Getting Your Home In Order In January

December 31, 2018

January is often a time of year that we spend a lot of time in our homes. Money is a little tighter thanks to the festive season, the weather is cold and grim, and so we choose to hibernate inside and wait for the changes in spring. However, if your home is not a positive environment to be in, then you may find that this can effect your mental health more than you realise. So here are some of the ways that you can get your home in order this month.

Start decluttering

One of the first things you could consider doing would be to start decluttering your home of all the things that you no longer love, want or need in your life. We can all be a little guilty of hoarding things, or letting things build up over time. So January is the ideal time to start off the year on the right foot. Maybe you could do five minutes a day, or focus on decluttering room by room. Selling stuff online could be a great way to boost your income.

Recycle and get rid of the waste

Your home can often build up waste and rubbish without you even realizing it, which can leave you asking how you can get rid of it all in an affordable and convenient way. From your general day to day waste, food waste and rubbish, to decluttering items and needing to dispose of them correctly like old furniture or excess materials after home improvements. Making it your mission to clear it once and for all could make things easier and cleaner in your home, you can Click here to contact relevant rubbish removal companies who are specialists in ensuring that the right recycling methods are used.

Give your home a deep clean

There is no greater time to be motivated to clean your home than after the festive season is over. So use this new found motivation and give your home a deep clean. Move the furniture, clean the windows, do the jobs you don’t do often. You will start to see the improvement in your home straight away and it can help you to feel more at ease in your surroundings.

Think about storage and order

Decluttering and tidying means that you now may need to think about storage options to ensure that you find homes for the things you want to keep. After Christmas, you will notice that you have an influx of new things, even if you have been decluttering. Pinterest has some great ideas for storage options that you can create very easily in your home.

Could your home be updated?

Finally, it may be time to start thinking about painting and decorating your home. Giving a room a fresh coat of paint can actually help it to appear cleaner and updated, with very minimal effort. You could also use this opportunity to redecorate and change a colour scheme or even move furniture around to see how it can look different and take greater advantage of the space you have.

Let’s hope this has given you some ideas on how you can get your home in order in January.

Teaching Your Adult Children About Money

December 28, 2018

Teaching Your Adult Children About Money

After footing the bill for decades of diapers, babysitters, back-to-school supplies, summer camps and extracurricular activities, most parents look forward to the time when their children become adults and take control of their finances. However, many parents are learning that while their grown-up kids are living like adults, they are still acting like children when it comes to managing their money.

Although experiences vary widely, many young adults look to their parents for some type of financial support. Some ask for help paying off student loans and credit card debt. Others seek support to meet monthly rent, car payments, save for house, health care costs or other living expenses. Many move back home to better balance their budgets while starting their careers or recovering from major setbacks like job loss and divorce.

In fact, the number of U.S. households with children over the age of 18 who still live at home has grown dramatically. A study by The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University found that one in seven men and one in 12 women between the ages of 25 and 34 live with their parents. 

Given these facts, it’s not surprising that a recent study of pre-retirees and retirees discovered that the most-desired financial advice was help educating children about money. Research found that 52 percent of respondents said the most important advice they could get from a financial advisor – if costs were not a concern – was “help to make my children more financially savvy.” In households with financially dependent children, 61 percent rated it as their top financial advice need. 

Further, researchers learned that baby boomers expressed great concern about their children’s financial capabilities and planning. During the study, these concerns often outstripped worries about their own retirement preparation including receiving help with issues related to Social Security, pensions and health care benefits. Parents revealed that they feel daunted by the economic complexities and lack of job security that their children now face. Moreover, many indicated that their children would respond better to an outside, professional opinion.

What are some of the financial complexities facing today’s young adults? Many college graduates are burdened with high college loan payments and credit card debt. A recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that 65 percent of bachelor’s degree recipients borrowed to finance their undergraduate education; the average amount borrowed was $19,300 and the average monthly loan payment was $210. A Nellie Mae study found that 76 percent of undergraduates have credit cards and the average outstanding balance was $2,169. Other key issues include difficulty in finding well-paying jobs and establishing careers, rising housing costs and indulgent parents and grandparents.

Whether your adult children are sharing the family home with you or asking you to co-sign the loan on their next car, consider these tips for helping preserve your financial security.

Before you agree to provide financial help, consider the nature of your child’s request and your own situation. Find out why your child needs money and whether or not he or she may seek your help again. Then consider your own finances and assess whether you’ll be putting your current budget or future retirement savings in jeopardy by supporting your child. There are no scholarships, loans or financial aid programs for retirement; you may need to put your children second this time. Your children have decades to build their financial security, while you may be just a few years away from your retirement date.

