Suaoki Camping Lantern Led Light Flashlight #ad #campinglantern

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Being a scout mom I love getting items like this for my boys to use. It's just always fun to have cool camping gear. Right outta the box my boys thought this was just the coolest thing. Yep, they like gadgets too. My 9-year-old son just looks for reasons to use it, so this light has already been put through a workout. Opened and closed, turned off and on...then there is the crank charger on top. You would have guessed it was a video game. It's light weight and does put off lots of light.Only time will tell how well it will stand up to my kids, I do worry about them opening the lantern part as much as they have. I like the fact that it is so compact that it would be easy to pack in and out on a camping trip. But another plus to me is that is safe for my 9-year-old to use and I don't have to buy countless batteries.

  • Extra Power: the hand crank and the USB output can be used together to charge most smartphones and gadgets, giving you the extra power you need
  • Two Modes: the high brightness LED mode is perfect for finding your way in the dark, while a low mode is great while reading, as an area light, or as a tent light
  • Two Forms: the light can be used as a lantern when expanded or as a flashlight when compacted, making it a dual-purpose light
  • Charging Option: the battery can be charged by cranking or by a standard Micro USB cable, without requiring a proprietary cable common with some other brands
  • Portable Design: the light can be shrunk to half its length and conveniently stowed away in a bag, backpack, or any other carry

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