JUST SAYIN' Euphemisms Decoded #ad

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This book is 120 pages of pure enjoyment of sayings most of us tend to use daily. I know I use lots of these saying and it's pretty neat seeing what it really means and the background behind the words too. This is a feel written book, that is matter of fact and to the point.  My husband really enjoyed this book the most. It gives him a way to show off his "book learnings" and point out what our teenagers could only say was useless knowledge. But we think this book gives you a way not to "look a fool" and use euphemisms correctly. This book takes the cake....in a good way.

Euphemisms have always been a civil, sometimes humorous, way to blunt the truth and make the inevitable more palatable, but U.S. politicians, lobbyists, and civil servants have tended to use euphemisms to mask the reality of government actions and policies to shield themselves and their patrons from a divided and distrustful electorate who have come to doubt that their government is any longer of, by and for the people.

About the Author

Godfrey Harris has been President of Harris/Ragan Management Group, a public policy consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, since 1968. He began consulting after serving as a university instructor at UCLA and Rutgers; a U.S. Army intelligence officer; a U.S. foreign service officer in Bonn, London and Washington; an organizational specialist in President Lyndon Johnson s Executive Office; and a program manager for an international financial company in Geneva. His consulting assignments have involved political and economic analysis and advocacy; marketing public and private sector products and services through word of mouth advertising; developing new environmental and commercial products; promoting international tourism to various destinations; and creating commemorative, enlightening and educational public and private events. His fascination with the power of euphemisms stretches back to his days as a U.S. diplomat. While most Americans equate diplomacy with the art of being able to convey a precise intent without using precise words, Harris has always seen diplomacy as the art of obtaining results in which everyone can claim a benefit at the least possible cost or where there is sufficient room for future maneuver that will not impinge on the interests of others. This is Harris s 76th book, written on his own or with associates. He holds degrees from Stanford University and the University of California, Los Angeles.
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