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Do you or someone you love suffer from Sleep Apnea? My husband was diagnosed years ago and it's a very scary thing. He has used a CPAP machine for years now. If you have ever had to purchase one you know they are a headache in themselves. We have insurance but it did not fully cover it, so we had to make payments. The parts also break down over time and you have to replace those. It's loud and bulky, I have questioned how he can even fall asleep with it on. I, myself have tried his and felt like I could not breathe because it was forcing air into my lungs(Yes, I understand it was not celebrated for me). So, when we were offered the chance to try Nature's Rite Sleep Apnea Relief we were thrilled. The current list price is $45.99 for a 30 capsule bottle. The serving size is listed as 1 capsule. This is a natural dietary supplement that is listed as natural relief of sleep apnea. It addresses the causes and does not just the symptoms.

Sleep Apnea proprietary blend is simple and effective and best of all natural and composed of items that we can all pronounce. The capsules are easy to swallow and are non-habit forming. This product is designed to increase the respiration of sleepers so that it does not stop during the transition from Stage II to REM. This keeps Sleep Apnea from disturbing their sleep without the used of CPAP.It's important to note that this product gets at the root cause of sleep apnea and so it works for BOTH obstructive and central. You see, the obstruction simply exacerbates the real issue which is central.

After taking this product for just a few days my husband really noticed a difference in how he felt in the morning. He said he seemed to sleep more soundly and woke up less often. I know I felt like it was was a blessing not listening to the CPAP running all night or seeing that uncomfortable device covering his face. 


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