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If you have followed my blog you know we are a scout family so this item is something that my boys are happy to have. As a scout family, we have purchased many bladder packs over the years but we have never had one this fancy.  I ordered this Hydration Bladder For Outdoor Lover via Amazon. I do have Amazon prime so it shipped quickly and was well packaged. This one is well made and fits into my sons hydration backpack. This one is also more heavy duty and stronger then others we have had in the past so I am sure there will be on replacing this one every few months like we have had to do in the past. It is easy to fill, empty and clean since it has a slide opening on the top of the bladder. I am very happy with this and may purchase a few more soon.

Product Description
As the highest level product of its manufacturer, Emerald is aimed at the highest performance in every details. Designed and built with as more as 15 patents from 4 countries, Emerald is excelling most hydration bladders in all aspects.


Emerald holds water as much as 3 litre / 100 oz. Reservoir is built with advanced Microban technology material, so as to eliminate the growth of microorganism, including bacteria, mould, etc. The interior surface was processed with GlassAS technology to create extreme smoothness, preventing lime or microbial from adhesion. To promote reliability, we adopt high-strength 0.6mm PEVA layer to construct this bladder. Moreover, the edges are seamed with dual-soldering technique, to ensure outstanding sturdiness, durablity and abrasion-endurance.

Drinking Tube

Length of 105cm / 3.4 ft. Selflock tube connector allows you to attach/detach the tube with spilling water out. This is a very convenient design. Plus this tube is covered in military grade insulation cover with fixed rubber bind in both ends. The most well made tube for hydration system, ever.

Mouth Piece

Anti-microbial, taste-free, high-flow. Lock to stop leaking. Comes with a dust cover.

Dual Opening

Designed for different demands, high performance guaranteed in any condition and situation. Screw cap with handle for easy refilling. Wide opening for convenient rinsing, drying, ice-adding.

All parts are made of foodgrade material. BPA free. FDA and SGS certificate.

BONL Emerald Hydration Bladder100 Oz/3-Litres(Hot Sale on Amazon)

  • Capacity: 100 oz / 3 litre; The whole system is made of food grade material and is SGS and FDA certificated.
  • Manufactured of Microban anti-bacteria material. Patented GlassAS technology makes it a high smooth interior surface. The smoothness of the liner prevents the germ and the lime from adhension, which promotes health.
  • Dual Opening Design: Screw cap + sliding opening. As the most popular design for high end hydration systems in recent years, this allows you to refill in any condition. Cleaning, rinsing and drying are very convenient. You may also add ice cubes into it.
  • Might be the most rigid hydration bladder on the market: 0.6mm extra thick liner is pressure-tolerant and wearproof; double soldering sealing side technique has greatly improved durability.
  • Patented mouth piece and hose connector: Antimicrobial mouth piece, high flow, auto-lock function to prevent leaking, comes with dust cover. Selflock connector allows you to unhook the tube quickly without any leaking.
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