Scott Naturals® Toss The Tube Review

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Through Crowdtap I was given a free sample of Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper. Yay! Free
tissue! And with a family of 5 we use lots. But here is my issue-I am the one ALWAYS changing the roll or picking the roll up off the floor that never makes it to the trash! Yep, a mother's job is never done! That's why we as a family are tossing the tube and freeing ourselves of the extras. It's a small step in going green and leaving this world a better place than we found it. It's easy to do and I promise you will never miss the tube! Moms across the world free yourself and your bathroom from the tube and you will understand how this mommy feels! Not only that is is some great tissue! Soft yet thick it is a work horse and gets the job done!

Over 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away each year. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building. Twice. By pledging to #TossTheTube for good, you can do your part to reduce the tube waste without sacrificing quality.

Get started by clicking the “Pledge & Save” button to share on social. After you pledge, we’ll reward you with a coupon for Scott Naturals® Tube-Free Bath Tissue. Scott Brand


Each year, billions of toilet paper tubes end up in landfills. This unnecessary item — the tube
accounts for millions of pounds of waste every single year. To demonstrate this, we kicked off our #TossTheTube campaign in NYC by building a replica of the Empire State building made entirely of TP tubes.

When you pledge to #TossTheTube for good, you’re promising to remove this unnecessary waste from your home — and our landfills — once and for all.

So although taking the pledge may seem small, the impact is huge. Make the switch to Scott Naturals® Tube-Free Bath Tissue, and the environment will thank you.

A disclaimer: I am a member of Crowdtap, where we have the opportunity to answer quick hit and potentially host parties and sample products. I was sent these products for FREE in exchange for hosting a party/sharing samples and giving my honest opinions.

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