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Ramblings of a true Southern Mamma

Hey ya'll! My names is Jill-My family is located in a small southeastern southern town. We are a family of 5-Myself, Scott (the hubby), Caide (son), Sarah Elizabeth (daughter) and Wade (son). We also have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 parakeets and 20ish chickens.
I left the "work force" in 2001 with the birth of Caide and never looked back. Around that time I became a FREEBIE FREAK-I love samples and coupons. I always had people asking me how to get started with it-I tried to help but most people are not as die hard as myself:)
So this brings me to this blog-I can not be put into a "blogger group".
I blog about all kinds of products: food, kids, family, beauty, toys, electronics, clothing

10 random facts about me:)

1. I'd rather be barefooted but if I must I will wear flip flops.
2. My love for bacon will never allow me to be a vegetarian.
3. I am the youngest of 12 children.
4. I love all things chocolate. 
5. I really like scary movies-I like being scared.
6. I'm not a good speller.
7. I married my high school sweetheart.
8. I'm addicted to Facebook-but who is not these days.
9. I love beauty products-yeah I can be a girlie girl!
10. I'd LOVE to do a product review for your company.

****all photos watermarked on my blog were taken my me**** 

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  1. HI Jill! I lost your email address but wanted to let you know I received my prize of the Bailey's 2 Step Cappuccino Caramel flavor that I won in one of your giveaways! Thank you so much I will be indulging and sharing this with my family and friends!