Even if you have the resources to help your child financially, you may want to consider the long-term consequences before agreeing to help. Well-intentioned gifts may be too much of a good thing and could encourage lifetime financial dependency. What you gain in today’s good will may lead to future resentments that hurt your adult parent-child relationship.

Establish boundaries and create a plan. Whether your child is moving home after college or needs help paying down credit card debt, you can avoid problems later by making sure that both parties know what is expected. Once you’ve agreed on a plan, consider drafting a specific, written agreement. If your adult child is returning home to live, be sure to communicate your ground rules such as, paying rent and living costs and sharing household responsibilities.

Set a time limit. Before giving your child a loan or allowing him or her to move back into the house, work together to decide exactly how long the situation will last. For example, establish a payoff date for the loan and decide on a move-out date from your family home. If you are giving him or her a set amount of money per month, elect a date by which he or she will be financially independent again.

Encourage savings habits. Want to motivate your adult child to start saving for retirement, continuing education or a down payment for a car or house? You can reward financially responsible behavior by giving your child a match on any money that they set aside in a long-term savings account, or buying them a new pair of cufflinks for an upcoming job interview.

Be a role model. Demonstrate positive money management skills by financially preparing for your own retirement and building the foundation for a secure future. Consider working with a qualified financial advisor who can help you stay on track financially while you provide the emotional and financial support that your child needs.

A financial planner can help reinforce healthy financial habits with your adult child like budgeting, planning and managing investments and debt. The Atlanta based Wealth Management Firm of Benedetti, Gucer & Associates can be a valuable asset in this regard. Their fee-based, fiduciary advisors have decades of experience preparing and implementing financial plans for their clients. Professional advice may be the boost you need to assist your child through a tough time while encouraging positive money management and financial independence.

The views expressed represent the opinions of Benedetti, Gucer & Associates and are subject to change. These views are not intended as a forecast, a guarantee of future results, investment recommendation, or an offer to buy or sell any securities. The information provided is of a general nature and should not be construed as investment advice or to provide any investment, tax, financial or legal advice or service to any person.

Additional information, including management fees and expenses, is provided on Benedetti, Gucer & Associates’ Form ADV Part 2, which is available upon request.
The use of the term “RIA” does not imply a certain level of skill

Choosing the Perfect Place to Hold Your Wedding

December 27, 2018

Planning a wedding is hectic. There are all sorts of different things that you really need to bear in mind throughout the process. But one of the biggest tasks to check off your list is booking a wedding venue. You should do this first and foremost, as it will allow you to get the ball rolling with the rest of your wedding - you can announce a date, send out a guestlist, and start preparing flower arrangements and catering according to how the venue is laid out. Here are a few areas to focus on in order to choose the perfect place for your wedding!

Before you start looking for venues, it’s best to double check that any venue you are remotely interested in has availability on your set wedding date. You don’t want to go through a process of elimination and set your heart on a given venue, only to realise that it’s fully booked for the foreseeable future when you make an enquiry. Remember that some high-demand venues are booked up for years and you will really have to get in at the right time to secure the date.

You should also make sure to actually visit and view any venues that you are interested in. Of course, the internet is great for getting an initial idea of what different venues look like and offer. But being there will ensure that you definitely like the feel of the space. Remember that photographs can be very misleading - they may portray a venue in an overly complimentary light or a poor light in comparison to what it actually offers. So, book in and take a look around!

Close to Home or Overseas?
One of the first major decisions that you need to make about where to host your wedding is whether you want to hold your wedding close to home or overseas. The country that you hold your wedding in will have a profound impact on the day in general - it can determine the weather (including temperature and atmosphere), it can determine the types of food that are easily available, it can determine what flowers are easily available… the list goes on and on. If you want somewhere hot with stunning scenery and close proximity to the sea, consider a beautiful overseas location like Hawaii - you can learn more about this at If you want a winter wedding with snowy scenes, you could head somewhere like Iceland or Austria might cater to your preferences a little better. The location of your wedding, perhaps most importantly, impacts who will be able to attend. If your friends and family are all local and you hold your wedding locally, chances are that the majority will be able to attend. If you hold your wedding in an exotic and luxurious overseas location, chances are that there will be people who can’t afford the expense, who can’t get time off work, or can’t find someone to look after kids and pets. Weddings close to home tend to be preferable for those of us who want a huge event with an expansive guestlist. Weddings further afield are better for those of us who only want our nearest and dearest present.

