The Pros and Cons of Having Glass Furniture

May 25, 2021

Glass furniture can be a worthwhile investment in your home’s decor and overall design. In fact, many modern furniture designs do incorporate some kind of glass because it helps to create the illusion of space and looks very stylish. However, not everyone likes the idea of having glass furniture in their home, so here are a couple of pros and cons to help you get a better understanding of what it’s like to own a piece.

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Glass furniture looks amazing

Glas furniture looks amazing and there’s no arguing that. It’s extremely elegant, it doesn’t look tacky, and it can fit in virtually any kind of decor arrangement. If you want something that fits any kind of interior design style, then this is the one to go for.

Glass furniture is affordable

Buying something like a glass side table might seem expensive, but it’s actually surprisingly affordable. This is because it’s durable when maintained properly and it’s also an extremely unique piece of furniture. You can’t really mimic the look and feel of glass with cheaper alternatives, hence why it’s such a great investment.

Glass furniture creates an illusion of space

Glass furniture can also help you create the illusion of space in your home. This is a great way to make your rooms feel more open because glass helps to not only reflect light around your room, but you can see through it which means nothing will be blocking your view–it gives you a full view of whatever’s behind or underneath it.

Glass furniture can take a bit of maintenance

However, many people can get frustrated when maintaining their glass furniture because it takes a little more love and care than something like a wooden piece. While cleaning glass furniture does take a bit more care, it can’t be avoided and it’s better to just learn what cleaning products to use, what kind of cloth to wipe your furniture with, and how often you should clean it. If you’re diligent about keeping your home clean, then you can maintain your glass furniture without breaking a sweat.

Glass furniture can be fragile

The other elephant in the room is how fragile glass furniture is. You need to have protective surfaces to put things on before they touch the glass, and it can be very easy to accidentally bump into it and break it. While it’s very durable (more so than cheaper timber!) it’s not invincible and if it does break, you’re going to have a very hard time cleaning things up. It’s not like a wooden piece of furniture where you can live with a few chips and scrapes!

Glass furniture can look out of place

In some cases, glass furniture can look gaudy if it’s not taken care of correctly or if you don’t at least attempt to pair it with other things in your room. While it’s a neutral piece of furniture that fits with many decor styles, it’s possible to make it look completely out of place if you don’t attempt to make it fit.

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7 Easy Bathroom Updates To Do Before The End Of The Year

Are you thinking about redoing your bathroom before the end of the year? Great idea! Look through this list of easy bathroom updates to do to give it a quick (and beautiful!) update:

New Paint

Paint is an extremely easy way to update a bathroom and the good thing about it is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or energy updating a room with paint - it is relatively easy for you to do yourself, or for you to hire out. If your goal is to create a relaxing space, consider choosing neutral and natural colors such as greens, taupes, cream, etc. New paint completely updates a space and it has the ability to make it as relaxing or upbeat as you’d like it to be.

Deep Soaking Tub

A deep soaking tub is perfect for relaxation. Throw in your bubble bath, essential oils, bath bombs, or whatever you use and you are set. There are so many great options for deep soaking tubs now and new potential buyers in the future will appreciate your renovation so much. If getting a new tub would significantly improve your bathroom, then it will more than likely boost up your property value a lot, as well when you replace it.

Walk-In Shower

My friend was actually just considering renovating her shower because it has worn down a lot. Her home was built a little over twenty years ago and the shower has not been updated since, so the grout is wearing down and the shower was actually not properly waterproofed, so it is a huge risk of a leak. She was originally going to put in a walk-in shower and I LOVED the idea. Apparently, she cannot do it anymore because they would have to re-route a window and that would cost $8,000+. That would be a great deal if she were staying there a while, but since she’s not, might as well just do the less expensive option. But, the walk-in shower is an amazing idea if: 1) you don’t have to re-route a window or 2) you will be in the home for a while. Add in a huge bench, 2 shower heads, and a recessed shelf and you will have a shower made for a king or queen!

Upgraded Toilet

Old toilets are one of the biggest water wasters in your house. They consume about 3.5 to 7 gallons of water per flush, which is a lot for one use. In contrast, new toilets only use an average of 1.6 gallons per flush. If you want an eco-friendly bathroom, then you may want to switch to a water-efficient macerating toilet.

