Regenerix NOW: Fast Acting Joint Relief Supplement #regenerix

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The past year I have been experiencing lots of pain in my left shoulder.  I like that it has some natural ingredients like peppermint, hops and ginger and rice bran oil. I can take this supplement 1 or 2 times a day with a meal to help with inflammatory issues due to tissue damage without worry or issue. The soft gels are easy to swallow, it works quickly and I have no negative side effects. I have noticed since starting this product that my shoulder feels a lot less stiff and I'm not having the pain that I did before. I'm very pleased with how well it works. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with joint issues.  

Simply take capsule after a heavy meal and wait for quick relief.
(the peppermint gives a cool feeling if taken on an empty stomach).

How Is Regenerix NOW taken?
1 capsule of Regenerix NOW should be taken after FULL MEAL either once or twice a day.

Is Regenerix NOW suitable for everyone?
Regenerix NOW is extremely safe. It is not suitable for people with known allergies to its ingredients and pregnant women.

MD Therapeutics is a medical nutrition company founded on the principle that quality nutrition improves lives.
They formulate only products based on the highest standards of clinical evidence and produced in strict conformance to current Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP).
Their nutritional supplements are backed by research of international medical scientists and prescribed by medical practitioners around the world.

Regenerix NOW is a botanical anti-inflammatory supplement primarily targeted for maintaining joint comfort.

Unlike other supplements, it works extremely quickly (usually within a week).

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