Creating the Ideal Stylish Dress for Your Body Type

April 27, 2021

Fashion and beauty are inextricably linked. A woman truly knows the importance of dressing well. Even when it comes to the fashion industry, styling takes precedence. Trends may come and go quickly, and it's not always easy to figure out how to tailor them to our individual and, of course, stunning body types. Nevertheless, fashion is about looking and feeling good in the clothes we want. This guide shows you how to find the right dress that complements you best.

Take a Cue from Your Body Shape
Your body shape as a woman may fall into one of the following categories: straight, pear, apple, triangle, hourglass, diamond, or oval. Understanding your body type and how to style it will help you find the perfect outfit for every occasion. Some clothes, such as maxi dresses, come with loose styling that flatters all body types. These ladies’ dresses are so versatile in such a way that you can wear them at any time of the day, whether it be shopping or dinner dates.

You can always keep a relaxed yet chic look with these pieces of clothing. From here, things just get better. Maxi dresses can be worn by women of all heights, as long as they have the right body form. When you consider your body shape, factors like size, length, and style come to mind.

Create a Fashion Complement
Are you slim and looking for the perfect summer dress? Why not complement your figure with a piece that accentuates your legs while forming around your hips to reveal your feminine curves. Consider an outfit, such as a simple skater dress, and wear confidently and stylishly in the daytime. When it gets too cold at night or during winter, layer up with calf boots, a cardigan, and thick tights to keep warm and stylish.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all style for dresses as each individual has a unique body shape. Your shape may feature areas you consider your strongest features and parts you intend to conceal. Hence, find the right dress that manipulates these areas to provide a stunning look. For example, a pear-shaped lady (small bust and wide hips) should select outfits that emphasize the waist. An A-line dress with large sleeves will compensate for a narrower upper section.

For an apple-shaped figure (undefined waistline coupled with slender legs), choose clothing that conceals the waist. Sashes and belts will be great accessory options as well. Look no further on what outfit to wear for this body type. A-line dresses are your best bet. What about women who have strawberry shapes (broad shoulders and backs in addition to slim hips and legs)? Select tops with deep necklines and skirts with fluted hemlines (either full or flared). Avoid wearing tops that add to the upper section.

More Tips on Making a Fashion Statement
The summer months are great for pastel colour schemes. Pick dresses with soft nude shades of brown and pink–the favourite hues for an incredible summer wardrobe––to remain light and trendy. Make a strong fashion statement on any special occasion by choosing a retro flapper dress (knee-length, dropped-waist, low-cut back, high scalloped hemline, and boxy cut). Finally, add a touch of glitz to your ensemble.

Spring To Health with Superior Source Vitamins

April 25, 2021

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You Don't Need Huge Crowds To Make A Memorable Wedding

April 21, 2021

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to consider what really matters to you in terms of the ceremony and how you celebrate it. To a lot of people, it’s an opportunity to gather up as many people for the biggest celebration possible, but that might not be your speed. But we are often encouraged to have big weddings to make them feel “special.” That need not be the case, however  Here are a few ways to make sure your wedding feels phenomenal even without the huge crowds.

Image - Pixabay License

Personalize it as best as you can

One of the considerations that you have to deal with when planning a big wedding is ensuring that it fits the overall sensibilities of the crowd. However, with a smaller audience, you can make it a lot more personal without worrying about everyone “missing” the point. This can include your own readings, music choices, personalized vows, and even making sure that every guest has a role to play as part of the ceremony, little or large. It creates an atmosphere of inclusion and makes sure it’s one the guests won’t forget in a hurry.

Enjoy a wedding with a vista

One of the benefits of a smaller wedding is that it opens up so many more locations for you. For instance, you don’t have to be as considerate to the needs of so many people, allowing you to get out to the kind of landscapes you find most inspiring. You can, for instance, feel much closer to nature and creation with a trip to a mountain wedding venue. More venues are able to accommodate you, too, if you don’t have an overly large party.

Get away from it all

Aside from choosing the kind of venue that better suits your needs, you can also take the opportunity to have a wedding and a vacation bundled into the same trip. A destination wedding can see you and your loved ones enjoying a location that you have always wanted to visit or perhaps one that has special meaning to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Of course, additional travel can make things more expensive so you might want to consult those that you definitely want at the wedding about how to help them make the trip.

Include people in events around the wedding

If you’re keeping the whole wedding tight-knit, then you can also make sure that the lead-up to the wedding includes that same tight-knit gang. For instance, rather than planning two big separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, it’s becoming a lot more common for those with intimate friend groups to have a joint celebration that includes everyone. For instance, you can take everyone out for a spa and adventure day, giving both sides of the party time to mingle and build a rapport before the big day itself.

It’s not the crowd that makes the wedding. It’s the occasion and how you choose to celebrate it. Hopefully, the tips above help you find the ways that best suit your needs and wants.