Heated Floors

Is there anything more luxurious than heated floors? I don’t think so! Apparently, a heated flooring system is relatively inexpensive, as well, with the average cost being under $500 for the majority of bathrooms. If you are re-doing the flooring in your bathroom, it might be worth the small extra bit to add on a heating element. There are a few options when it comes to a heat source, so do your research beforehand!

Upgraded Countertops

If there is absolutely any renovation to do to a bathroom (or a kitchen, for that matter), it would be to upgrade your countertops! Adding in quartz countertops can significantly increase the value of your home and attract potential new clients. If you are in the Metro-Atlanta area, or specifically Alpharetta, check out Click Countertops. They offer beautiful Alpharetta GA quartz countertops options, as well as natural stone options too. Click Countertops has been a part of the stone fabrication and countertop industry for over 20 years. They say, “We started small companies that grew into the industry’s biggest countertop providers. We have owned and managed companies that have installed well over 500,000 countertop installations. Needless to say, we know this industry better than most.” If their word isn’t enough for you, just check out their reviews. They are amazing and everyone talks about how amazing their customer service is. When you purchase countertops from Click Countertops, they also educate you. They believe that the more you know, the happier you’ll be, so they leave you with not only beautiful countertops, but also a copy of their warranty and other care and maintenance information that you will want to know. When it comes to price, speed, and quality, you can have it all - just call Click Countertops!

Add Plants

If you do not want to do any physical renovations, but you still want to get a calm and updated look, you could always add decor pieces to your room. One of the things that I love adding in is house plants! Why? Because you can still get an ‘earthy,’ peaceful feeling by adding houseplants to your bathroom. This not only helps set a relaxing and calming tone for your bathroom, but the plants will also naturally purify your air, which is always a bonus!

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New Summer Kicks From Lugz + GIVEAWAY

May 18, 2021

Hey there friends! I hope each of you are doing well! I know the past few months have felt like an uphill battle for my family. There have been lots of changes and new normals. My kids are in face-to-face schooling, Yes they have been in school all year. They could actually could actually have prom this year and graduation is days away. How this became both the longest and shortest year in history just blows my mind!

My daughter and her bestie since pre-k went to promo with a group of friends and had so much fun. And below I wanted to share one of my Sarahs senior photos. When I say this has been an emotional year, that has been an understatement.

I know you have to be thinking, what in the world does this have to do with shoes? Honestly, nothing and everything at the same time...kinda like this year has been? Sometimes I just need to talk about things even if it is in a post about shoes! 💁 And in celebration on my 2021 graduate why not giveaway some shoes? 

This is a sponsored conversation shared by Wrapped Up N U on behalf of Lugz. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

My daughter, Sarah's goal in life when it comes to Lugz has been to own these shoes in every color offered! If you have been around our blow for some time, you know this is truer than truer. How could you not want them in every color? They have a classic style and fit that is always in fashion.

Leave the heels behind for a relaxed and fashionable slip on shoe. Let this comfortable, easy to wear canvas shoe, pair well with an office or party outfit. The Clipper is that versatile sneaker you can wear anywhere! They are currently available in 10 colors and at just $34.99 they will easily become your most comfortable everyday shoes.

About Lugz, Since its beginning in 1993 Lugz has been an innovator in the footwear market. What began as a brand with a couple styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans have evolved into a leader in footwear and its trendsetting style has gone beyond boots adding casual and athletic shoes for men, women, and kids. Helping keep Lugz fresh and relevant are its many partnerships from hip-hop stars, to Orange County Choppers to MMA Champions endorsing and inspiring their latest products.

Please follow them on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Pinterest to stay up to date on the newest trends and offerings. And if you aren't already a member checkout Rakuten for extra savings when you shop at Lugz.

All You Need to Know About The Shoe Code

Shoes are an essential part of our daily lives, particularly for those who spend the majority of their time outdoors. They not only assist us in our operations, but they also safeguard our feet. There is a thrill that comes with shopping for a favourite pair, whether it be a pair of Nikes for sale or any other footwear. However, you should not let your excitement becloud your judgement in finding the right pair that complements your feet. Purchasing the wrong shoe can result in several adverse effects, including fatigue, sprain, dislocation, and other related injuries. As a result, purchase shoes that provide your feet with comfort and match the occasion.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Aesthetics is Great, But Functionality Rules Supreme

When shopping for footwear, you may come across a pair of shoes for sale that catches your eye but is unrealistic for the occasion of use. Avoid purchasing the pair on a whim; rather, look for a pair that is designed to perform optimally according to your intention. For example, you shouldn’t purchase running shoes with the intention of hiking. Using the wrong pair may cause the shoes to wear out early.

