Nutrisystem Week 8 #nsnation #ad

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#nsnation #ad

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It's just not a good week...I kinda feel in a funk. I have lost NOTHING! I just dunno what's going on. I am sticking to the plan, swimming and walking every day. And this week I have lost nothing. I know I should call my counselor, but frankly I just don't wanna talk about it. I just hope I feel better about all this next week. I will admit that right now I just feel like, what's the point if nothing is happening? 
I was told by my sister that she sees that I have lost it in my face and shoulders. Blah, but this week I feel like she might just be saying that because she knows I am on the program. I am just lost this be continued. 

start weight: 338(yes I am a big girl)
(4/13): 329
(4/20): 326
(4/27): 324
(5/4): 323.6
(5/11): 323.4
(5/18): 321.2
(5/25): 320.0
(6/01): 320.0
Total loss: 18 lbs

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