Get Creative this Holiday Season with Crayola

November 30, 2018

What's on the top of your child's wish list this holiday season? If you are looking to spark your child's creative side and imagination a gift from Crayola is a perfect choice. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to feature a few of the offerings from this great company on our holiday gift guide this year and hope you check them out at a store near you or purchase online at Crayola. Crayola has been coloring our world with hands-on imaginative play since 1885 with products that are nontoxic and safe for children.

With the Crayola Crayon Melter, kids can create liquefied crayon designs on a variety of unique surfaces including chalkboards, wood, glass, canvas and more using classic Crayola crayons. Using three simple steps, kids can create amazing art in less than a minute. Simply, insert a crayon, plug in and start embellishing virtually any surface. The sleek, compact design is safe, easy to use and has a low-heat tip for worry-free creativity Discover a whole new way to embellish your designs with Crayola crayons.

  • 1 Melter Unit with storage base and power adaptor 
  • 8 Un-labeled Crayons
  • 3 8 x 10 Cardstock Sheets 
  • 1 Wrapper ripper/clearing
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Wax Art in Minutes: Once a difficult and long process, kids can now create unique, melted wax art at home in under a minute
  • Safe Design: The compact pen design has a low-heat tip and designed closures to guarantee that little fingers cannot enter the heating barrel
  • Open Ended Creativity: Melted crayon artworks on a variety of surfaces including paper, canvas, wood, chalkboards and more

The Crayon Melter has been named one of the Best Toys of 2018 by Parents magazine. It is also a winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and the 2018 Play that Advances Language Awards.

The Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set contains everything young scientists need to explore color like never before. The set is equipped with STEAM-infused, playful experiments exploring color. The Color Chemistry Lab Set includes an easy-to-read instruction booklet that’s packed with 50 colorful science activities to try out at home and enough Crayola materials and supplies to do 15 experiments right out of the box. All experiments were created with the help of real Crayola scientists, ensuring that they are all educational, creative and fun.

  • Experiment Guide
  • Volcano Core
  • Graduated Cylinder
  • 2 Color Mixing Pot Strips
  • 5 Bottles of Colored Ink (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black & White)
  • Paint brush
  • 2 Packs of Model Magic
  • 12 Fizzy tabs
  • 10 Paper Disks
  • Glow alginate
  • Calcium Chloride • Pipette
  • Slime part A/ part B
  • Beaker
  • 2 Nozzle caps
  • Display jar
  • Color Wheel
  • Benham Wheel
  • Disk Spinner

  • STEAM-Inspired Experiments: All of the activities and experiments in the kit were designed with the help of Crayola scientists to ensure that they are educational and creative
  • Open-Ended Fun: The included activity book outlines 15 experiments that can be done right out of the box 35 experiments that can be completed with common household items, encouraging kids to utilize the environment around them

Color Chemistry is a winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and the 2018 Play that Advances Language Awards.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets are adorable, colorable and washable pet figures that kids can customize and collect. Kids can design on their furry friends with the six included Scribble Scrubbie Ultra Clean Washable Markers. When they are ready to draw something new, they can clean them up in the included Scrub Tub, dry them off and start over. In addition to the four pets included, there are additional expansion packs (sold separately) for a total of 12 adorable pet characters that kids can collect and customize over and over.

  • 4 Pets (2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rabbit)
  • 1 Scrub Tub
  • 1 Scrub Brush
  • 6 Scribble Scrubbies Washable Markers
  • Instruction sheet

  • Collectible Fun For Kids: With the four included Scribble Scrubbie Pets and expansion packs, kids can grow their collection of pets to customize and care for
  • Customizable Creativity: Kids can use the special Scribble Scrubbie Ultra Clean Washable Markers to design and nurture their pets however they choose
  • Create Over and Over: Using the included Scrub Tub, kids can wash off their pets and create brand new designs when they dry

Scribble Scrubbie Pets! Scrub Tub is a winner of Good Housekeeping's 2018 Best Toy Awards, the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards, and the 2018 Play that Advances Language Awards.

Put your art in Lights! With the Crayola® Ultimate Light Board you can create amazing art and display it in a big, bold way. Just draw your masterpiece directly on to the Light Board surface and turn it on. Watch your designs shine! The bright LEDs built into the frame make the inks from the included Gel FX Markers really glow! The removable back panel makes tracing images a snap. And when you’re ready, just wipe the screen clean for unlimited creativity
**Requires 3AA Batteries, not included.

