#Boneless Super Charged Mini Toy Stunt Skateboard with Skater and Ramps

July 31, 2022

#Boneless is a line of electric-powered, mini skateboards with poseable skaters and stunt playsets. Kids can use the figures and the skateboards to do stunts. The skateboards come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in seconds. Kids can twist and bend the #Boneless skaters and pose them in different positions until they find the optimal position for each trick they attempt.

Each figure set includes a skater, skateboard, charging base and collectible deck (3 AA batteries not included). With four play sets to choose from, kids can simulate skateboard tricks and stunts. For more information, see the video below or visit their website: skateboneless.com

These posting may contain affiliate linking. If you make a purchase, I will make a fee from this, but it does NOT change the pricing. Items on our guide may have been gifts to us in exchange for sharing, regardless of all opinions are our own.

  • Skaters twist and bend, like they’re boneless! – 6 skaters each sold separately.
  • Each #Boneless skater comes with a removable, collectible deck and power charger. (Takes 3 “AA” batteries).
  • You control skateboard direction. On the back of the board is a switch. Slide the deck forward to flip the switch.
  • Switch UP to lock it in forward direction
  • Switch DOWN and when the board bumps into walls or obstacles, it reverses direction
  • Quick-charge board in just 15 seconds
#Boneless CrayPlay SuperStreet Skate Park

#Boneless is a line of incredible electric-powered, mini stunt skateboards with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets. This #Boneless CrayplayTM set lets skaters ride, slide, grind, spin and flip their way through the park. Skate around, slam into the fence, and ricochet off. Rip over the All-Way Ramp, or onto the Warp Rider Vert Ramp, and go for a 360 flip! Get ready for some seriously EPIC FAILS, but keep trying ‘til you #StickTheTrick!

Includes: 1 All-Way Ramp, 1 Vert Dome Ramp, 12 Adjustable Fences, 13 Suction Cups, 1 Deco Sticker Sheet, and Instruction Sheet. Boneless Skater, skateboard and charger not included.

Available for purchase at Target

#Boneless CrayPlay Big Air Mega-Ramp

#Boneless is a line of incredible electric-powered, mini stunt skateboards, with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets. This Big Air Mega Ramp Crayplay set is the ultimate vert ramp for #Boneless skaters to catch BIG AIR and hit MONSTER JUMPS. Just pose your skateboarder, charge the board, and skate down the ramp. Get ready for some seriously EPIC FAILS, but keep trying ‘til you #StickTheTrick!

Includes: 1 Drop-In Tower, 1 three-foot-long ramp, 1 Quarter Pipe Ramp (with adjustable ramp heights), 1 Trick Bar, 1 Deco Sticker Sheet, and Instruction Sheet. Boneless skater, skateboard and charger not included.

Available for purchase at Target

#Boneless Super-Charged Mini Toy Stunt Skateboard with Poseable Skater - Booker

#Boneless is a line of incredible electric-powered, mini stunt skateboards with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets. #Boneless super-charged mini-boards do some insane stunts! They come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in just seconds. But what makes #Boneless skaters so unique is that they twist and bend, like they’re actually boneless.

Includes: Boneless skater, skateboard, charging base, collectible deck, and instructions. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Available for purchase at Target

#Boneless Super-Charged Mini Toy Stunt Skateboard with Poseable Skater - Mia

#Boneless is a line of incredible electric-powered, mini stunt skateboards with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets. #Boneless super-charged mini-boards do some insane stunts! They come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in just seconds. But what makes #Boneless skaters so unique is that they twist and bend, like they’re actually boneless.

Includes: Boneless skater, skateboard, charging base, collectible deck, and instructions. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Available for purchase at Target

#Boneless Super-Charged Mini Toy Stunt Skateboard with Poseable Skater - Luca

#Boneless is a line of incredible electric-powered, mini stunt skateboards with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets. #Boneless super-charged mini-boards do some insane stunts! They come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in just seconds. But what makes #Boneless skaters so unique is that they twist and bend, like they’re actually boneless.

