Shower Bouquet Lace Mesh Shower Poufs/Sponges XL #ShowerBouquet

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Our family of 5 love to use shower gels. So, we have used our fair share of shower sponges over the years. These are truly the bees knees of shower sponges...they are deluxe.  For $15.95 you get 4 in the colors of yellow, pink, purple and blue. With this wide range of colors, they are perfect for anyone. Also the fact that there are so many colors makes it easy to discern who's is who's if you have more than 1 person sharing a shower. These are like no others we have used before, they are soft, plush and give the best lather ever while still exfoliating your skin. We really(my daughter and I) like that these are lace trimmed also. We also like that they are quick drying and hold their shape.
They would make a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift set. We personally think they would fit great in a bath gift basket.

Product Description

Mesh & Lace Loofah XL — Two revitalizing textures cleanse & soothe the skin
Bathe big and lather large with luxurious mesh & lace loofah by Shower Bouquet. Give your body extra care with the full coverage of our 60gm extra large bath sponge. You'll love the exfoliating touch and comforting feel of this long-lasting shower pouf!
Sold in a package of 4 lovely colors: yellow, blue, pink and purple.

About the Product
  • LARGE SIZE by SHOWER BOUQUET(TM) - Large, mesh loofa collection made to last long
    and lather up!
  • 2 TEXTURES IN 1 - Soft mesh & lace exfoliation for smoother skin - long ribbon handle to hang dry
  • FULLER, RICHER LATHER - Superior quality floral sponges form mounds of suds with soap or shower gel
  • COLOR COMBO 4 PACK - Series of 4 fluffy poufs (60g ea) - yellow, blue, pink & lavender spa colors
  • GIFT SET / STOCKING STUFFERS - Make holidays special - bridal or baby shower decor & party favors!

- Is your bath pouf not as big, full and beautiful as you'd like?
- Do you wish it would lather better and hold more suds?
- What if you could have longer lasting mesh in an exquisite floral design?


- LARGE BATH SIZE: This magnificent, large shower and bath pouf collection from the Shower Bouquet(TM) bath & beauty line, is designed to let you bathe big and lather large!
- 2 TEXTURES IN 1: Mesh & lace loofah - two exfoliating textures cleanse & soothe for silky-smooth skin, and each shower sponge has an extra long, extra strong ribbon handle for placing over the hand to scrub or for hanging dry when finished
- LONGER LASTING LATHER: Each floral design pouf by Shower Bouquet(TM) is made from superior quality mesh that holds up beautifully and easily forms mounds of lather with your favorite soap or shower gel
- COLOR COMBO 4 PACK: The special bath sponge series of 4 large poufs (60g each) comes in Sky-High Blue, Bermuda Pink, Sun-Drenched Yellow and Luscious Lavender for the perfect combination of colors to complement any bath or shower
- THE PERFECT GIFT SET: These exquisite mesh & lace loofah combinations make for charming, practical gifts for any holiday or occasion - AND you'll be amazed at how the bright, floral designs by Shower Bouquet(TM) can be used as stunning centerpiece arrangements at bridal showers too!

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