stay off the naughty list this year, we did just that. Our Red Velvet Cupcake combines the luscious flavors of your favorite Santa-inspired cake with the rich, nutty flavor of coffee. Stir in a little milk and cream and don’t forget to leave out an extra mug for St. Nick.

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