Includes: Boneless skater, skateboard, charging base, collectible deck, and instructions. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

#Boneless is a line of incredible electric-powered, mini stunt skateboards with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets. #Boneless super-charged mini-boards do some insane stunts! They come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in just seconds. But what makes #Boneless skaters so unique is that they twist and bend, like they’re actually boneless.

Includes: Boneless skater, skateboard, charging base, collectible deck, and instructions. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Available for purchase at Target


For many tricks, skaters must crouch down. You need to keep their center of gravity low.

Charge on a flat surface (not in your hand).
PUSH DOWN ON THE CENTER OF THE BOARD (between skater’s legs). That’s where the contacts are. Once you hear the board charging, keep pressing 15 seconds. While most charge in 15 seconds, some may require a little longer.
When lifting skater off the charger, HOLD THE BACK WHEELS. (Spinning wheels use up the charge).
MAKE SURE DECK IS PUSHED FORWARD, before placing skater down on a smooth surface. (Deck can slide backwards during charging)
HELP SKATERS GET BACK UP: When skaters fall, just pick them up and put them upright again.


3-foot-long quarter pipe ramp with drop-in platform for maximum drop-in speed
3 adjustable ramp settings – for flips, long jumps or short jumps
You can customize your ramp with graffiti stickers.
See who can jump the furthest, the highest or do the best flip!

Stunt playsets do NOT come with Boneless Skaters. Skaters sold separately.

You can record your own trick videos and have your parents upload them on social media. Make sure to use the hashtag #Boneless and #StickTheTrick, so we the company can share your videos on their #Boneless social media pages! (If possible, overlay hashtags on your video!) With parents’ permission, fans not on social media can email videos to bonelessskateboarders@gmail.com.

Why Should You Have Your House Near a Golf Course?

July 27, 2022

Scottsdale golf course houses for sale are trendy. There are presently 270 golf homes on the market, 46 are under contract, and more than 390 resorts have been sold since the year's commencement, according to some latest statistics.

Thus, it is pretty evident that one might easily find Scottsdale homes for sale near golf course. There are multiple perks to purchasing such a house from one of Scottsdale's best local developers. Living in a golfing community lets one experience picturesque views of expansive greenery daily. Also, having your lawn located within ten minutes of your home can be exquisite. 

Here are some reasons you must think before buying a home near a golf course. 

Less Time Consuming

If you are a devoted golfer, you can stop spending much time traveling to play. Since the golf course would be near your house, it will save the transportation time and cost that other city-dwellers might face as a significant issue. Thus Scottsdale dwellers can focus more on their play.

Premium Facilities Complement Luxurious Lifestyle

These homes frequently come with high-end amenities to suit elite lifestyles and their superb location near modern conveniences (such as transport hubs, airlines, hospitals, shops, schools, business areas, etc.).

One can't go wrong purchasing a home next to a golfing ground if one wants to live up to the highest standards. One of the significant advantages of buying a home near such a lawn is that most of the surroundings will be regularly maintained and groomed. As most golf courses take great pride in the appearance of their grounds, the likelihood of finding well-kept and serene settings is higher. Hence, people distinguish themselves from other homeowners with the level of reputation and cleanliness.

Views of Stunning, Green Areas

Nothing is more satisfactory than investing in a home surrounded by lovely scenery in a quiet neighborhood. People can get it if they purchase a property from a reputed real estate dealer. 

One can find premium Scottsdale homes for sale near a golf course if one contacts a reputed estate agent. These agents can help their clients with multiple scenic options by accurate map searching techniques. 

More and more individuals are becoming aware of the benefits of lush greenery and how they affect their health and quality of life. Homebuyers these days desire to invest additional time in nature to stay disease-free.

Greater Values for Properties

The possibility of increased property value is among the most persuasive arguments for purchasing this house. Studies have shown that the inclusion of a golf field raises the value of a home by 7.6%. Today's research demonstrates that property value decreases with increasing distance from the field.

