The Link between Hormone Imbalance and Weight Gain

March 30, 2022

Hormone balance may occur when your hormone levels are high or low. People with hormone imbalance may experience fatigue, muscle weakness, unexplained or sudden weight loss, increased hunger and taste, depression, dry skin, and weight gain.

Weight gain—and increase in body weight—is the most obvious and common symptom of hormone imbalance. But why is this so? Why isn’t fatigue or muscle weakness a common sign of this condition?

That is where this article comes in. Below, we'll find out the link between hormone imbalance and weight gain.  

What are Hormones?

You must have heard of the word hormones, but do you know what they are or do? 

Hormones are chemical messengers that transmit messages through your bloodstream to other parts of your body, telling them what to do. In essence, your hormones can be likened to an errand boy.

Functions of hormones

This errand boy, aka hormones, are essential chemicals in your body, hence having several responsibilities. To start with, they are responsible for your metabolism, sexual function, growth, mood, and reproduction. However, unlike a typical errand boy or messenger, your hormone works slowly but efficiently. Hence sometimes, it may be hard to know if you have a hormone imbalance.

As mentioned earlier, weight gain is a common sign of hormonal imbalance. While there is nothing wrong with adding and losing weight from time to time, gaining a significant amount of weight in a short period indicates hormone imbalance.

Types of hormones

Your body is home to many hormones produced in your endocrine glands. Major endocrine glands are the pineal, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, and pancreas. These glands produced the following hormones:

  • Estrogen

  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

  • Insulin

  • Cortisol

  • Growth hormone

  • Adrenaline

  • Thyroid hormone

These hormones significantly impact how you feel, whether mentally or physically. They also play a crucial role in how your body operates and can affect your health in many ways.

Considering the significant role your hormones play in your overall health, you should keep close tabs on your hormone levels. You can decide to go for regular hormone tests or order a hormone test online, whichever is convenient for you. Hormone tests are used to determine hormone imbalances that may be making you sick. One of the primary causes of your body feeling 'off' is the thyroid, this is the most common problem area when it comes to hormones and feeling unwell. If this is really affecting you and making lifestyle changes isn't helping, you may want to consider visiting thyroid care services in KnoxvilleTN (or elsewhere more applicable to you).

Why do hormones cause weight gain?

Hormones are the primary culprits of weight gain, and if you are asking yourself, "why?" you are in the right place.

You see, hormones can affect your body in many ways without you knowing. However, weight gain is an obvious sign that you can notice even without looking in the mirror. Below we have highlighted some reasons why you might be experiencing a hormone imbalance.

1. Menopause

Menopause is associated with women. It signifies the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. Typically women experience menopause between 45 and 55 years old. At this point, the estrogen hormones reduce, causing a woman's menstruation to end. A drop in estrogen levels can also result in weight gain. The extra fat tends to gather in areas like your thighs and hips.

As men grow older, their testosterone levels reduce, leading to an increase in body fat and a drop in muscle mass. Weight gain is a cause for concern due to the conditions it comes with. For instance, weight gain can put you at the risk of

  • High blood pressure

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Sleep apnea

  • Cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Gallbladder disease

  • Metabolic syndrome

  •  Breathing problems

2. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism occurs when your body fails to produce adequate thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are produced in the thyroid gland. Located at the base of your neck, the thyroid hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism. Plus, it makes sure that your organs have adequate power to operate.

If your thyroid gland isn’t producing enough energy or power as it should, you can experience weight gain. In addition to weight gain, other signs of hypothyroidism are:

  • Fatigue

  • Hands numbness and tingling

  • Brain fog

  • Depression

  • Constipation

  • Higher blood cholesterol levels

  • Low libido

  • Frequent and heavy menstruation period

3. Beyond weight gain

Are you gaining weight fast without any clear cause? It's high time you check your hormone levels. Aside from weight gain, some other symptoms of hormonal imbalance to look out for are:

  • Loss of libido

  • Severe acne

  • Issues sleeping

  • Fatigue

  • Mood swings

  • Headaches

  • Irregular periods

  • Foggy memory

  • Depression

Hormone Imbalance: what to do

Hormone imbalance isn't a life-threatening condition; hence it's not a cause for concern. However, that doesn't mean you should ignore the symptoms. If you are experiencing the signs of hormone imbalance, you can consider undergoing hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is ideal for women and men experiencing a drop in their testosterone levels.


