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#nsnation #ad

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Week 6? Really how is that even possible? So what's going on? We got our pool up and running, that is truly a blessing to me. It is so much easier for me to exercise in the pool, the water really helps support the weight of my body and I find my joints so not hurt the next day. I also find that I exerciser longer than 30 minutes and my kids do it with me! This is also my 3 children's last week of school so that means I will be cooking more because they stay hungry all the time. I spoke to my Nutrisystem counselor about my next months shipment and some of the foods I would like to try. I'm am very excited to be getting in some of the new foods.

My new scale has yet to make it to me-but my son had a doctors appointment last week and my weight was way less on the doctors scales then it is on my home scales. Since my home scales are the ones I weight on weekly I will be using that weight. But, if you want to know it was a eight pound difference between what their scales said and and what mine said. 

This week I have really found myself missing the shakes I got on FAST5, I have been craving the energi-ZING! 

And now a few of the questions I have been asked:

1) Where are all the food photos you were posting? Sorry, I will do better. It's just for the most part I was posting the items as I tried them. So I was not re-posting the items you had already seen. 

2) Where am I losing the most weight at? part of my body? My belly/stomach-that is were I see it and feel it the post right now. I should of took measurements when I started. I could never find the measuring tape and I keep forgetting to buy one. And to tell the truth I have a lot of loose skin on my body so I really do not know where to measure. 

3) Do I feel better? Ummm...YES, with only a 16 pound weight loss my blood sugar has been reduced and so has my blood pressure. 

4) Does the food taste bad? NO! It really is good! 

5) Will I stay on the program after the 3 months blogging? I would LOVE too. But it is not in my family budget at this time. But if i can find away to, YES, I will and very want to stay on the plan. I'm just going to PRAY about it!

6) My goal weight? My goal weight is: HEALTHY! I lost my mom a week before I graduated high school. She had issues due to being over weight and being a type 2 diabetic. When I was in Jr High she lost a leg due to uncontrolled sugar issues. She passed away from a massive heart attack. I had gestational diabetes with 2 of my 3 children-so I worry! I want to be around for my children.

start weight: 338(yes I am a big girl)
(4/13): 329
(4/20): 326
(4/27): 324
(5/4):   323.6
(5/11): 323.4
(5/18): 321.2

Total loss: 16.8 lbs

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