Venue Price
Once you’ve determined whether to stay close to home or whether to venture further afield, you can start seriously browsing venues in your chosen location. The next determining factor that will help to whittle down your options is price. Make sure to lay out a budget before planning any aspect of your wedding and determine how much of your overall budget you can dedicate towards a venue. Once you know how much you are able to spend, you can eliminate a host of excessively cheap or excessively expensive venues from your list. Make sure to stick to your budget. While it may be tempting to overspend for the venue of your dreams, you may face problems paying off your dues later down the line. You don’t want unnecessary pressure placed on your finances and your relationship due to overspending on your big day.

Venue Size
Now you’ve got a selection of venues that fall into your chosen location and price bracket, you may want to give a little thought to size. Now is the time to draw up a guest list of everyone who you want to be at your wedding. You need to make sure that your chosen venue accommodates a similar number of guests comfortably. You don’t want to find that you have to uninvite people or have people absent because you’ve chosen a venue that is too small - you will miss them and they may take it personally. On the other hand, you don’t want to find that you have a sprawling venue with just a few guests - this will make things feel empty and can create a distant and uncomfortable atmosphere.

Venue Features

By this point, you will have a few venues that are likely to meet your needs and now the decision between them will fall down to little individual preferences that can put one venue ahead of another. Determine which venue is best for you by comparing different features. Some venues have rooms attached that mean guests travelling from afar can have somewhere to stay. Some venues have in-house catering departments, which can alleviate pressure on finding caterers from outside. Some venues have more natural lighting. Some have prettier aisles. Whatever it is that you want, you can come to a conclusion of which venue offers the closest match when it comes to desirable features.

These are just some basic steps that you can take towards finding the perfect venue for your big day. Of course, it’s going to take some planning, time, and effort. But everything will be worth it by the time the big event rolls around!

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Improving Your Curb Appeal by giving New Life to your Pavers

Improving Your Curb Appeal by giving New Life to your Pavers

Eventually, all type of exterior tile or natural stone will suffer weathering from continual exposure to the elements no matter where you live or any precautions you take. For that matter, you may be looking for ways to improve the look of your outside space when it comes to your pavers. Some people prefer this weathering, and others prefer the clean look of freshly installed stone, it’s just a matter of preference. However, all paving stones can be restored to their original state with knowledge and know how. We have put together some tips to improve your homes curb appeal by giving new life to your pavers. Improving your homes curb appeal means you’ll be in a position to get a better sales price or to have a quicker sale turnaround if you are in the market to sell your home. If you are not interested in selling, good curb appeal will be an enjoyable addition for your family and your guests. It’s a great way to make your outdoor space more enjoyable and to give the same space a new look. The great thing about pavers is they are relatively low maintenance.

Image: Georgia Pavers Restoration

A solution of a common household product is a great way to start. White vinegar is a nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaner that will not harm you, your children or your pets. You can clean paver stone with a solution of equal parts of common white vinegar and water. Vinegar is a mild organic acid that will eat away most common mineral deposits and weathering from the face of tiles and stones. The solution needs to be applied to the surface and then allowed to sit for several minutes, after which you need to scrub the surface with a scrub brush and then rinse it with clean water. Vinger is also a natural weed killer if you are having issues with weeds around your pavers.

Power Washer
If cleaning your pavers with vinegar hasn't worked, but they're in good standing with no damage, you can always try some tough love. Blast the surface with a pressure washer to remove the buildup of dust, dirt, grass, leaves, and debris, as well as spills that may have occurred. This is a good option if you have access to a pressure washer, as you don’t need to use any chemicals. Normal water can be used with a direct jet of water from the nozzle end of the pressure water. You can make multiple passes if necessary, but the pressure washer will peel back any buildup to reveal the natural stone beneath. It can also be used in combination with the vinegar and water solution above in place of hand scrubbing. After power washing, you will also need to replace any missing sand between pavers.

Tough Stuff
If the above tips didn’t help you may need to try something with more power. You can purchase a stone cleaner to use if pressure washing and vinegar/water does not show the desired results. While chemical solutions are readily available in any home improvement store, you should use caution. They should be ONLY be used for the most stubborn of weathering buildup. If not used properly they can cause damage to your surrounding grass or natural environment. You will need to follow the manufacturer directions for mixing, direct application, washing, rinsing, and disposal.