Draw and display your art with bright light effects
  • Removable back panel for easy tracing
  • Great for on the go creativity
  • Comes with 6 bright gel FX markers
  • Large reusable drawing surface
  • Easily wipes clean for creating again and again
  • Built-in marker storage on the back

Ultimate Light Board is a winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and the 2018 Play that Advances Language Awards.
With the Silly Scents Sticker Maker, kids can transform any piece of paper into a scented sticker. To create a custom, scented sticker, kids can place an adhesive sheet on the sticker bed, add any image they choose on top, slide the handle over the rubber mat and peel away their personalized instant sticker. Using the included Silly Scents Mini Markers, kids can color in to create stickers with a multi-sensory twist they can use to decorate electronic devices, book covers, school lockers and more.

  • 1 Sticker Making Machine
  • 10 Sheets of Line Art (perforated)
  • 20 Sheets Adhesive Paper • 6 Silly Scents Mini Markers
  • 3 Clear Mini Scent Sticks
  • Instruction Sheet BENEFITS
  • Creates Custom Stickers From Any Image: Kids can use the included sticker templates, newspaper, magazine clippings or personal photos to create custom stickers
  • Add Custom Scents for Added Fun: Using the included Silly Scents Mini Markers, kids can color in to create deliciously scented stickers

Silly Scents Sticker Maker is a winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and the 2018 Play that Advances Language Awards.

These are just a few of the wonderful offerings from Crayola this holiday season. Make sure to also follow them on TwitterFacebookYoutubeInstagram, and Pinterest. Wishing you all the most colorful of holiday seasons from our home to yours and as always keep it Southern Y'all! 

How To Make Your Bedroom The Best It Can Be

The average person spends 33 years asleep. Some of us haven’t even been in existence for that long, so it seems like a crazy amount of time spent in bed, but what we can get from this statistic is that we should all have the best bedrooms possible. If you’re going to spend 33 whole years in there, then it’s important to get it right, and have the most comfortable, calming, and luxurious bedroom that you can. We’ve had a look for some of the best things that you can do. Here is some inspiration to help make your room the perfect place for you to get your 40 winks.

Keep the walls a light color
The best thing that you can do to make your room seem like a huge open and airy space, is making sure that your walls are painted (or wallpapered) a light color. The worst thing that you can do is create a space that seems dark and miserable, so lighten up! I highly suggest checking out this
 Walnut Wallpaper to add a new demotion to your room.

Use mirrors wisely
If you use mirrors wisely, you can create the illusion of your room being much bigger. There is a certain way to do this, by reflecting the light properly, and if you try out a few places you’ll see how this really works. There are a variety of different sizes and shapes so that you can utilize any space.

Keep a minimalist wardrobe
If you’re keeping clothes that you’ve had for years but never worn, donate them to charity! Don’t let them take up loads of room in your bedroom, when you could be helping others, and helping yourself, by getting rid of them. Pick out what you haven’t worn for 12 months, and give it away. You’ll feel great, we promise.

Create some great lighting
You can also use lighting to your advantage, and invest in something that will make your room look amazing at night. You can even get a fluorescent light diffuser, to make your bedroom look like it is open to the night sky. Yes, it literally displays clouds on your ceiling. No more counting sheep for us, thanks.

There is nothing that can make a space look smaller, and less appealing, than loads of clutter. Keep your floor space clear, make sure that you clean and polish at least once a week (that’s right, no more eating your leftovers in bed), and don’t just keep a lot of things in your room that can collect dust. Seeing the floor is the goal here, guys.

Get that furniture up high
Ok, so this sounds weird, but the best way to make your bedroom seem as though it has loads of space is putting your furniture up on the walls. If you have bookshelves, change them into independent shelves that you can attach to the walls, and instead of free-standing lamps, get some that you can attach to the wall. Floorspace galore.

Let there be light!
If you don’t have a window in your bedroom, or your curtains are always closed, it can mess with your mental health. Make sure that you let some light in as much as you can, and avoid living in a bedroom that resembles a cave. It’s not good for you, and sunlight makes us all feel happier, right? Away with the curtains!

Wash your bedsheets regularly
Is there a better feeling than getting into bed after you’ve washed your bedsheets? Make sure that you keep your bed clean, so that you don’t invite any unwanted visitors into your home and you can come back to a lovely-smelling, clean bed. We think this is one of the best things in the world, and we don’t care if you disagree. Aah.

Invest in a throw and some pillows
Getting into bed should always be like jumping on a big cloud. Of course, if you actually jumped on a big cloud, it probably wouldn’t feel like you’re surrounded by throws and pillows, but this is what we’re going for here. Make your bed as comfortable (and warm, in the winter) as possible, and you’ll love coming back to your room.

