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I have another unboxing this week thanks to the great customer service I get from my Nutrisystem counselor. I failed to get my request to him in time about the items I wanted. My counselor took it upon himself to send me some of my favorite items along with things I still had not tried.

So this is pretty much how my week has gone; I had a bad food week.
It went a little like this:

My mind said- "Jill, stick to the program."
My stomach said- "That's cool, I'm not even hungry."
My mouth said- "I'm bored, let's eat!"
My month visitor yelled- "I agree, we are going to eat!"

Yes, I will admit I had the munchies this week. I tried my beast to do the right thing but a few Oreo's won the battle. I am okay with that, I'm going to brush it off and do better. Because even though I had a few cookies too many and I feel as if I am retaining a few gallons of water.....I didn't gain any weight! I didn't lose any but I did not gain any either. And I controlled it, I could have devoured the bag of cookies but I didn't! Portion control is the key!

start weight: 338(yes I am a big girl)
(4/13): 329
(4/20): 326
(4/27): 324
(5/4):   323.6
(5/11): 323.4
(5/18): 321.2
(5/25): 320.0
(6/01): 320.0
(6/08): 317
(6/15): 314
(6/22): 313
(6/29): 310
(7/6):   310

Total loss: 28 lbs

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