People might anticipate greater returns on their original investment if they choose such a residence. The reputation of the exclusive neighborhood will affect property values, and if someone plans to sell, they can make more money. 


Compared to other properties, purchasing a home next to a golf course necessitates considering the advantages and deciding if the location is ideal for you and your family. Above are the few advantages of purchasing such an estate. Use this as a benchmark while making your purchase. 

Full Review of Vegan CBD Gummies from JUSTCBD

July 26, 2022

Every day, more and more people are turning to CBD simply to feel more relaxed. It improves not only their mental health but also has excellent physical benefits. Widespread use of CBD sweets has now become a new normal, and since the demand has risen, many brands have also come to the surface to supply the customers with new and updated CBD products.

That said, there are many brands of CBD in the United States. JustCBD is one of them, but without a doubt, it stands alone at the top of the list. JustCBD has not only worked very hard to get its place but has also worked day and night to improve packaging and better the overall quality of all of its products.

It cannot be overlooked that JustCBD has many positive reviews. Customers are said to have reported being excited when they are reached out and asked for an honest review. 

The Brand JustCBD

Just CBD is a brand established in 2017, and since its beginning, the brand has been producing and providing high-quality products with top-notch natural ingredients to aid its consumers. The all-natural ingredients in its gummies ensure all the health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol); buy CBD vegan gummies from JUSTCBD. It is slowly becoming one of the most favored brands of people around the UK, primarily due to the fact that all of its products are vegan and non-GM1O.

Suiting everyone's needs, JustCBD Gummies Jar facilitates each of its customers' needs with 11 different flavours and shapes, making them even more fun to consume. All eleven of these flavours are different from each other. They have the sour worms CBD Gummies, which most customers like from the beginning; it would not be wrong to call them the best-looking gummies in the entire country. Not only are the shapes and flavours impressive selling points, but their purity is also top-notch with about 99.99% of purity: making these entirely pure.

The sour worms have a playful and colourful worm-like shape and flavour. But don't you worry, these aren't worms. They are, in fact, your gateway to feeling absolutely relaxed and trouble-free. They lower your stress levels, no matter what you're going through, and the plus point is they are absolutely vegan!

All the colors are mouth-watering and equally attractive, making it difficult to pick the one you might genuinely want. 

In addition to this, if you're looking for oil-based substitute, Order you CBD Gummies from BoutiqueToYou.com, and you'll have the best experience of your life! And for CBD-based products for your skin, Shop Loxa Beauty CBD Massage Oil (50ml, 500g CBD) which not only nourishes the skin but the CBD content makes it look even better.

Numerous CBD oil brands are always on the lookout. At the point where you experience a loss of solid decision, take into account specific elements that can help in pursuing the best choice. Before requesting CBD oil, consider whether it is legitimate in the area you might be ordering from. A quality item is tried and is from a trustworthy brand; therefore, look for the best Just CBD reviews, most of which are positive.

Always have a conversation with a specialist prior to utilizing CBD items to be exhorted; likewise, dependant upon individual necessities or current medications that you might be utilizing.

How Perfecting Simple Food Makes You A Better Cook

July 21, 2022

There’s one impression shared by all of the great artists, philosophers, musicians and craftsmen in the world - and that is when you keep things simple, you’re close to perfection. This has been described in many adages like ‘less is more,’ or ‘brevity is the soul of wit,’ and as such, anyone hoping to learn an art should always try to master the basics of keeping things limited.

As a home cook, this is especially important. Sure, roasting meats for days at a time, dry aging steaks in the most premium rubs, perfecting the most gorgeous vegan meal or trying complex desserts can all be wonderful. But what about comfort foods, light snacks, and the small treats that you enjoy making for your family and friends? Some might say that these are more endearing than even the best three-star meal at any Michelin-awarded restaurant.