So, there are many ways to make your bedroom the best that it can be; experiment and find the perfect arrangement for you! Make sure that you use light wisely, declutter and utilize the space in your room, and create the perfectly comfortable bed, so that you’ll always be thinking about coming back to it. Good luck, and enjoy catching those Zzz’s in your brand new abode.

Our Top Picks from Gourmet Gift Baskets

November 28, 2018

Seasons greetings everyone! Gourmet Gift Baskets has always been one of my families favorite companies to work with during the holidays. And Gourmet foods are a great gift to give and receive any time of the year. Each item is lovingly prepared and shipped right to your door. It's a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them in a delicious way. There's still lots of time to pick the perfect gift and have it shipped in time to enjoy for the holidays. It's always hard to pick what we want to try from this wonderful company so this year we are giving you our top 10 products we personally would like to receive. We think you will agree with us, no matter the occasion Gourmet Gift Baskets is the perfect solution to all your gifting needs.

1) From The Bakery Gift Tower
We know we're not the only ones who love sweet treats, which is why we decided to create this “From the Bakery” gift tower! Inside four beautifully crafted matte finished boxes, we've arranged an assortment of decadent treats from our bakery. With deliciously crisp cookies and gooey gourmet brownies, this lovely tower is perfect for both entertaining as well as gifting!
  • Fudge Walnut Brownie - 1.5 oz.
  • Peanut Butter Brownie - 1.5 oz.
  • Chocolate Chunk Brownie - 1.5 oz.
  • Butterscotch Blondie - 1.5 oz.
  • Chocolate Chip Blondie - 1.5 oz.
  • White Chocolate Chip Blondie - 1.5 oz.
  • (2) Oatmeal Cookies (2 pack) - 2 oz.
  • Peanut Butter Cookies (2 pack) - 2 oz.
  • (2) Chocolate Chip Cookies (2 pack) - 2 oz.
  • (2) Fudge Brownie Cookies (2 pack) - 2 oz.
  • Lemon Sugar Cookies (2 pack) - 2 oz.
  • Pecan Sandy Cookies (2 pack) - 2 oz.
  • (4) Whoopie Pies - 3.25 oz.
All baked goods in this tower are Kosher OU-D certified.

Dimensions: 8"x 6.5"x 15"
2) Chocolate Lover's Cheesecake Sampler
If you think they like chocolate now, just wait until after they’ve tried this delicious sampler. Made up of Turtle, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, and Chocolate Raspberry, this delectable assortment makes chocolate taste better than ever before.

Cheesecake Flavors:
  • Turtle
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Chocolate Swirl
  • Chocolate Raspberry
Spread holiday cheer with this deluxe Christmas Gift Basket! It boasts an unparalleled selection of delectable gourmet snacks, sweet treats, and tempting chocolates that are artfully displayed inside a beautiful wooden basket. Complete with classic pretzel twists, handcrafted popcorn, and delicious chocolate-filled cookies, this festive arrangement is the perfect way to make the holiday season bright!
  • Dark Chocolate & Caramel Smothered Grahams by Annalie’s Chocolates - .65 oz. – Delectable graham crackers that have been covered in sweet caramel before being generously dipped in rich dark chocolate.
  • Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettle Corn - 4.2 oz. - Delectable handcrafted popcorn that's speckled with freshly ground cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.
  • Pretzel Twists by Auntie Trudie's - 3 oz. - Classic pretzel twists that are lightly salted before baked until golden.
  • Monterey Jack Jalapeño Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - A deliciously creamy cheese that gets a welcomed kick from pieces of jalapeño peppers.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn - 4 oz. - Handcrafted gourmet popcorn that's coated in a mixture of sea salt and cracked pepper.
  • Chocolate Wafer Squares by Dolcetto - 4.2 oz. - Decadent cookies of ultra-thin wafers that sandwich centers of irresistibly smooth chocolate.
  • Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 2 oz. - Crisp cookies with a sweet caramel flavor and large morsels of rich chocolate.
  • Stoned Wheat Crackers by Eleanor & Flynn - 4 oz. - Hearty crackers full of nutritious whole grains and baked to a perfect crisp.
  • Garlic Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse - 5 oz. - A lean summer sausage that's handcrafted using premium meats and a blend of imported herbs, including fresh garlic.
  • Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Snack Company - 2 oz. - A mix of all your favorite snacks - nuts, pretzel bites, and cheddar cheese crackers.
  • Roasted & Salted Peanuts by J&R Gourmet - 4 oz. - The classic snack of premium oversized peanuts that are gently roasted and evenly dusted with salt.
  • Milk Chocolate Truffles with Hazelnut Filling and Cereals by Soccado - .8 oz. - Delicate and gourmet milk chocolate truffles that are filled with hazelnut cream and given a crunch from pieces of crispy cereal.
  • Key Lime Cookies by Byrd’s Famous Cookies - 4 oz. - These delicious key lime cooler cookies are made from fresh lime juice and dusted with a sprinkling of powdered sugar for a sweet and refreshing treat.
  • Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip by Robert Rothschild Farms - 7.8 oz. - A delicious dip, which combines the amazing flavors of freshly picked raspberries and tangy honey mustard.
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Byrd’s Famous Cookies - 2 oz. - Bite-sized cookies from famous Byrd’s Cookies that are made with creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate chips.