Muriatic Acidmay maybe another solution if you happen to have a particularly difficult buildup of minerals and weathering on the surface of the stone, you can purchase at a home improvement or hardware store. While it will not harm natural stones, be aware that you cannot use muriatic acid if your paving stones are man-made or cement-based. Muriatic acid eats through anything that contains cement and is ideal for calcium and salt buildups. If you have any question if you will be able to perform ANY of the above steps it's highly recommended that to proceed to the next step without question.

When in Doubt Higher a Professional
If you have damage to your existing pavers or just don’t have the material or time to do it yourself your best bet is to higher a professional. Georgia Paver Restoration could be the perfect solution for you. They offered a verity of services like paver sealing, paver cleaning, paver repair, and installation services. They are passionate about their customer's service and stand behind the quaily of their work. With years of experience on all types of pavers and natural stone, Georgia Paver Restoration is your expert in hardscape cleaning, sealing, and repair. They offer a full-service hardscape restoration solution for your patio, walkway, driveway and pool deck in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Suggestions for a better nights sleep

December 26, 2018

Suggestions for a better nights sleep

I think we can all agree that a better nights sleep is something we all could use more of. I can’t begin to tell you the countless number of hours I have sent daydreaming about sleep only to not find it once I make my way to bed at night. Sleep plays an important roll in improving memory and learning, increase attention and creativity, and aid in making decisions...pretty much in our ability to be a productive functioning person in general. Sleep also plays a great roll in our physical health in combating disease and repairing the body.

Turn Down the Thermostat
I don’t about you guys but I LOVE sleeping in a cooler room. Warmer temperatures warm your body, making you more prone to restless and sweaty sleep. Instead, The National Sleep Foundation says 65 degrees is the magic number for slumber. By keeping your bedroom cooler, you're reinforcing your body's natural instinct to sleep. Yes, even during the coldest months of winter.

Put Away Your Phone
The light emitting from your smartphone is on the blue spectrum messes with your circadian rhythm and tells the brain to stop producing melatonin, or the natural sleep hormone we all produce. I suggest charging your phone in another room, this will help with the obsessive-compulsive need to continue refreshing, checking, responding, reading, scrolling, posting, clicking, or playing when we should be resting. Keeping a television, smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer in your bedroom makes it harder for you to sleep soundly. If you use any of these devices as an alarm clock might I suggest using a regular alarm clock? You can also get your phone or device to night mode to avoid alerts and lower the brightness too.

Consistent Sleep Schedule
Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day sets the body’s "internal clock" to expect sleep at a certain time night after night. If you are a parent you know this matter to be a fact. For years we have been doing this with our kids and also trying to reset their internal clocks to sleep in on the weekends. Tracking your schedule maybe be a good idea also to find what triggers your sleeplessness. Pick a bedtime and a wake-up time and stick to them as much as possible. You should also avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol in the evenings since those stimulants a can take hours to leave your system.

Buy the Right Mattress
You can make all the changes in the world, but they mean nothing if your mattress is actually the root of your sleep problem.

You should replace your mattress every few years. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on comfort and support. Especially if you’re using a traditional spring coil mattress. They lose shape and sag over time. A saggy mattress throws your spine out of alignment and distributes your weight unevenly, making restful sleep practically impossible.

A memory foam mattress eliminates those problems, the mattress contours to the unique curves of your body, instead of the other way around. They can provide relief from painful pressure points and because of the contouring effect of a memory foam mattress, back pain is lessened due to a more natural resting position of the spine.

It’s also a good idea to replace your pillows every 6 months for an inexpensive polyester pillow and 18 to 36 months for a memory foam pillow or anyone with structural integrity.

We hope you find these simple suggestions beneficial to improve your nighttime routine for a better more restful nights sleep.

3 Interesting Destinations You Should Put On Your List

December 23, 2018

If you are something of a keen traveller, the chances are good that you have something of a list which you keep constantly updated as you go through life, marking up which countries you would like to visit and which you have already visited. Such a list can be a great way to ensure that you are aware of what kinds of places you would like to go, and you might find that they can help you to keep your spirits alive as well. It can also mean that you remain excited about all of the things that you might be able to do in life. But you will need to have a good sense of what kind of destinations you should have on that list in order to be sure that you are truly comfortable with it. In this post, we are going to take a look at just a few of the more interesting destinations which you should consider having on your list, which you might not yet have thought of. Hopefully this will help you to widen out your potential future considerations, and so help you be more of a well-versed traveller.