Hormone imbalance is a common cause of weight gain; your eating habit is another culprit too. To reduce your chances of gaining unwanted weight, ensure that you regularly conduct hormone tests to understand your hormone levels and know what to do. Also, watch what you eat and your lifestyle habits. 

How To Boost Your Self Esteem

Pexels Image

You might be inclined to make everyone else around you feel good about themselves, especially if you are a parent, but when was the last time you did something for yourself. Looking after your own wellbeing is just as important as taking care of the rest of the family. So if you are in need of ways to boost your self esteem then these suggestions might help you. 

Wear An Outfit That Makes You Feel Fabulous 

Choosing the right outfit can really make a difference to how you perceive yourself. When you wear something that truly makes you feel good, you will automatically feel better about yourself which will put you in a good mindset. So whether it is an outfit that you have worn before or a brand new one, if it helps you feel your best then you should most certainly wear it. 

Get a New Haircut 

A trip to the hair salon can be a great way to boost your self esteem. Having a professional look after your hair and providing you with a more flattering hairstyle will do wonders for making you feel as though you can tackle anything. 

Look After Your Smile 

When you smile, one of the first things that people will notice are your teeth. The best way to keep them in tip top condition is to regularly brush and floss them each day. This will ensure that your oral hygiene is the best it can be to look after the wellbeing of your teeth. Straight teeth are also a lot easier to clean and can improve your oral health so you do want to look after them in the best way you can. 

Pexels Image

Do An Activity That You Enjoy 

You are likely to have a hobby, sport or pastime that you enjoy doing. So make time in your schedule to have a bit of ‘me time’ and pursue an activity that you thoroughly enjoy. Whether it is being creative, going for a run, cooking or reading, you owe it to yourself to spend time pursuing an activity that makes you feel good. 

Surround Yourself With Positive People 

If you are constantly surrounded by people who have a negative mindset, it will start to affect your own self esteem issues. Ideally you want to spend time with people who have an optimistic outlook and are fun to be around. This will help to keep your spirits lifted and remain happy and optimistic about yourself. 

Keep a Journal of Achievements 

Each week you could write down a list of positive things you have achieved. This will help to remind you of what you are capable of doing and act as a gentle reminder that you are a productive and efficient person, which can be beneficial to lift your self esteem.

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DIY Tips For Updating Your Home With Cute Wallpaper

Whenever someone thinks about updating their home, it gets overwhelming. However, things have changed now. You have cute wallpaper designs if you are thinking about updating your home. In fact, you can find any pattern that can help you transform your home’s decor within no time. You can embrace minimalism, drama, or movement by choosing the suitable wallpaper. 

This temporary wallpaper, also referred to as peel-and-stick wallpaper, gives you a chance to experiment with different decor ideas. You can also transform your home and get the luxe look without buying pricey rolls. So, if you are also looking to make a huge statement, this is how you can get started! 

Presenting you DIY Tips to Update Your Home with Cute Wallpapers 

Fill a boring space with classic stripes 

Oh! I don’t want to change the entire wall. Does that thought pop in your mind? If that’s the case, you can just use the wallpaper to fill the space you want. You can use the self-adhesive wallpaper and arrange them in the area where you want to give it an artistic look. It is quite cheap, easy, and fun. Not only that, but it will also look a lot more fashionable. Plus, it will look like you have put an artwork instead of wallpaper. 

Add some color to your space 

Using a stripe peel and stick wallpaper, you can completely transform the look of your home. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can use a DIY backsplash. It can be your beginner project to find out whether it’s a good fit for you. All you have to take care of is applying it smoothly without leaving any bubbles. You can create an “Over the Moon, Century Starburst, Vintage Flora” backlash wall without causing any troubles or mess. 

Transform your stairs within no time 

Using a peel and stick wallpaper, you can completely revamp the stairs, which homeowners often forget about. You can add some colors or designs instead of painting them. You can create some effects using different designs and adorable mess-free solutions. You can say goodbye to all the mess created by painting or endless dust, usually a part of typical remodeling projects. 