Perfecting better food makes you a better cook, so don’t feel as though starting with the basics somehow robs you of your potential. In this post, we’ll discuss just how that can be, and why it’s important to consider:

Using Recipes For Inspiration

When you can perfect a recipe intended to make things simple, to bring things back to the worth of each ingredient, and to emulate or improve upon classics, then as a home cook your repertoire expands thoroughly. It can also help you move on from that ‘recklessly experimental’ approach that many home cooks go through, and instead focus on simplicity and worth. For instance, this excellent copycat Olive Garden salad can be a fantastic accompaniment to a dinner party; and it does so maximum flavor but limited overbearing pomp and circumstance.

Perfecting Party Food Is Key

If you can perfect party food, you’ll never have to disappoint when providing goods to a local gathering. This might involve finger foods like mini-sandwhiches or cakes, and it can also mean perfecting the basics like Mac and Cheese with a few simple spices to perk things up, foods on miniature sticks, and beautifully, well-placed sandwiches. On top of that, refreshments like watermelon punch and even cheese boards, laid carefully, can add some real worth to the event. If a home cook can do this, they can always please no matter the occasion.

Cooking Singular Ingredients Properly Is Necessary

Sometimes all you really need is a singular ingredient that provides you everything, one that speaks for itself. The freshness and quality of ingredients is almost entirely how great cooking is defined. So, why not take a trip to your local fishmonger this weekend and learn how to properly scale and fillet a fish at home? Frying this up with some spices and a white sauce could give you a gorgeous meal with your partner, while also ensuring you let the true worth of such an ingredient, properly sourced and competitively priced, speak for itself. This also teaches you something essential as a home cook - often, less is more.

With this advice, you’re sure to see how perfecting simple food makes you a better cook.

5 Tips to Protect Your House from Seasonal Damage

July 19, 2022

Collapsed roof - Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Whether the snow outside is frightful or the sun is delightful, there's always a need for protection from seasonal damage. Here are some practical tips to help prevent the worst. 

Get Expert Help

Never try to do something for which you aren't qualified. It will only end in disaster. It can be dangerous and cost you more money. The best thing to do is hire professionals. Each season brings its own problems. Winter brings treacherous freezing, while summer heat can severely damage the outside of your home. And then there are natural disasters such as fire and flooding. Fortunately, you can call experts like 1-800 Water Damage to help prevent such things and expertly restore your home following an unfortunate weather-related incident.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Speaking of the weather, you cannot stop it. However, you can make plans and take action against weather you know is coming. Failing to do so could be disastrous. These days it's easier than ever to keep an eye on the weather. News stations have regular weather reports, especially if adverse weather is incoming. And there are many apps for taking a quick look and setting up alerts. These include Carrot Weather, The Weather Channel, and AccuWeather. And remember, the sun and heat are just as damaging as wind, freezing temperatures, and rain.

Prevent Seasonal Damage with Regular Inspections

Prevention is better than the cure for everything, including your home. But with some regular inspection and maintenance, you can stop a small problem from becoming a major one. For example, suppose you have never checked your roof for damage. In that case, you could be in for a world of hurt when it's either raining, snowing, or a heatwave. Any of these will cause your roof shingles to warp and caulk to fail. And when that happens, well, anything is possible. You will get leaks, mold, dampness, and potential total roofing failure, where it just caves in on you.

It is also worth considering inspecting your windows in order to improve heat retention and quality of life. If you’re looking for professional advice on any of your window concerns, click here.

Always Maintain the Gutters

There are many essential aspects to your home. But one of the most vital is your gutters. The gutters are crucial because they divert water away from your home. So no matter the season, check frozen clogs when it's cold and dried out blockages of debris when it's warmer. It only takes a few minutes to safely inspect your gutters, and doing so will prevent water damage, rotten wood, and pest infestation. Summer is also an important time to check since storms can clog your gutters with debris that dries. So always check before and after a summer downpour.