When people travel around Asia, there are a few key common places they tend to go. As it happens, Indonesia is not often one of them, and it is somewhere that you might want to consider if you are keen on seeing a side of Asian life which you might not otherwise normally see. The truth is that Indonesia is a great place to visit, and the kind of destination that you can always consider if you want to see somewhere a little different to what you are used to. You can expect a great variety of experiences and sights in this beautiful country, and it might well draw you in in a way which you had not imagined it would.

Many people who do visit Indonesia say that they are struck primarily by its congruence of modern and ancient. You can expect to see modern bustling cities alongside some of the world’s most beautiful old structure and religious buildings, and it is this mixture which often leaves people dazed by the whole experience. It is also a pretty easy place to travel around, being relatively tourist-friendly for Asia, and it is one of the safer Asian destinations as well, which is always a big concern when travelling, whether alone or with others. If you really love it, you might even find yourself seeking out an apartemen so you can stay for as long as you like - or you might just want to keep it high on your list of places to revisit. In either case, it is a fascinating and beautiful country which you should absolutely consider visiting at some point in your life.

Although a very popular tourist destination, especially for those in nearby European countries, the truth is that Turkey also remains one of the most unique and fascinating places in the world. For that reason, it is well worth thinking about, and you should be careful not to think of it as just another standard holiday destination, just because of its apparent popularity. The truth is that there is much about Turkey which is bound to delight you and amaze you, and the more you appreciate about why, the more you will understand what you might expect from such a destination.

All we need to do is look at the largest city of Turkey, Istanbul, to appreciate why it might be quite so fascinating as a place to visit. Istanbul is hugely fascinating in itself, and their main reasons for that is that it is a strange kind of meeting place of East and West. if you look at where it resides on the map, that is easy to appreciate, but when you see it in person it is quite a strange phenomenon, and many visitors have said what an unusual kind of experience it really is. You have the most modern and excessive splendours which you associate with Western life on the one hand, and jostled in with it on the other you also have some of the most beautiful ancient Eastern traditional buildings too. This congruence of the two is what makes it quite such a fascinating place to visit, and it is absolutely well worth seeing just for that.

On top of all that, it also happens to be friendly and easy to travel as a tourist, which is always good to know. It should absolutely be one of the major places that you think about visiting at some point in your life.

When it comes to cultural singularity, there are few destinations in the world quite so unique as Japan. Japanese life is still something completely unto itself, even with the amount of tourism and immigration it receives, and it is impressive just how true to its own traditions it remains, while yet managing to keep up with the rest of the world in cultural, economic and many other measures as well. If you are thinking about visiting Japan, however, there are a few things you might want to expect so that you know what you are likely getting into.

First of all, the capital of Tokyo is known for being incredibly densely populated, and you might find it more than a little stressful, especially if you are not used to city crowds as it is. You need to make sure that you are prepared for that, as if you are not it could easily result in you having a much worse time than you might have thought possible on holiday. You will also want to make sure that you are ready for the language barrier, as - despite English being fairly well spoken - you will find few people want to speak it with you while you are in their country. However, as long as you are fully prepared, you should find that Japan is the kind of destination you can really enjoy.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Sephora

December 21, 2018

Hey there Friends! Still, need to pick up a few items for the beauty guru on your holiday shopping list? Sephora has you covered! They offer the top of the line beauty products for both men and women. Sephora offers limited edition holiday gift sets that are perfect for any price range and pocketbook. Remember that these holiday sets are limited and they won't be around for long, so get them while they are still around. And why not pick up one for you and a friend!

1) Sephora Gift Card
That's fine, Sephora also offers gift cards and e-gift cards. So there is always time to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list. These are offered both online and in-store and are great for last-minute shoppers and make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Gift Card prices range from $10 - $250.
2) TARTE Pineapple Of My Eye Collector's Set
A limited-edition gift set stuffed with tarte treats that are almost too sweet, including bestselling eyeshadow, liner, mascara, cheek, and lip formulas in all new shades.

This fun collection has everything you need for a full face look in one place. You’ll find bestselling eyeshadow, liner, mascara, cheek, and lip formulas in all-new shades. It even includes an Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow palette with 24 exclusive, new shades in a mix of matte and metallic finishes.
3) IT COSMETICS IT's Time To Celebrate You!
A limited-edition gift set from featuring four anti-aging skincare and makeup favorites to help you create a beautiful holiday eye look.

Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

4) HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette
A multitasking, vegan palette featuring six all-new, exclusive shades of Ambient Lighting Powder, Bronzer, Blush, and Metallic Strobe Lighting Powder.

All six powders in this set are formulated with pure Photoluminescent Technology to capture, diffuse, and soften surrounding light for skin that appears softer, younger, and lit from within.