Cute shoes are great and draw compliments from viewers. But what is the point of rocking the footwear if it gives your feet great discomfort or exposes them to harm? When shopping for a pair of shoes, comfort and safety become a priority. Your shoes should serve you well while lasting a long time.

Understanding Your Footwear Better Than Anyone Else

If there is anyone who understands your lifestyle best it is you. You know your daily routine and what complements it the most. Spending beyond your budget on a pair of Nike shoes that are impractical for your most prioritized activities maybe you going overboard. On the other hand, you don’t want to purchase a cheap pair of shoes that don’t provide durability, comfort, protection, and functionality. Besides, it may sound like you are cutting cost, but you end up spending more, in the long run, purchasing such footwear.

Knowing the shape of your shoe is crucial to finding the right match. Here is a simple tip to improve your footwear shopping experience. Trace the outline of your feet on a piece of paper. Take the diagram along to the footwear store to get the right pair. Place your choice shoe on the outline. Ideally, it should align perfectly with the shape of the outline. Once you have found the right fit, put them on and walk around for a while to be sure they don’t give you discomfort. Once you feel comfortable in them, you are good to check out.

It All Begins with A Simple Research

Perhaps, you can’t wait to lay your hands on that pair of Nike shoes on sale. But visiting a footwear store without doing your homework can hamper your shopping experience and the quality you get from your shoes. Simple research will save you money, time, and effort. While you are at that, ensure that you find out what other customers are saying about a particular product of interest. Online reviews are helpful. Nevertheless, they don’t compare to the experience you get testing the shoes. In summary, know your shoes.

From Cradle to Stage on Paramount Plus

May 5, 2021



Directed by Dave Grohl and inspired by his mother, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, and her critically-acclaimed book, From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars, the Live Nation Productions FROM CRADLE TO STAGE is a dynamic personal exploration of the special relationship between successful musicians and their moms. The six-part series will debut exclusively on Paramount+.

Honest, humorous and emotional, each episode features a famous performer and their mother, alongside Dave and Virginia, as they take an impassioned journey home and explore each artists’ upbringing and the tools they received as a young talent to survive the turbulence of success.

Hey there friends! I have always been fascinated with documentaries. Having someone open up and share part of their life with you is a beautiful gesture. In celebration of Mother's day weekend, I invite each for you to check out the new series From Cradle to Stage. Get to know there rock stars and the extra special women in their lifes, their moms! I'd like to thank Paramount+ for sending me this awesome swag pack in celebration of From Cradle To Stage.

Episode 1: “Dan and Christene Reynolds”
*Available to stream Thursday, May 6th*

Dave and Virginia Grohl set off on a journey to discover the secrets behind mothers of world famous rock-stars.  First stop:  Las Vegas, to meet Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds and his devout Mormon “super-mom,” Christene. 

Episode 2: "Pharrell and Carolyn Williams"
*Available to stream Thursday, May 13th*

Pharrell Williams invites Dave and Virginia Grohl to his “Something in the Water” music festival, in Virginia, the state where he and Dave both launched music careers despite fears of disappointing their mothers who were both public school teachers.

Episode 3: "Miranda and Bev Lambert"
*Available to stream Thursday, May 20th*

Country music star Miranda Lambert shows Dave and Virginia Grohl around Lindale, Texas, where she grew up under the watchful eyes of her private investigator parents. When she decided to pursue a career in music, Miranda’s mom, Beverly, became her “mom-ager.”

Episode 4: "Brandi and Teresa Carlile"
*Available to stream Thursday, May 27th*

Deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, Brandi Carlile and her mother Teresa open up to Dave and Virginia about Brandi’s trajectory from a tomboy kid who didn’t fit in to a multiple-Grammy Award-winning, openly gay singer-songwriter. 

Episode 5: "Tom and Mary Morello"
*Available to stream Thursday, June 3rd*

Dave and Virginia Grohl meet up with Tom Morello, a musician and political activist known for “Rage Against the Machine” and “Audioslave,” and his mother, 97-year-old Mary Morello, who was “raging against the machine” long before Tom was born.

Episode 6: "Geddy Lee and Mary Weinrib"
*Available to stream Thursday, June 10th*

In Toronto, Dave and Virginia Grohl meet Rush frontman Geddy Lee and his mother Mary Weinrib, a strong and inspiring Holocaust survivor. In Los Angeles, Virginia gathers together a number of mothers of famous musicians for a once-in-a-lifetime dinner party reunion, where Dave and his daughter Violet perform.