Revamp your furniture 

Who said you could transform your home by changing your walls? You can use these cute wallpapers to revamp your house. Imagine you can save so much when a high-end dresser costs around $5000. You can create patterns like stripes, bold stacks, patterned fonts and create a fresh style. In fact, you can change the style if you don’t like it in a flash.

Final Thoughts 

It is quite challenging to keep changing your home’s decor. And painting remodeling is quite messy and chaotic for the homeowners. Using cute wallpapers, you can opt for DIY remodeling. The best part is that you can change it again if you want to without costing much. You can create floral or opt for a warm atmosphere anywhere you like using cute wallpapers. All you need is a few hours, and you will update your home.

Thoughtful Engagement Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

March 24, 2022

An engagement is a special moment in every couple’s life. It is a moment of joy and devotion. And what’s the best way to celebrate the moment with a meaningful engagement gift?

During this time, most guests are often confused about what to give to the bride and groom on their engagement. However, the same is the case with couples too.

So, are you too struggling to find the best engagement gift for your loved ones in Atlanta? Don’t worry - here we will discuss some of the thoughtful engagement gift ideas for the groom and bride which they will remember for the years to come.

Engagement Gift Ideas For Groom

Here is the list of the best engagement gift ideas for the groom which he will remember throughout his life:

Luxury Watches

As a bride, if you are looking for a luxury gift for him, then a watch is the perfect present. Surprisingly, there is a diverse range of Atlanta watches available, you’re sure to find something unique to fit his tastes and interests.

Whether it’s a dress watch for his suit or a sports watch for your adventurous honeymoon, there is always a design that he wishes to own and this is the perfect time to gift it!

Customized Wall Art

How about giving him a customized wall art? No matter if you are his friend or relative, giving him customized wall art can be a better option. Customized wall art can print their surnames or special dates from his relationship.

This is the best engagement gift for him which he will cherish for life.

A Beautiful Collage

When it comes to the meaningful engagement gift for a groom, a photo collage can be the wise option. And it depends on who is giving him.

For example, if you are his cousin, then you can blend some beautiful photos of his childhood in the photo collage.

Engagement Gift Ideas For Bride

So now you have a glimpse of engagement gift ideas for the groom, let’s move on to the best gift ideas for the bride:

A Set Of Jewelry

As a groom, you know your partner well and are aware of her jewelry tastes and preferences. And this is the best time to surprise her with a beautiful set of jewelry.

For example, you can research the latest necklace trends for women which suits them the best and which can help to express their personality. Also, you can find other latest designs in engagement rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Goodies Bucket

As a friend, this is the perfect gift to give on her engagement. In a customized goodies bucket, you can add things that she loves the most, such as chocolate, drinks, cookies, etc. We highly recommend WONDER – 1G HAZELNUT PSILOCYBIN CHOCOLATE BAR to help with increased anxiety that can come from planning a wedding

As her BFF, you know her favs. And this bucket full of goodies can make her smile.

Paper Flower Bouquet

This is one of the best DIY gifts which can make her smile instantly. It is a simple and inexpensive gift where “I Love You” is written all over. This is a personal and handmade gift that can stand out from the rest.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to giving a gift on the engagement in Atlanta, there are endless options to choose from.

With this incredible gift list, you don’t have to be worried about getting him or her an excellent engagement gift.

Pros and Cons Of Apartments That Are Furnished

Thinking of finally moving out or moving on to a new location? Are you looking at san francisco ca apartments for rent but don't know where to start? There are plenty of things to consider when you are looking for your new home such as location, your budget, and amenities. You can also select one option to alienate and that would be having the place furnished! Many properties offer furnished apartments, which is a great way to help first-time renters who are on a strict budget. Buying furniture for an apartment can be extremely expensive so that can help eliminate cost. Below are a few tips to consider to help you decide the amount of furniture you want when it comes to renting an apartment and the pros and cons to having it. 

  1. How Much Furniture Is there? This is the first question you’ll want to look into when it comes to furnished apartments. There actually are differences within units. Some units offer just a few basic things such as abed, kitchen table, sofa and dresser while others offer much more. The more furnished ones can offer various decor, lamps, curtains and more which might seem more enjoyable but can also add to a big fee per month. While you view the apartment, ask the landlord which items are included with the place that you want to move into. You can also ask this question before you even step onto the property too. The sooner you know, the sooner you’ll be able to make a better decision and see if you want to see. 

