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Classy and sassy-Yep, what all little girls should be! Matilda Jane Clothing is cute and functional clothing. All of the Matilda Jane outfits are made with various patterns that are made to wear together. Matilda Jane Clothing is not meant to match, but rather blend to give that unique outfit. Matilda Jane Clothing is a mom-owned company that specializes in uniquely designed girl’s clothing and accessories. Their collections are fun, whimsical, and sized to fit everyone from babies to mommas. My Sarah is 9 about to turn 10 and you can see the outfit looks so cute on her-she really loves it. Matilda Jane Clothing is very well made and can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday and looks just as cute as it did the 1st day she wore it. We are in love with the Matilda Jane Clothing and think you will be too.
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"It's all about keeping a little girl...a little girl. Keeping her youthful. Keeping her spinning and twirling and carefree. And most importantly, bringing her happiness." – Denise DeMarchis, designer and founder.

Matilda Jane Clothing's designer and founder, Denise DeMarchis, started the girls' clothing company in 2005. A mother of two boys (good ones, if ever there were) and a successful decorative artist, Denise brought her unique, soulful approach to creativity and relationships to her new venture—an "unpredictable clothing company."

After early success at art fairs around the Midwest, Matilda Jane Clothing moved the business toward a Trunk Keeper model—a direct selling approach that keeps the spirit of art fairs alive while building personal relationships across the country.

Matilda Jane Clothing's designs are youthful. Playful. And expressive. Our whimsical approach to texture, pattern and color results in designs that capture the spirit and imagination of childhood. Remember when your grandpa let you pick your own flavor of ice cream for the first time? That's what being a Matilda Jane girl is all about. Lucky for you, gals of all ages and sizes can join the fun! Matilda Jane Clothing is
available in girls, tweens and adults-Flavors for all!

"Sometimes, when you put on a certain dress, you feel a certain way. When you put on Matilda Jane, you feel just happy and twirly. You just feel good." – Denise

By growing our team of Trunk Keepers, we've helped women find the balance between entrepreneurial success and their everyday life by building their own home-based businesses.

All together, we're working with a purpose: to bring happiness into the lives of the customers we adore and to Spread the Love to others as far as we can reach. Whether it's a special note in your order or building an orphanage in Kenya, we live to make you smile. Read on about the beauty of giving giving here.

Over the years, our Matilda Jane family has grown, and we've been fortunate enough to be joined by some of the most amazing people we could ever dream to meet. Matilda Jane Clothing is home to an incredibly passionate team, doing incredibly meaningful things. Follow our story at And if you're feeling social, find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We'd be pleased to meet you!

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