Disclosure:  We were not compensated for this post. However, we did receive screener from the Paramount+ company and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. We are disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

Experience SHREK In 4K Ultra HD with 20th Anniversary Edition Available May 11, 2021

May 3, 2021



These posting may contain affiliate linking if you make a purchase I will make a fee from this but it does NOT change the pricing. Items may have been gifts to us in exchange for sharing, regardless all opinions are our own.

Hey there friends! Do you have a list of timeless movies? Ones that you can watch repeatedly and each time find something you missed the 1st time? Well, I do and one of those is Shrek! I find it so hard to believe it's been 20 years since Shrek was first released! None of my 3 children were even born when it was released, yet they all grew up with Shrek and all this fairytale creature friends. Shrek truly has something for everyone, it's a family filed that all can enjoy.  Bring home the Shrek in 4k Ultra HD with the 20th Anniversary Edition that will be available May 11th. 

The first-ever Academy Award® winner for Best Animated Feature, SHREK, celebrates its 20th anniversary this spring. SHREK is a hilarious adventure comedy that stars the voice talents of Mike Myers (AUSTIN POWERS franchise), Eddie Murphy (THE NUTTY PROFESSOR), Cameron Diaz (CHARLIE’S ANGELS) and John Lithgow (“THE CROWN”). The incredibly original and unique blockbuster film that launched three sequels, a spin-off, TV series, holiday specials, theme park attraction and more has stayed a fan favorite and a must own for all ages! Universal Pictures Home Entertainment celebrates with SHREK 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION available on 4K Ultra HD for the first time ever on May 11, 2021 as well as Blu-ray™ and DVD. Adventure into over four hours bonus material including a bonus disc that comes with five episodes from “The Adventures of Puss in Boots” television series and ten shorts including Scared ShreklessThe Pig Who Cried WerewolfThe Ghost of Lord Farquaad and more!

You've never met a hero quite like SHREK. The endearing ogre sparked a motion-picture phenomenon and captured the world's imagination with…the Greatest Fairy Tale Never Told! Critics have called SHREK "not just a brilliant animated feature, but a superb film on any level" (Larry King, USA Today). Relive every moment of Shrek's (Mike Myers) daring quest to rescue the feisty Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) with the help of his loveable loud-mouthed Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and win back the deed to his beloved swamp from scheming Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). Enchantingly irreverent and "monstrously clever" (Leah Rozen, People Magazine), SHREK is an ogre-sized adventure you'll want to see again and again!
    • Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Party
    • Far Far Away Idol
    • Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos
    • The Ghost of Lord Farquaad
    • Scared Shrekless
    • Thriller Night
    • The Pig Who Cried Werewolf
    • Shrek the Halls
    • Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular
    • Shrek's Yule Log
    • Episode 1: Hidden
    • Episode 2: Sphinx
    • Episode 3: Brothers
    • Episode 4: Duchess
    • Episode 5: Adventure

  • Shrek's Interactive Journey: I
  • Spotlight on Donkey
  • Secrets of Shrek
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Shrek in The Swamp Karaoke Dance Party
  • Music Videos
  • Commentary with Director Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson and Producer Aron Warner

  • Spotlight On Donkey
  • Secrets of Shrek
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party
  • Music Videos
  • Commentary with Director Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson and Producer Aron Warner

SHREK 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-rayTM and DVD.
  • 4K Ultra HD is the ultimate movie watching experience. 4K Ultra HD features the combination of 4K resolution for four times sharper picture than HD, the color brilliance of High Dynamic Range (HDR) with immersive audio delivering a multidimensional sound experience.
  • Blu-rayTM unleashes the power of your HDTV and is the best way to watch movies at home, featuring 6X the picture resolution of DVD, exclusive extras and theater-quality surround sound.
  • DVD offers the flexibility and convenience of playing movies in more places, both at home and away. 
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE – is a unit of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG). UFEG produces, acquires, markets and distributes filmed entertainment worldwide in various media formats for theatrical, home entertainment, television and other distribution platforms, as well as consumer products, interactive gaming and live entertainment. The global division includes Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Universal Brand Development, Fandango, DreamWorks Animation Film and Television.  UFEG is part of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.  NBCUniversal owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, world-renowned theme parks and a suite of leading Internet-based businesses. NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.