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I will admit it, I'm not much of a reader. If a book does not get and keep my attention in the first few pages I just but it down. I ordered the book via my kindle for $4.22 but you can also get the paperback for $9.68 on Amazon prime. With my kindle it is an instant download.
I am just going to say have a box of tissues ready! This book takes you on a journey Andre. Andre is a para-athlete. You will ride with Andre and experience the struggles and victories. It will bring you tears and give you joy. The author, Cassia Cassitas leaves out no detail in this well written book. If you are looking for a book that is truly uplifting and poignant, this is the book for you. This book would also be an uplifting gift this holiday season to anybody that might be experiencing troubles of their own. 

Product Description

When he is born, Andre propels his mother's life in a new direction. His father, an executive who organizes Olympic competitions around the world and doesn't know when to come back home, strives to make him a wordly citizen. Cycling, his life acquires purpose: becoming an Olympic para-athlete.

Amidst real events and landscapes, men and women like us wander the cities we inhabit, rehearsing happier lives in the pages of this motivational narrative. From each one, destiny took a part to make them perfect.

Together with his friends, he experiences disappointments and new beginnings. A doctor that builds robots, the daughter of a lonely teenager, and a retired athlete teach André how to overcome his limits and live his dream.

Set in Curitiba with breaks in Los Angeles, Seoul, Johannesburg and Soweto, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London, the narrative ends in 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

As a tribute to all those who choose to sign the next episodes of their lives, this book is about overcoming one’s self amid achievements, obstacles, love and heroism, written behind the scenes of life.

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