Make the holiday season brighter with this delightful gift! Inside a festive holiday tin, your recipient will discover a bounty of handcrafted gourmet popcorn that's carefully selected by you! Take your pick of crisp Traditional or classic People's Choice to create a wonderful holiday treat that's impossible to resist.
Popcorn Flavors Inside:
  • Traditional (Butter, Caramel, and Cheesy Cheddar)
  • People's Choice (Caramel, Cheesy Cheddar, and Kettle)
5) Santa Cookie Cake
Make this season extra sweet with this delightful Christmas treat! We've loaded this 12-inch cookie cake with rich chocolate chips and hand decorated with sweet frosting, creating a holiday dessert that's impossible to resist!

This classic arrangement makes the perfect wine gift no matter the occasion! Inside a classic wooden crate, your recipient will discover a textured California Merlot that's surrounded by a traditional assortment of irresistible gourmet snacks. Complete with ultra sharp cheddar cheese, tasty hors d'oeuvre crackers, and a premium garlic sausage, this gift is sure to delight the wine lover in your life.
  • Merlot by Emerald Bay - 750 ml - Fabulous California Merlot with a plummy fruit aroma, and tart-cherry and chocolate flavor.
  • Stoned Wheat Crackers by Eleanor & Flynn - 4 oz. - Thick and hearty square crackers that are baked until perfectly crisp.
  • Ultra Sharp Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - A creamy Wisconsin-style cheese that's the perfect pairing with any cracker.
  • Garlic Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse - 5 oz. - This tasty garlic sausage is made with only the finest beef and seasoned to perfection with zesty garlic

