Easy Ways To Live A Life Less Toxic In 2019

Life is full of difficulties, and one of the most difficult is shedding the toxicity in our day to day living. You read a lot of articles about being tough against those who bring negativity into your life, and sucking out the poisonous people, but what about living in the most natural, non-toxic way in your home?

It sounds difficult, doesn't it? It doesn't have to be. One of the best changes that you can choose to make for 2019 is with the way that you and your family are living. It can be from using less plastic around the home, to recycling as much as possible, but there are always ways to begin toxin-free living and it’s going to take some research to get you there. You’re going to have a lot of questions, from where you start with your house, to how you can bring that toxin-free living into your daily routines, but the good news is that it can be done! In a perfect world, the products and the materials that we use would already start out as toxin-free, but unfortunately, that’s not always going to be the case when there are shortcuts to enjoy and money to be made for big companies.

The good news is that there is a way to live a life that is more natural. Perhaps you won’t be able to live an entirely toxin-free life, but there are things that you can do to start on the right path to living without as many toxins as you do right now. There’s no pressure on you to be perfectly toxin-free, but any effort that you make right now are going to be good for the environment and for your family as you grow together. We’re going to go through some tips in this article to help you to live a better, more natural life, but don’t feel like this is too much and you can’t do it. Look at this article as a way to make slow, steady changes that suit the way that you organize your routines. Each change that you make is a big win for a positive with your future.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can simplify the way that you live and change the way that you live, now.

Start With Your Face
Have you ever taken the time to look into what is exactly in your beauty products? Most people don’t really think about how many phthalates and parabens are in their products, and these are things that should be avoided for a healthier complexion and appearance. If any of your products have triclosan, steer well clear and make sure that you are closely reading the ingredient lists of products that you like to use. Look for products that are marked “phthalate-free” and while this can feel overwhelming, just replace one product at a time as you go.

Make Your Home More Natural
Look around your home. How many artificial fragrances are blowing toxic fumes into the home in the name of smelling good? Air fresheners, room sprays, plug-ins, candles, and perfumes all smell amazing, but these can all be replaced. DIY room sprays like these, essential oils in a diffuser and Beeswax candles can all make for excellent natural replacements. Better Life products for your cleaning are better than the regular bleaches that you’ve been using. You do not need a separate cleaning product for every room of your home, so choose the right natural products that are minimal so that you have less chemicals on your house surfaces.

Go For Cleaner Meat & Produce
If you’re going to clean up your home scents and your surfaces in the most natural way, then you need to look after the insides of your body, too. Avoiding pesticides inside your body is important and beneficial to your health. Going organic can be too expensive and too much for some, but you can make initial changes with the foods that you eat the most. Any produce that does not have a skin needs to be switched to an organic substance, and one of the best hacks out there is to buy only frozen organic veggies.

For the cost, buying in bulk and freezing is going to help you to keep the costs lower than you expect, and going to local farmers markets and gently switching out your meats one at a time can change the way that you eat. Healthy behaviour on the inside can make you healthier on the outside - make the switch today.

Take On A Natural Laundry Routine
How many chemicals do you think you’re putting on your clothing every day? It’s more than you think. Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and even dryer sheets can be toxic. Towels, clothes, and blankets are always touching your body in some way - unless you live in a nudist colony. Those unknown rashes and irritations when you try out new detergents aren’t a shock; they’re a reaction to the harsh chemicals that touch your skin. Eliminate these with natural laundry soap, and use white vinegar for stains. You can even use wool dryer balls as softeners for your clothes to keep them looking and feeling better for longer.

Recycle Where You Can
This is the last one to think about because the energy that it takes to recycle isn’t the friendliest to the environment. Preventing garbage from accumulating in the first place is much better than recycling - and there are plenty of ways to do it. Drinking from reusable stainless steel or glass water bottles is better than buying in lots of plastic. Using reusable coffee mugs is more positive than using lots of paper cups. Invest in grocery bags that you can use again and again and choose as many day to day natural and reusable products to make your life easy.

Toxicity is everywhere, but for every step that we take, we are doing something better for the environment and you can start today. 2019 can be the year that you save the world - even a little bit.
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