  1. Pros To Choosing Furnished - Is a furnished unit better than unfurnished? There are a few pros to help you consider this option. The first is that you would not need to have to move any heavy furniture or pack any. This is ideal for renters, especially short-term leases. Moving, in general, is a stressful process because of moving furniture but if you can take that out of the equation, that helps you focus on either finding small decor to personalize it. 

  1. Cons To Choosing Furnished - One of the concerns for people who look at furnished apartments are the costs of damaging the furniture. Spilling wine on your sofa isn’t the best but spilling wine on a sofa in a furnished apartment could result in you not getting a full security deposit back. You’ll have to be very careful of the items and ensure you and guests do your best to have them look their best. It might make you feel apprehensive but you can also see it as a way to keep it clean. Be sure to ask the landlord about the cost of potential damages to the furniture. Similiar, how is the quality of the furniture? The mattress might not be to your comfort level or the couch might not be your personal taste. Ask the landlord if the furniture has been used and how long ago. 

  1. Are There Additional Costs? When it comes to furnished apartments, the landlord has invested in filling the unit with it. The upfront cost does not disappear but as the renter, you will likely pay for it with a higher rent price. You can do some cost-benefit analysis. Compare the monthly rent of the furnished unit with an apartment that is the equal size in the same neighborhood without furniture. This will help you consider how much you would have to pay to purchase any furniture you might still need. If you don’t have much furniture, to begin with, you might want to consider the furnished apartment is probably cheaper and you might consider going that route instead of purchasing it yourself. 

Image: Furnished Apartments Atlanta

Deciding on if you want furnished or not is a personal choice but there is a business that can be there to help answer any of your concerns. If you live in the Atlanta area and looking for a furnished apartment, be sure to call Furnished Apartments Atlanta. The Bricks Perimeter Center in Atlanta  offers comfortable temporary living and each is fully furnished which includes utilities with cable, wifi, and a washer and dryer within your unit. You also have access to a fitness center, pool, and clubhouse. When it comes to furnished apartments,  some a great for some but for others, it might be difficult or pose a bigger conflict then they anticipated. 


Discipleship For Spiritual Wellness: Learn To Choose The Right People

March 23, 2022

Choosing the right person to preach and disciple (apostle) is critical. It is essential the person selected believes in God, his holiness, love, and power. Learning about the supreme power and following his path becomes challenging in the absence of faith.

That’s the reason why questions such as “Who should I disciple?” “Who should I invest my time and efforts in?” and “How will I teach the learnings of Christ?” occupies the minds of ministries. 

Bear in mind that it is not possible to make everyone an apostle. As a matter of fact, Jesus himself chose only 12 apostles and assigned them the mission of preaching and spiritual healing. As Luke 6:12 states, “And when the day came, He called His disciples to Him and chose twelve of them, whom He also named apostles.”

Therefore, you must also carefully select the person for discipleship. Here’s how: 

Observe The Potential Disciples
Search and learn about the people who know about Jesus and trust him. Determine how those people get to learn about Christ and become his faithful. Check whether or not they have the courage to discover more and grow along with it. Their social and emotional availability is also extremely important for the same. All these characteristics will help you shortlist the potential people. 

Nevertheless, know that your knowledge and teaching skills are equally important to create disciples. Luckily, you can participate in a Disciple making program to enhance your knowledge and spiritual formation. It will also help you improve your mindset and create an effective strategy. 

Cast A Vision
Once you are trained and have the list of potential people, sit down with them and cast a vision toward biblical discipleship. Explain to them the path of the spiritual journey, communication, faith, and leadership. Invite them to become a part of this journey and work to create a trustworthy community. 

Note: Make sure you understand what you are inviting people to do. Every person needs to be on the same page to make the right and feasible choices and not merely due to a magical vision. 

Create A Mutual Commitment For Spiritual Development
If the people are interested in creating a vision, the next step is to explain how to accomplish the said vision. You can begin with small steps that help boost spiritual development. For instance, you can ask them to come to bible study on weekends. Make sure it is a commitment and not a request that fits a potential disciple’s schedule. 

