How to Save Your Marriage

August 7, 2021

Sometimes it's inevitable, and marriage will end in divorce, but even when this happens, it takes a long time to settle the issue. On average, couples attempt to resolve their marital problems in a period of 18 months.

Marriage resolution often involves marriage counseling and communication practice. Unfortunately, many people think they are already good communicators, but that often stands in the way of effective communication. Marriage Counselling Melbourne Eastern Suburbs services such as Enrich Relationships and many more companies offer couples a safe environment that can help to rebuild and restore relationships.

For instance, you might be able to explain complex ideas in a simple way, but do you really understand and empathize with your spouse?

Often the first step to saving a marriage is by learning how to communicate more effectively. There will be conflict around certain issues in the marriage, such as money, lifestyle, infidelity, children, or something else. Different ideas about the situation will fuel this conflict.

Instead of asserting your position against your spouse's position, try to understand the ideas they have about it; you can then look at how compatible or incompatible your ideas are in relation to them.

This kind of empathetic communication creates a deeper level of understanding that is more useful for marriage resolution, but of course, it won't always result in the continuation of the marriage.

Suppose you find that your ideas are incompatible with your partner around one or more key issues. In that case, this might be called "irreconcilable difference", leading to divorce.

The good news is that traditional marriage counseling has excellent success rates, up to 80%, so there's a high chance your efforts will pay off. Below you will find some valuable facts and figures on marriage breakdown.

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