We think that great beers should know no borders. That's why we've sought out delicious brews from around the globe and united them in this Around The World Beer Bucket! Perfect for anyone who enjoys a cold one, we’ve brought together beers from many different countries and artfully arranged them inside of our galvanized steel bucket. And since nothing goes with a tasty brew like good snacks, we carefully chose some of our most beloved gourmet foods to include, creating a special gift that's impossible to not enjoy!
  • Large Galvanized Steel Bucket - A sturdy galvanized steel bucket with handles, that easily keeps 12 beers cold with the addition of ice.
  • Belgian White Witbier by Fat Tire - 12 oz. - Sweet and fresh Belgian beer made with Seville oranges and Indian coriander.
  • Moretti Lager - 12 oz. - A low fermented Italian beer with a golden color produced using valuable hops giving the beer its aroma and unique fragrance.
  • Hefeweissbier by Weihenstephan - 12 oz. - Golden-yellow wheat beer with a refreshing banana flavor.
  • Porter by Founders Brewing Company - 12 oz. - Robust hop flavor that pours silky black with strong chocolate and caramel malt presence.
  • Pale Lager by Moosehead Brewery - 12 oz. - A balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness with a smooth clean taste.
  • Pale Lager by Red Stripe - 11.2 oz. - Brewed in Jamaica since 1938, this flavorful, golden lager has been recognized all over the world for its vibrant taste.
  • Premium Bitter / ESB by Old Speckled Hen - 12 oz. - A popular British ale with a distinctive rich malty taste and fruity aroma.
  • Pilsner by Bavik - 12 oz. - A clean amber beer that tastes very light with a nose of sweet barley grains, barley chaff, light grass, straw, and dry yeast.
  • Pale Lager by Dos Equis XX - 12 oz. - Crisp and refreshing light-bodied malt-flavored beer.
  • Pale Lager Stella Artois - 12 oz. - First introduced to the world over 600 years ago, this exceptional, classic Belgian lager is recognized by its beautiful golden color and crisp taste.
  • Pale Lager Kirin Ichiban - 12 oz. - Pure barley malt, premium hops, and smoother finish with no bitter aftertaste.
  • Dunkel Lager by Von Trapp - 12 oz. - Dunkel is a full malt lager with a dark tone, but with a clean and crisp hop flavor.
  • Garlic Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse - 5 oz. - This tasty summer sausage amped up with the taste of fresh garlic will pair perfectly with your favorite cheese.
  • Ultra Sharp Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - A robust farmhouse Wisconsin cheddar cheese that's carefully aged to achieve its award-winning flavor.
  • Roasted & Salted Peanuts by J&R Gourmet - 2 oz. - A tasty peanut snack, roasted and salted to perfection.
  • Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Snack Company - 2 oz. – A delicious snack mix jam-packed with crunchy pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese crackers, and premium nuts.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Peppercorn Water Crackers by Eleanor & Flynn - 4 oz.
  • Beef Jerky by Divine Bovine - 2 oz. - A simply amazing gourmet jerky that you just can't believe until you've tried.
  • Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn by - 1.8 oz. - Handcrafted cheesy cheddar popcorn made to perfection using sharp cheddar.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn by - 1.3 oz. - Handcrafted kettle corn is sprinkled with just the right amount of gourmet sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
This beautiful Christmas arrangement offers the perfect something for everyone! In two beautiful gift boxes, your recipient will discover beautiful arrangements of delicious snacks, both delicious and indulgent. Complete with sinful handcrafted chocolates, extra-fancy dried fruits, and an assortment of premium nuts, this exquisite arrangement makes the perfect gift this holiday season!
  • Dried Fruit & Nut Platter - 30 oz. - This beautiful gift box boasts a selection of exotic dried fruits and roasted nuts that are hand assembled in an elegant wooden pineapple shaped gift tray.
  • Boulevard Collection - Milk & Dark Luxe Chocolate Assortment by Sanders - 14 oz. - Exquisite chocolates with a variety of premium fillings, such as nuts, caramel, and toffee that are handcrafted by skilled artisans.
9) Holiday Sweets & Treats Gift Box
We love gifts that bring smiles to peoples' faces and this festive gift box does just that! Inside this artfully arranged gift, we've united an assortment of sweet treats, such as fresh fruit and chocolate truffles, with savory cheese and cracker treats! A wonderful gift that's perfect for spreading holiday cheer!
  • Two Red Apples - Crisp red apples straight from the orchard.
  • Two Green Apples - These green apples have the traditional sweetness with a little extra bite.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Peppercorn Water Crackers by Eleanor & Flynn - 4 oz. - Adding cheese to these peppercorn flavored crackers provides the perfect savory snack.
  • Monterey Jack Jalapeno Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - A creamy cheese with the extra flavor of Jalapeno makes for a delicious treat.
  • Milk Chocolate Truffles with Hazelnut Filling and Cereals by Soccado - .8 oz. - The holidays are complete with these perfectly crafted Soccado truffles.
10) Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler
Pop open your favorite bottle of wine, and lay out all of the delicious food that we’ve compiled in this meat and cheese crate! It’s perfect for any social event, or to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Pair a Pinot Noir with our savory garlic cheddar, or maybe a sweet Riesling with our top-quality summer sausage. No matter what kind of wine is being served, our Meat & Cheese Sampler has something that will pair perfectly with it.
  • Stoned Wheat Crackers by Eleanor & Flynn - 4 oz. - Just the right amount hearty wheat and crunchiness to achieve that perfect cracker experience.
  • Summer Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse - 5 oz. - A traditional handcrafted summer sausage that’s created using a blend of top-quality beef, all-natural seasonings, and imported spices.
  • Savory Garlic Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 2 oz. - The zesty spice of garlic is the perfect complement to our smooth cheddar cheese.
  • Spicy Cheddar & Veggie Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 2 oz. - Our cheddar cheese gets a spicy hint from chipotle peppers along with a mixture of garden fresh veggies.
  • Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam by Stonewall Kitchen - 4 oz. - A sweet jam made with fresh raspberries and peaches giving it an incredible fresh fruit flavor.

These are just a few of the many gifts that are available to give this season. Also, remember to sign up for Ebates to earn cash back when you shop at Gourmet Gift Baskets and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

Common Dog Problems: How To Spot And Treat Them

November 27, 2018

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Having knowledge of some of the most common dog problems is important so that you know what signs to pick up on. You should always pay attention to the behavior of your dog. If it changes, then this should be explored further, and if the problems continue, you should definitely pay a visit to a veterinarian. With that being said, in this post, we are going to talk about some of the most common health issues and, hopefully, answer some of your most pressing dog health questions.

