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#nsnation #ad

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My 14th week has been another struggle. I was a summer cold and have not been feeling my best. Also for some odd reason I have been hungry, like crazy hungry. I'm hungry right after I eat, that's a special kinda hungry. I am down 1 pound this week and I was become one of those scale watchers. I said I was not going to be that person that checked their weight EVERYDAY. But being so close to 30 pounds gone and also the 200 mark is really pushing me over the edge! I really think when I ht the 30 pounds gone mark I will start feeling better. 

Here is some random stuff for ya: still on this old phone, 3rd time is a charm right? The 3rd phone SHOULD be here tomorrow! 
We have more baby chickens! Yes, Yes, YES....the big issue with letting chickens free range is they are FREE to make a nest anywhere! I also have another hen MIA so am sure there will be another nest.
My exercise still includes swimming and the garden. We are still picking peas and tomatoes. We also just planted more yellow squash, zucchini squash and peanuts. 
My kids start back to school in just weeks, August 7th to be exact.

Oh and my NUTRIbears are in route! 

start weight: 338(yes I am a big girl)
(4/13): 329
(4/20): 326
(4/27): 324
(5/4):   323.6
(5/11): 323.4
(5/18): 321.2
(5/25): 320.0
(6/01): 320.0
(6/08): 317
(6/15): 314
(6/22): 313
(6/29): 310
(7/6):   310
(7/13): 309

Total loss: 29 lbs

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