How to Manage COVID Isolation Fatigue

April 13, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever before have worked from home. At the same time, people have been cautious about leaving their homes and interacting with other people. While this has helped to control the spread of the virus, it has had some negative effects on many people. One issue that many are struggling with is isolation fatigue, which comes when someone spends too much time away from others. There are several symptoms that could show you are struggling with isolation fatigue.

Feelings of Loneliness

One of the most common signs that someone is struggling with isolation fatigue is that they can feel quite lonely during the day. This is particularly the case for people that live alone. Those that are struggling with isolation fatigue may feel quite isolated and down about not being able to interact with friends and family in the same way they did before. 

Anxiety and Depression

While those struggling with isolation fatigue may feel isolated initially, these feelings can eventually turn into more significant feelings of anxiety and depression. Being away from people that you love and care about is hard and not knowing when you can see them again can be even more challenging. This could result in extended periods of depression or even anxiety attacks.

Lack of Motivation 

Staying motivated during an increased period of isolation is challenging. Without the daily interactions in front of other people, you may find it hard to want to work hard, exercise regularly, or even follow a healthy diet. This can have a lasting impact on your personal relationships, career, and health well after the pandemic is over.

How to Reduce the Effects of Isolation Fatigue

While isolation fatigue is quite common today, there are ways that you can help to beat the effects of it. Following these tips can help you feel less isolated and ensure that you are living the best life possible during the pandemic.

Stay in Contact With Others

While there is nothing quite like seeing someone you care about face to face, you can help to feel less isolated by staying in contact with those that you care about. Some great options for this can include having regular video chats, having phone calls, and even sending emails and text messages. These simple forms of communication can help you feel connected with others.

Have a Routine

When you are going through a period of isolation, and you want to feel good and stay motivated, putting yourself on a routine is very important. You should have a routine that will include all important aspects of your life including a schedule for when you go to sleep and wake up, when you will exercise, and periods of time when you will stay focused on work. Having this will help you stay on track with your goals, will give a sense of accountability, and can help you feel motivated. 

Take a Break

While staying on track and motivated is important, you need to remember that this is a stressful time. Due to this, you should look for ways to relax and unwind when you can. By taking breaks and getting outside in nature, you can get the fresh air that you might need to relax and feel better. 

The pandemic has caused more people to isolate than ever before. After doing this for more than a year, many continue to feel the effects of isolation fatigue. While these symptoms can be significant, there are tips that can be followed that will help you manage your isolation fatigue. 

2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide Roundup So Chic Collection

April 10, 2021

4 COVID Guidelines That Are Challenging Stargirl Actors

April 9, 2021

The COVID pandemic has changed a lot of things for people, including actors for television shows. DC's Stargirl is no exception, and Geoff Johns, the show's executive producer, has implemented several safety measures to protect his cast. Aside from subtle things, like symptom checks, several things could prove challenging for actors. Here are a few of the changes that can make filming more challenging for the cast. 

1. Face Coverings

Everyone is expected to wear face coverings these days, and actors are no exception. Actors are required to wear masks or other face coverings whenever they are not filming. The only time they are allowed to remove their masks is when they are being filmed. While it may not seem like much of a challenge, the cast is probably going to have to carry around several masks a piece so that they can change throughout the day so they aren't wearing the same nasty, sweaty face covering all day. 

2. Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a crucial part of staying safe, although this is impossible when filming a superhero show. Scenes that break social distancing are expected to be done with less talking, and actors are expected to have a negative COVID test beforehand. Since Johns has crafted a great superhero show with lots of action, this could prove challenging for the cast. After all, Stargirl and her sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E. aren't afraid to give the bad guys the boot. One thing that is a saving grace for the show is the cosmic staff which helps Stargirl fight villains from a safe distance. 

3. Limited Staff

Many companies have greatly reduced the number of staff working in the office, and the film industry is no different. To keep actors safe, unnecessary staff have been cut from production, such as hair and makeup artists. This makes it difficult for actors who are supposed to do all of their own hair and makeup unless it involves special effects. Trying to get the same look as they had before could be difficult for the cast, especially if they are not skilled at doing their own hair and makeup. 

4. Limited Capacities

Everyone knows that large crowds are to be avoided. This has resulted in limited capacities, which are carrying over into the entertainment industry. Crowd scenes are expected to be filmed at lower capacities, and extras should maintain social distances as much as possible. Although you wouldn't expect this to affect the actors, it will. Since the number of extras has been severely limited, the camera and audiences will be paying a lot more attention to the main cast, meaning they need to bring their A-game to every performance. 

These and other protocols have been implemented to make television production safe. Stargirl has not escaped these safety measures, and the actors are being affected by some of them, which has made their jobs a little more challenging. While these may make it tougher for the actors, the show continues to the delight of fans.