Arthritis – This is one of the most common dog health issues, typically affecting middle-aged to senior dogs. It can have a detrimental impact on their quality of life by causing chronic pain. There are many signs that your dog may be suffering from arthritis. The most obvious is if they have a limp, but other signs include your dog taking longer to recover after they have been playing or not being as active as usual. To treat arthritis, you need to keep your pet at a healthy weight and talk to your veterinarian about pain medication.

Lung problems – Breathing problems, such as coughing, should not be ignored. In most cases, this is a sign of a bacterial or viral infection. However, this does not rule out any serious and underlying problems, which is why you are always advised to see a vet.

Constipation – Most dogs suffer from constipation from time to time. Signs of constipation include a dog that has not passed a stool for a day or two, straining while trying to pass a stool, vomiting, lack of appetite, and low energy. There are plenty of pet supplies available to treat constipation. Other options include encouraging your dog to drink sufficient water and adding more fiber to your dog’s food.

Gastrointestinal problems – There is no need to rush to the emergency room imminently if you see that your dog is refusing to eat or has diarrhea. However, some signs that you should see a specialist immediately include sudden loss of weight and blood in their stool.

Hip dysplasia - Next we have hip dysplasia, which is an abnormal function of the hip socket. It is a genetic trait but it can be impacted by environmental factors. This is a concern that is common with German Shepherd dogs. You can read up on how to take care of a German Shepherd for breed-specific for information. However, this is something that can, of course, impact all breeds of dogs. It can be a severe condition as well, causing painful arthritis, which we have discussed above, and even crippling lameness. There are a number of different symptoms that indicate hip dysplasia. This includes grating in the joint during movement, narrow stance, looseness in the joint, lameness in the hind end, reluctance or difficulty rising, decreased range of motion, and decreased activity.

Skin allergies – There are many different skin allergies that dogs can suffer from, from flea infestations to allergic reactions, and thus determining the type of skin allergy that has occurred is the most important step. Flea infestations can cause severe problems if not dealt with quickly, which is why you need to act straight away. If your dog has suffered an allergic reaction, simply stop using the product in question. Skin irritation could also be the sign of a medical condition, such as a fungal infection or thyroid disease. If you are unsure, seek professional assistance.

Bone problems – Last but not least, we have bone problems. Seeing your dog limping can be an awful shock, but it is impossible to keep your eyes on your dog at all times. Unless the issue resolves itself in a day or so, you need to see a vet.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of some of the most common dog problems and how you can spot and treat them. Of course, in a lot of instances, it will be necessary to take your pet to the vet. You should never take risks when it comes to your dog’s health. Even if you are unsure whether the issue is serious or not, there is no harm in getting it checked out.

Wishing you happy paws from our dogs to yours and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

Great Ways To Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

November 23, 2018

It official the day after Thanksgiving and you are already tired of the leftovers? Yep, that 25-pound turkey, 5-pounds of dressing and 2-pounds of cranberry sauce and green bean casserole might have not been the best idea for a family of 5.  I understand I cook like I'm feeding an army also. And we will be doing it again in about a months time as we gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas. we have put together the following list of some yummy ways to turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into new and exciting meals your family is sure to love. 

1) Recipes From A Pantry Chinese Five Spice Turkey Tacos
"Can I tempt you with some Chinese five spice turkey tacos? This mini fusion of Mexican and Asian flavours bites, with the soft flour tortillas filled with Chinese five spice flavoured turkey, bean sprouts, radishes, and sesame oil flavoured sour cream have got it all going on."

"This Turkey Noodle Casserole is an easy and delicious dinner recipe. It’s a great way to use up leftover turkey (or chicken). Even better, it tastes amazing!"

"These sweet and savoury holiday morning muffins use up your leftover cranberry sauce, come together quickly, but can also be made ahead and frozen for an easy and festive breakfast or brunch. They make a great on-the-go breakfast and lunchbox snack as well!"

"Looking for a delicious way to serve up leftover turkey? Try this turkey a la king recipe served over baked potatoes."

"Healthy Cinnamon Sweet Potato Rolls recipe, perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving breakfast or brunch. These rolls are delicious, moist, fluffy and easy to make!"

"Sounds easy, doesn’t it? And it is as easy as it sounds. 15 minutes, no cooking involved, simple ingredients you probably already have."