Don't Neglect Security

Of course, there's good old criminal activity. Some seasons bring more or less crime to residential areas. For example, car theft increases in the summer as criminals make the most of the opportune timing. However, that's not the only thing they look for. Often, gas prices increase in summer also. So you could wake up to an empty vehicle, or your stored gas might be gone. Then, of course, there's home invasion, which increases massively over the Christmas period. So it's worth investing in home security such as smartphone CCTV. You can see it in real-time from anywhere, set up alerts for sound and movement, and even install face tagging software.


You need to protect your house from seasonal damage each year. You can easily do this by hiring experts, inspecting your home yourself, and installing security against criminals.

Desperate To Relax? Read Through These Effective Ideas To Unwind In No Time

July 13, 2022

Whether you’re suffering from a burn out or simply feel overwhelmed and out of control, then it’s easy to see exactly why you would want to take the opportunity to relax and unwind. Chilling out after a long and difficult day at work can help you to forget about all of your troubles and begin again with a fresh start, which is no doubt something that can benefit both your body and mind if you’re stressed out all too often. Thankfully this guide contains some of the most effective ideas that you can make the most of to relax and unwind to the highest degree, and it truly couldn’t be easier to begin your journey to complete calm today. So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on!

Image Source - Pexels 

Distract Yourself With A Good Book 

One of the best ways to relax in today's modern world is by distracting yourself with a good book, as a quick reading session is more than enough to transport you to another world or reality where your problems are totally irrelevant. Settling down into a comfy armchair with a hot mug of tea and a great book to dive into can be such a calming experience, and you’ll likely find that you can lose yourself for hours in a good story that will certainly help to remove you from the troubles that were previously stressing you out. There are so many amazing books for you to choose between, from the most well known classics to more niche genres, and it’s such a cheap and affordable way to unwind. You can get a library card free of charge so that you can borrow books without having to pay, or even explore audiobook torrenting sites that allow you to listen to countless audiobooks without the need for a subscription. You’ll be amazed at the impact that’s good book can have on your mood and day as a whole! 

Get Cooking In The Kitchen 

Cooking has long been known to be one of the most therapeutic activities that you can indulge in, especially if you’re not too keen on leaving the house to complete your relaxation efforts. Taking the opportunity to whip up a fresh home made meal for yourself when you’re feeling a little stressed out can help you in more ways than you might imagine, as you can expect to benefit from the calming nature of cooking a meal from scratch while feeling totally rewarded and proud when you finally sit down to tuck into what you have cooked. It’s so easy to get lost in cooking, especially if you’re making your favorite dish that you don’t even need to use a recipe for, which makes it a great way to relax and unwind. Just make sure that you take the opportunity to stock up on all of the ingredients that you need beforehand, as finding out that you don’t have something important when you’re halfway through your dish will certainly make you even more stressed than you are already! 

Indulge In Some Self Care 

Last but not least, choosing to indulge in self care can be an excellent way to relax and chill out after a particularly tough day. Self care can include anything from a long hot shower to a quick session of meditation, as it depends on you and your unique pretences. Self care should benefit you and you only, so as long as your activity meets this criteria then you’re free to explore a variety of ideas and concepts. Self care can help to bring you back down to earth when you’re feeling disconnected, as you’ll be focusing on yourself and nothing else. Choosing to channel time and energy into yourself in this manner can certainly help your self esteem and frame of mind, so it’s a great step to add to your relaxing routine if you would like to unwind at home. Whether you choose to have a luxurious face mask and a professional massage near me or even get involved with a low energy home workout to chill out like never before, just make sure you add self care to your efforts to achieve maximum satisfaction!

If you’re desperate to relax, then taking the time to follow just one of the many brilliant ideas described above can be of real benefit for you. You can choose to distract yourself with a good book, get cooking in the kitchen or even indulge in some self care, so what are you waiting for?

3 Unique Ways to Include Peppers in your Meals

July 12, 2022

Both home chefs and the professionals are always curious to think about what else can be done with the flavors and textures they love. It might be easier for anyone to stick with what they know but if people only did that, they wouldn’t have found their favorites in the first place. 

