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#nsnation #ad

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My body is rebelling against me! 
My body-"Hold on girlie, I see what you are trying to do here and I don't like it! I'm going to retain water and while I'm at it here ya go--just a little foot pain!" 

I just really don't know! I have held off on the post thinking maybe, just maybe the scale is wrong? Yep, I have even ordered a new one just to make sure! But I am not giving up! I am still enjoying the food and I am still sticking to the plan. But weeks like this does make me question: why can't I just be skinny and not so darn good looking!

I am willing to admit that I have been slacking off on tracking my food. I am using the NuMi application (iTune) but at times I forget to log my food. But I am not eating extra I promise. It's more of the fact that I get busy and really forgot. 

My family and friends have been great. So that is not the issue, no sabotage from my inner group at all. I think my body has gone in to survival mode. It goes not want to change but I am here to say--It has no choice! 

start weight: 338(yes I am a big girl)
(4/13): 329
(4/20): 326
(4/27): 324
(5/4):   323.6
(5/11): 323.4

Total loss: 14.4 lbs

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