The Elf WorkShoppe

The elves at Wrapped Up N U encourage anything that brings about the wonder and magic that is the spirit of Christmas. Our elf children love their elves and elf with an elf? Yeah, it can happen! The Elf WorkShoppe offer a way to bring wide-eyed excitement, joy and a reminder that Santa is everywhere!
Every year our elf children are filled with glee on the last day of November. They know that they will walk up on December 1st to a few small visitors from the North Pole. Our elf helpers are the go between from our house to Santa, They take our children's Christmas wish list to Santa. Out elf helpers also bring the children small gifts during the month of December. These small gifts consist of different sweet treats. They also bring mischief and elf antics too. Some of these include coloring the milk green, rolling the tree in tissue and hanging pretend snowballs in the house. Every year we also now that when Santa comes on Christmas eve the elf helpers must go with him....until next year.

The Elf Workshoppe offers elvesfurniture and transportation. We highly approve of these elves and so does Santa! Check them out today and start your own holiday tradition.

The Elf’s WorkShoppe is Busy at Work
The Elf WorkShoppe was founded with the mission to "Bring Christmas to Life" with our original
one of a kind magical and fun Elf accessories, along with our own snuggable elf doll family.

We have been working with some of Santa's elite Elf assistants all year to produce only the highest quality hand painted limited addition collectible Elf gifts that your entire family can enjoy for years to come.

Order today so you get yours before we sell out completely.

What’s hot for Christmas this year? The Elf WorkShoppe Launched New, Touchable Elf and Accessories Online

If you are going to put an Elf on a Shelf, shouldn’t they be comfortable?
Elf WorkShoppe, a manufacturer and marketer of Christmas Elf accessories, recently launched its unique, collectable, limited-supply product offering with a touchable Elf and an adorable array of Elf accessories, available online at
The Elf WorkShoppe, “Where Christmas Comes to Life,” offers fun and magical collectable accessories for the company’s snuggable Elf doll or for another companies’ elves. Accessories include “Comfy Home” items, such as his or her own teddy bear and gifts, rocking chair, bath tub, bed, and other charming accessories to make an Elf feel right at home; as well as “Transportation Center” notions so a child’s Elf can travel to the North Pole in his own car, Elf express train, sleigh or sled.
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