Depending on the styles of cooking you might be familiar with, you might think peppers don’t have much of a place in your kitchen but that line of thinking will have you missing out on a world of flavors, textures, and the nutrients our bodies need. For those unsure how to bring peppers into their lives, here’s a few of the most interesting ways. 

Spice up a Glaze

Glazing your favorite meats is a perfect way to make a few staples feel fresh once more. Whether you are making chicken breasts on the grill or having turkey burgers as a quick dinner during the week, getting creative with a glaze can make the same meat feel like a completely different food. 

Taking peppers and making something like a habanero jelly will be a perfect way to wow those who are always at your table. If there’s a concern things will quickly become too hot for those you are feeding, a glaze like this can always be left on the side so everyone eating can throw on only the amount that’s right for them.

Stuffed Peppers

Anyone getting into the world of peppers will quickly learn how absolutely versatile they are. One chef might find that freeing while another might feel a little stressed from all the options. For the stressful types out there, stuffed peppers will be that perfect launch pad you need. 

While it’s not one-to-one, generally think of the things one might put into a soft-shelled taco and build out the rest of your dish from there. Since you are introducing yourself to all the varieties of peppers, best to stick to what you know you like when it comes to the rest of the ingredients. 

The options for a great meal will stretch as far as your creativity, but bell peppers are typically the most common for a dish like this, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start there.

A Perfect Topping

Like with the idea of a glaze, simply having peppers to top off a meal can be a great lesson on how one simple thing can completely change a dish you thought you knew so well. Take pizza for example, when making their own or ordering out, most people go for extra cheese or their favorite meats. Trying a pizza with a few peppers might leave anyone thinking they have a new favorite. 

An idea like that doesn’t have to stop at pizza either. This is also going to be perfect for many other weeknight staples, from pastas to burgers adding peppers is the perfect choice for when you need to breathe new life into something while the thought of trying out an entirely new dish just seemed like too much.

4 Important Questions You Need To Ask Before Moving

July 11, 2022

It can be a scary and stressful time when it comes to relocating your family either down the street or to an entire new country. Despite the reasons why you are moving, getting you from point a to point b as swiftly and smoothly as possible is what leads many homeowners beyond exhausted, irritated and over all the little things to do. Below are a few questions to ask yourself as homeowners as well as your moving company who will be helping you in the process of this really big transition.

  1. When Is The Best Time To Move - This is a question many families answer because of their kids being in school. Ideally the best time to move is when your kids aren’t in school, so in the late spring or summer so they aren’t missing anything education wise. Of course that doesn’t always work that way for some relocating homeowners but you try and make the most of it with what you have. It also is easy to move in the warmer months because other families are doing the same thing so finding a home to rent or purchase is an easier process. 

  1. Where Are The Great Schools/ Neighborhoods - A great way to help assist you in finding the right schools and neighborhoods is looking around in the city that you’re moving to and see a similar life to yours at the moment. Some people move because they find the perfect home but realize that the neighborhood is either older or have smaller kids, which is not ideal for those who have kids who are older. Their lives don’t quite match up and it was hard to get to know people who were not in the same season as they were. When it comes to looking at homes, the neighborhood should have schools nearby that will rate them according to the county. You want to find schools with higher numbers which means that they are ranked as one of the best ones in that county. 

Image: Scorpion Septic 

  1. What are the new things you’ll need to know about your home? With a new home it can be intimidating to figure out all the ins and outs of your home. One thing you’ll want to check is your septic tank to make sure it’s functioning properly. If you’re unsure on what to look for or even when to get started, it might be best to hire a professional. If you live in Georgia, the friendly staff at Scorpion Septic can help with concerns, help answer questions and check to make sure that your tank is working in order. This septic pumping business near Dallas, Georgia is there to help you knowing that any concerned is handled with care, professional input and the ability to keep your home lasting a long time

  1. Budget Friendly: While it’s exciting to move to a new state, location or area, you want to make sure that you are moving and having money to budget for other items other then just your home. Take a look at what you spend a month and know that when you move to a new area, your spending habits should be put on hold due to a new mortigate that might take up the majority of your paycheck. Look for free things for you and your family to do together which allows you to explore your new town and have fun together to create new memories. 

