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Over the past few years, our family has heard it's fair share of barking since we are a 3 dog home. We have had a few bark control collars over the years. The Digity Dogs No Bark Collar is an effective way to control excessive barking of a dog. As always a responsible owner understands-Dog's are made to bark. The Digity Dogs No Bark Collar always starts out with beeps only. The first and second time the dog barks there is only a beep no shock. Then the 3rd through 7th barks there is a beep plus shock and the shock starting at a low level and increasing over the 5 barks. Then after the 7th bark, it disables itself for a minute and resets to the first level of beep only. So it really is designed to minimize the discomfort to the dog. So dogs usually get quickly to the point where they never get past the first two levels where there is just a beep and no shock.
With continued use your dog should start to recognize the pattern. If you are considering investing in a no bark collar, you should always consider your dog's temperament. Do not leave this collar on your pet unless they are with you, ever leave them unattended.

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Product Description

Digity Dogs No Bark Collar - Training Collar with 7 Sensitivity Levels for Large and Small Dogs

The Digity Dogs No Bark Collar trains your dog not to bark, ensuring a more peaceful environment for you, your family and your neighbors.

Specially programmed to teach your dog not to bark in the minimum amount of time. The collar responds to barks with first a tone only, followed by 6 progressively stronger, but short, harmless static shocks if the dog continues barking. Dogs
quickly learn to stop barking at the first tone and then to not bark at all.

The training is completely safe, humane and designed to minimize discomfort for your dog during the training. In addition to the series of tones and shock, if your dog continues to bark through the 6th shock, the collar disables itself for 60 seconds.

The collar actually learns your dog's bark and also has 7 sensitivity levels so that it can be used with any dog. . Easy to use. If you find that the collar does not beep when your dog barks, increase the sensitivity to the next level. No other settings required.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Backed by a 100%, no hassle money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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