Similarly, if they are making efforts to mature spiritually and become better leaders, you must also reciprocate the efforts. The commitment to spiritual development needs to be mutual. Just as Luke 14:25-35 states, Jesus encourages the believers to calculate and understand the cost before committing.

A Word From Verywell- Observe, Preach, And Believe

As Second Timothy 2:2 describes it, “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to trustworthy people, who will also be able to teach others.” Your ministry must learn and then work to create a community that helps others be spiritually well and connect with God.

What Happens If a Dog Eats Garlic?

March 21, 2022

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. The second you sign the papers for a new dog, you are then responsible for their health and safety. That’s why it’s very important for pet owners to keep their dogs away from any ingredients that might be potentially harmful to dogs.

And one of these ingredients is good old garlic. Garlic is a staple in most people’s kitchens, and while we use it in many of our dishes, it may not be the best option for dogs.

There is evidence that suggests that garlic is toxic to dogs. On top of that, many experts recommend to pet owners to keep garlic as far away from their pet as possible. That way, you eliminate the risk of your dog having a negative reaction to the herb.

So, what happens when a dog eats garlic? Read on to learn about why garlic is toxic for dogs, what happens when dogs eat garlic and some more information you need to know to keep your pet safe.

Is Garlic Toxic for Dogs?

Yes, garlic is toxic to dogs. In fact, the entire allium family is considered toxic for dogs. So, this includes onions, chives, shallots, and other herbs that are similar.

On top of that, it isn’t just the garlic bulbs that are bad for your pet either. The entire garlic plant is toxic to your pet and can cause a wide range of symptoms and reactions. So, if you have garlic, onions, and other plants of the like in your home, try to keep them as far away from your dog as possible.

Why Is Garlic Toxic to Dogs?

The main reason garlic and other members of the allium family are toxic for dogs is a compound known as thiosulfate. Thiosulfates are a toxin for dogs that are generally safe for humans.

These toxins attack the dog's red blood cells. And if your dog eats too much, it can lead to a load of different problems. Additionally, some dogs are more sensitive to thiosulfates than others, which is why most vets recommend keeping your pet as far away from garlic as possible.

What Happens When a Dog Eats Garlic?

The reason garlic for dogs is a bad idea is that the thiosulfates attack and damage the red blood cells. These cells are responsible for bringing oxygen to the body and play a crucial role in the way your dog’s body operates. And since garlic damages these cells, it can lead to a host of problems.

In mild cases of garlic poisoning, dogs will usually have an upset stomach and other gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and more. Additionally, your dog may show signs of lethargy, rapid breathing, and discolored urine.

In more severe cases, garlic poisoning can lead to hemolytic anemia, an elevated heart rate, jaundice, pale mucous membranes, and more. So, if your dog ate garlic and is exhibiting any of these symptoms, this could be a sign of something serious, and vet attention is needed.

How Much Garlic Does a Dog Need to Eat Before Getting Sick?

This can vary from pet to pet. Remember, each dog has a different digestive and bodily system. So, there may be some dogs who have a higher tolerance for the thiosulfates in garlic while others might be more sensitive. Additionally, the size of your pet will play a big role in how much garlic they can eat without feeling adverse effects.

Since there are many variables at play, it’s always best to keep your dog away from garlic. That way, you eliminate the risks altogether and you no longer need to watch your dog’s garlic consumption closely.

However, the general consensus is that 15-30 grams per kilo of your dog’s body weight are too much garlic. This is a whole lot of garlic and most dogs won’t ever end up eating that much.

But again, you never know if your dog will be more sensitive to garlic and thiosulfates. It’s never a good idea to play with risk regarding your pets, so we recommend that owners should never feed their dog's garlic.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Garlic?

If you catch your dog eating garlic, the first thing to do is to stop them from eating more. From there, all you can do is wait. If your dog seems fine after a couple of hours and shows no signs of garlic poisoning at all even after a day or two, then they are fine.

However, if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned above, something serious could be happening. In these cases, we highly recommend bringing your dog to a vet as soon as possible.


You are in charge of your pet. So, you have to make sure that they only eat food that is safe and healthy for them. 

Garlic is known to be toxic for dogs and can cause a wide range of different symptoms, which is why we highly recommend keeping the herb away from your dog as much as possible.