Have you worked with a septic company before if you’ve needed to uproot your family? What are the good and bad that you had to deal with? Have you been overwhelmed with having a new home and unsure what to or how to get started with help? I hope these tips can help you with moving and also help answer some questions you have.

How You Can Prepare Butter Shortbread Cookies

July 5, 2022

Shortbread is a style of cookie that originated in Scotland. The texture is very short as the fat in it restricts gluten formation. A bite onto a shortbread cookie is unmatchable. Different varieties of cookies are available, like shortbread caramel, thumbprint cookies, and stamped cookies. You can easily buy shortbread online. However, preparing it also involves fun and challenges. The best part is you can add flavour and decorate according to your choice. A quick section will teach you how to prepare butter shortbread cookies. 

Shortbread Cookies Making

Shortbread cookies last long and suitable for every occasion. To prepare butter shortbread cookies, you only need three core ingredients. They are sugar, butter, and flour. 

Ingredients needed

People often use cornflour and egg to make the dough soft. There is nothing wrong with it. 

But shortbread cookies can be made with only three core ingredients. Make sure you use high-quality products for better taste. However, you can take nuts, dry fruits, and chocolates for better taste and flavour. 

Butter - Go with the unsalted butter. It allows you to balance the salt level of the cookies. 

Sugar - Granulated sugar is preferable compared to caster sugar. There is no significant difference. Caster sugar dissolves quicker into the butter as they are more refined than the former. You can use any of them. 

Flour - Normal flour creates a perfect base for the cookies to hold their shape. Try to avoid self-raising flour as it provides additional aeration. 

Salt & Vanilla Extract - As mentioned earlier, it’s not the core ingredient, but its addition enhances the taste. Vanilla extract is readily available in the market. And go with the fine salt rather than flaked salt. 

To make it more delicious, you can customize your traditional shortbread

Shortbread manufacturers add dry fruits, extracts, and chocolates to the prepared bread. For crispness, you can add other nuts like walnuts, almonds, and sesame seeds. To get herbaceous essence, you can add lavender, sage, rosemary etc. In spices, you have options like pumpkin spice, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin and many more. Adding dry fruits like raisins, dates, cherries, and apricots can only enhance the delicacy of the bread. Citrus like pineapple, grapes, lemon, lime, and orange are incredible flavours one can add to their shortbread. For chocolate lovers, they add chopped chocolate bars( Snickers Bars & Mars Bars), choco chips, and choco callets to your bread. Moreover, people love to add confectionary sweets such as Jelly Beans, Sprinkles, Smarties, Marshmallows etc. 

Shortbread Cookies Making Vs Buying

Preparing cookies is not a cup of tea for everyone. However, most of the young generations prefer buying them online. It saves their time and effort. Before buying, you can check the ratings and feedback the consumers give. Enough information is available about the cookies, like ingredients used online. Many cookies-making companies allow customers to customize their cookies by adding preferred ingredients. They are mostly gluten-free. So, diabetes patients can also enjoy the delicacy of the bread. Cookies are protected with a solid wrapping that ensures their longevity. If safety and food quality is a concern for you, then you must know most of the shortbread manufacturers are FSMA certified. FSMA stands for Food Safety Modernization Act which strengthens the safety of the food systems. Multiple discounts are going on cookies all the time online. Also above a ceratin order price, you may get free delivery. That means you can get delicious cookies at an affordable price at your doorsteps. What else do you want? 

How Can you buy shortbread online?

You can easily purchase shortbread online. Online shopping sites like Mary Macleod’s have all types of shortbread. 

Final Words

Shortbread cookies are famous across the world. They come in different flavours and variances. You can prepare it at your home. However, if you are a lazy person or don’t know cooking, you can buy them online.