"I can’t imagine a better way to use up leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey than the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Breakfast Sandwich. Holiday turkey layered over a patty of mashed potatoes and stuffing, melted provolone, and topped with a fried egg."

"I found this recipe for Spicy Turkey Quesadillas on the Taste of Home website and knew that I would be adding it into my menu this year. I made some minor changes, using what I had on hand. Greek yogurt cream cheese, jarred jalapenos, multigrain wraps. These came together super quickly using the panini press, and they disappeared even quicker."

"When you get tired of Thanksgiving leftovers, this Instant Pot Turkey Chili is a great way to use up the leftover turkey. It’s warm, satisfying, and so delicious."

"These Instant Pot egg bites are the simplest breakfast (or lunch, or snack) that you will ever make! They are also low carb, Keto, gluten-free and very easy to make."

11) Christina Cucina Genius Potato Turkey and Stuffing
"Genius Potato, Turkey and Stuffing Layered Leftovers recipe is so tasty, no one would ever guess that the dish uses leftovers! Be sure to make extra everything on Thanksgiving!"

"You are going to want to make extra food, just to make these delicious Air Fryer Turkey Croquettes with Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers."

"Thanksgiving Egg Rolls: Leftover mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey are rolled up and baked into a crispy egg roll served with a side of gravy or cranberry sauce for dipping. The most unique egg roll that you have ever had!"

14) Earth Food and Fire Leftover Turkey Soup
"A hearty, leftover turkey soup, this recipe is loaded with delicious goodies, and I think, the easiest way to use up any leftover turkey meat in your fridge. Using only one pot, this turkey and wild rice soup is a great way to avoid food waste, meal-prep, and eat healthy during one of the busiest times of the year! If you don’t have turkey, you can easily substitute chicken in this hearty soup."

"An over-the-top delicious milkshake recipe using a big slice of leftover pumpkin pie (yes, the whole thing - crust & all)! It blends up in less than 5 minutes and is simple to make dairy or gluten-free if desired. If you've ever needed an excuse to bake a pumpkin pie (besides Thanksgiving) and don't have any leftover right now - this is it!"

We hope you enjoy each of these ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

*each of these recipes where used with the consent of each blogger listed*

The Christmas Chronicles Comes to Netflix Nov. 22nd

November 21, 2018

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for Netflix. 

The Christmas Chronicles is a wishful, hilarious, family festive adventure. This is our first live-action family film with a well-established director and big profile actor in Kurt Russell.

From producer Chris Columbus (“Home Alone”, "Harry Potter") and director Clay Kaytis ("The Angry Birds Movie"), The Christmas Chronicles, tells the story of sister and brother, Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis), whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about. After staking out Santa’s arrival, they sneak into his sleigh, cause it to crash and nearly derail Christmas. As their wild night unfolds, Kate and Teddy work together with Santa - as you've never seen him before - and his loyal Elves to save Christmas before it's too late. The Christmas Chronicles premieres on Netflix, November 22, 2018!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us and it's the perfect time to spend time with family and friends watching a great show like The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix! Just in case you have not heard the holly and joy news it premieres tomorrow November 22nd. Our family was blessed to be able to be invited to view an early screening and also received a wonderful gift too. 

The Christmas Chronicles is sure to become a family tradition you will want to watch every year. Our family absolutely adored it! 

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From our family to yours we are wishing you all the happiest of the holidays and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

PowerA All We Want for Christmas

November 18, 2018

With 3 children in our home, 2 of which are gamers is there any doubt that PowerA would be at the top of our holiday list? PowerA is made up of very different individuals who come together for one purpose: To build innovative accessories for the world’s best interactive entertainment. They partner with amazing people and companies, including Nintendo, Microsoft, PlayStation, Apple, Disney, Activision, Ubisoft and more. You can shop PowerA products at major retailers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. Also, the Interwebs. What does all that mean to you? Well, they are pretty much a gamers best friend, they offer the hottest accessories to bring your gaming to a new level. We are absolutely thrilled to have the chance to feature them on your holiday gift guide this year. These are our topic picks in no particular order, make sure to visit them today to make your list. They offer a wide verity of products that allow you to take charge of your gaming experience on all the popular gaming systems.

This controller is highly customizable with 225 light-up color combinations, 15 different LED colors, 2 separate light up areas, 3 operational modes and 4 brightness settings and a 3.5mm audio jack.
It also has a sleek design with colors phase and pulses through its unique, trans-metallic shell. This controller looks great with its lights on or off. It features easy to change lights. There are three buttons located on the back of the controller that allows for color and brightness customization of two separate light up areas.

