Russell Stover Everyday Chocolate

Russell Stover Candies recently launched a line of Everyday chocolates that includes individually wrapped versions of the time-honored favorites along with snackable bites, barks, minis and pretzels in resealable bags. 

As the largest producer of boxed chocolates in the United States, Russell Stover decided to "unbox" its chocolates after more than 90 years of offering its candies in a box format usually reserved for holidays and happenings. 

Bites - $4.29- $5.49
  • Russell Stover's fruit-flavored bites are drenched in chocolate and come in pomegranate, orange, and blueberry. There is a flavor for everyone to love. 
  • There's also a sugar-free option to our fruit bites, available in cranberry, orange and blueberry flavors.
  • With none of the sugar but all of the taste, Russell Stover Sugar-Free offerings are a great "sweet cheat"  for chocolate lovers who are mindful of their sugar intake. 
  • Russell stover is the uncontested leader in the sugar-free chocolate category, owning nearly 80% of the market. 
Bark and Pretzels - $4.29
  • Russell Stover's new Pistachio Bark, Crunchy Caramel Bark and Double Dipped Pretzels with Sea Salt are the ideal shareable sweet snack, available in re-sealable bags. 
Favorites - $4.29
  • Drawing on decades of feedback from happy customers, Russell Stover identified its fan favorites, took them out of the box. wrapped them individually and put them into bags. Now available in the confections aisles of grocery and drug stores, fans can enjoy their favorite Russell Stover Candies year-round. The line also includes an Assorted bag, with a mix of all the favorites, for fans who love them all.
Flavors in the Favorites collection include:
  • Milk Chocolate Pecan Delight
  • Dark Chocolate Coconut
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Patties
Minis - $3.99
  • Mini versions of some of the time-honored Russell Stover favorites with re-sealable pouch aimed at snacking and sharing on the go, one nibble at a time. 
Varieties include:
  • Dairy Cream Caramel Minis
  • Coconut Minis
  • Pecan Delight Minis

Our family was delighted to be asked to try this wide variety of new products offered by Russell Stover Everyday Chocolate line. Russell Stover is the perfect way to bring sweetness into your everyday life. We really like the fact that these delicious treats are wonderfully crafted, affordable and easy to find. 

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