Java Factory Choconut

Who added the chocolate and the coconut and put it in our coffee cup? Java Factory Choconut, of course! I admit, I was worried about the flavor of this coffee because chocolate is just one of those hit or miss things in my book. But from working with this company the past few months, I have learnt to expect the unexpected!

So far all the coffees I have tried from Java Factory have wowed me in their flavors. I have yet to try one that had that synthetic flavor. I drink lots of coffee daily...who am I kidding...HOURLY. Java Factory Choconut has a mellow flavor that is not over the top. The flavor of the coffee really shines with just a hint of the chocolate and coconut. I have tried this blend both hot and over ice and really enjoyed it. Mind you, I do like a little flavored creamer with my cup of goodness! The rich tones and full flavor are wonderful mixed with some sweet cream!

This by far is my favorite of the coffees I have tired...But there is always next month! Chocolate and coconut are just the perfect blend!

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