  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft
  • Precision Tuned & Textured Analog Sticks
  • Dual Rumble Motors and Impulse Triggers
  • Custom Illumination Effects with 225 Color Combinations
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 9.8ft in-line release USB cable

Be in control of your individual gaming style. The new Fusion Controller presents a combination of advanced, customizable features that let every gamer take control of their individual preferences. Officially licensed by Microsoft, the FUSION is designed for Xbox One with 6 Interchangeable Analog Sticks, 2 Quick-Trigger Locks, and 2 Pro Gaming Buttons, mappable to the settings of choice, to enable fine-tuned accuracy and improved speed. Finished with gold electroplated elements, breathable grips, a 3.5mm audio input, and 9.8ft braided cable - making this the most advanced controller without a daunting price tag.
  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft for Xbox One
  • 6 Interchangeable Analog Sticks
  • 2 Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • Quick-Trigger Locks
  • Dual Rumble Motors and Impulse Triggers
  • 3.5mm audio input
  • 9.8ft Braided Breakaway Cable
(available in black or white)

The officially licensed Xbox One Charging Station by PowerA eliminates the cost of replacement batteries so you can keep your controllers fully charged and ready to game. To charge, simply click controller down on the Charging Station and view LED light bars indicating charge level. When fully charged, click up to store. Comes in either black or white.
  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft
  • Charge two Xbox Controllers simultaneously
  • Snap down to charge, snap up to display
  • Compatible with Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • LED lights indicate charge status
  • Includes 2 universal rechargeable battery packs and battery doors, plus an AC adapter to keep USB ports free

The Play and Charge Kit by PowerA creates a universal battery solution for all of your Xbox One gaming needs. With the Play and Charge Kit, you are able to charge your batteries while you play or while being displayed. The included batteries are also compatible with all of PowerA’s charging solutions including; the PowerA Xbox One Charging Stand, Xbox One Charging Station, and the Charging Stand for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.
  • 20+ hours of gameplay per recharge of single 1100Ah NiMH battery
  • Officially licensed for Xbox and compatible with Xbox Wireless or Elite Wireless Controllers
  • Includes charge-thru battery door (use with play & charge cable or PowerA charging stand - sold separately)
  • LED charging indicator turns red while charging and green when full
  • Fully charge in about 3 hours with built-in overcharge protection
  • Backed by a two-year limited warranty - register at

Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot, is back! celebrate the fully-remastered release of Crash Bandicoot n. Sane Trilogy with this Officially Licensed Crash Bandicoot statue from PowerA. This roughly 5” tall statue is made of heavy metal with durable and vibrant Enamel colors. A collectible Gold coin Featuring a loot box, character name, and 'Crash Bandicoot medallion of authenticity' sits in a magnetic slot within the sturdy base. This is 1 of 3 available designs, so be sure to collect aku aku and Dr. Neo Cortex statues to complete your set.
  • Exclusive design officially licensed by Activision
  • Heavy die-cast-metal statue with durable and vibrant enamel colors
  • Approximately 5” tall on a sturdy base with magnetic coin slot
  • Collectible gold Medallion of Authenticity featuring loot box and character name

  • Wear, Pin, and display your favorite Insignias, Emblems, and crests from the Assassin's Creed franchise with the Officially Licensed Assassin's Creed collector Pin set. Each mystery box contains 1 randomly selected Pin.; among the 10 pins is a Super Rare Gold 10 year commemorative Pin. Collect them all: British insignia 7: 56, Unity insignia 7: 56, rogue insignia 7: 56, Black Flag insignia 7: 56, chronicle's insignia 7: 56, Assassin's Creed III 7: 56, ottoman insignia 6: 56, Assassin's insignia 4: 56, assassin silhouette 3: 56, Gold 10 year commemorative Pin 1: 56.
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Featuring 10 official Assassin’s Creed emblems, insignia and crests to collect and wear
  • Each blind box includes one randomly selected pin
  • 1 ½ inch high-gloss enamel stick back pins
  • Rarrities = British Insignia 7:56, Unity Insignia 7:56, Rogue Insignia 7:56, Black Flag Insignia 7:56, Chronicle’s Insignia 7:56, Assassin’s Creed III 7:56, Ottoman Insignia 6:56, Assassin’s Insignia 4:56, Assassin Silhouette 3:56, Gold 10 Year Commemorative Pin 1:56
Make sure to follow PowerA on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to keep on all things gaming! From our gaming family to yours we are wishing you all the happiest of the holidays and as always keep it Southern Y'all!