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What I say:
The first thing you notice is the oh so cute Little Soya girl on the outside of the package-then you see the individually packed fish inside the box. “Little Soya” soy sauce recipe has been around for 2500 years. Through the years it has been perfected to the formula that it is today. The fish containers are convenient for you to take on the go as well as allow individuals to add their own soy sauce to their dish at dinner or a party. The fishes are resealable and recyclable. Little Soya contains no MSG, is Gluten Free and has 45% less sodium than other soy sauces. It is also GMO free! The Little Soya soy sauce tastes really good and is not too salty. I hate it when soy sauce overpowers the other ingredients. Since Little Soya has less salt, there is more flavor behind it, which blends well with other sauces! would very highly like to recommend this soy sauce to those gluten-free and not gluten free! It’s simply a wonderful option for soy sauce and great for on the go!

What they say:
“Little Soya” soy sauce was originally born over 2500 years ago deep, deep in the magical hills of the Far East half way around the world. Years and years of working the original recipe until the rich and smooth flavors evolved into what you now taste today. Our taste and aromas are smooth yet bursting with the right flavors at the right time. One thing you will notice about our soy sauce – no salty flavors! “We Simply Taste Better” than the others.
Our unique shape, cute look and economical fish container allows you to take us with you when you’re “on the go” — having a special dinner party at home or to allow your special guests and customers the ability to use the best tasting soy sauce in the world!
We have taken extra time and efforts to ensure all our ingredients are the freshest and hand-picked for your tasting pleasure.
Little Soya contains – NO MSG – is “Gluten Free” and Less Sodium…
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