5) SEPHORA COLLECTION The Enchanting Glow
A palette featuring blush, bronzer, and two highlighters for a fairytale complexion.

Discover the perfect palette to enhance your complexion. Featuring a delicately pigmented blush, a healthy glow bronzer, and two subtly pearlescent highlighters, this essential tool lets your beauty shine through in all circumstances. This palette is your best ally for looking radiant on every occasion.

6) LAURA MERCIER Magic Hour Face Highlighting Palette
A limited-edition collection of long-wearing, buildable, and versatile highlighting powders that provide a natural-looking, radiant glow.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powders highlight the skin with pure light-reflecting pigments for a color-true, multidimensional, and luminous finish that complements all skin tones. Its non-dusting texture allows for excellent color payoff and applies smoothly and evenly onto skin without dragging. The unique formula brings natural-looking radiance to the complexion for an instant glow that lasts up to eight hours.

These are our top last minute gift ideas from Sephora! Wishing you the most glow this holiday season from our home to yours! As always keep it Southern Y'all!

Have Yourself a Merry Chocolate Pizza

December 20, 2018

Hello friends, I can't think of any better gift during the holidays than pizza? Well unless it Chocolate Pizza from the Chocolate Pizza Company! Our family was thrilled to have the chance to work with this awesome company in time for the holidays. We think any of the products offered by this company would make a perfect gift for a foodie on your holiday shopping list and make a one of a kind product to take to a new years party!

Snowflake Chocolate Pizza is a holiday gift idea that delivers cheer in every bite. We blend our homemade English toffee with rich milk or dark chocolate and then top it with red and green milk chocolate candies and sprinkle generously with sugar snowflakes. Snowflake Chocolate Pizza is a best-seller year-in and year-out because it captures the flavor of the season. Sealed in cellophane and served in a custom pizza box the Snowflake Chocolate Pizza comes gift-ready.

Featured on Food Network and delivering a one-of-a-kind taste sensation, Peanut Butter Wings® are everyone’s favorite! We take crisp, rippled potato chips, cover them in creamy peanut butter and dip in rich milk chocolate for an insanely good treat. These are consistently a top-seller and for good reason – they are delicious! 8 oz. Sealed in cellophane for up to 6 months of freshness.

Drumstick is one of Chocolate Pizza Company’s all-time delicious innovations. Our chocolatiers came up with the idea one afternoon years ago and it has blossomed into a customer favorite. It starts with a 4-inch salted pretzel rod dipped in creamy caramel and then rolled in pecans, cashews and walnuts. Then the Drumstick travels through a curtain of gourmet milk or dark chocolate followed by another drizzle of chocolate and then finally, for some, a splash of sea salt. OMG! These are simply amazing. The Drumstick has also earned a spot at holiday tables as it makes the perfect favor for every place-setting. Your guests may skip dinner and go right to dessert!

Mini Chocolate Pizza takes all the flavor and appeal of our full-size Chocolate Pizza and shrinks it down to a 1-ounce bite. Each mini Chocolate Pizza starts with gourmet milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee and topped with pecans, almonds, walnuts, and white chocolate drizzle. Or, enjoy it plain with just the white chocolate drizzle. Mini Chocolate Pizzas make the perfect favors for any special occasion or just a nice sweet snack with that good book or movie.

Make sure to follow the Chocolate Pizza Company on all their social media including FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Wishing you the sweetest of the holiday season from our home to yours, and as always keep it Southern Y'all.

Best Buy Deals on VIZIO P Series 55 Inch 4K HDR Smart TV

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

Hi friends! I just wanted to tell you about some great deals currently happening at Best Buy on select VIZIO Smart TVs. Every pixel is a masterpiece of color, clarity, and contrast with the 2018 VIZIO P-Series® 4K HDR Smart TV. Expansive colors, superior HDR performance, and pristine 4K detail make each frame a jaw-dropping experience. VIZIO’s Ultra Color Spectrum® technology paints each scene with over one billion colors. Dolby Vision HDR with UltraBright 1000 brings extraordinary contrast, depth, and brightness to the screen. And a high-performance Active Full Array Pro™ backlight with up to 120 local dimming zones produces picture-perfect blacks. 
The all-new VIZIO SmartCast™ offers unprecedented control and streaming options. Browse favorites like Netlifx and YouTube right on the TV. With Chromecast built-in, you can stream thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps from your phone to the TV. Support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant makes the P-Series a perfect smart-home centerpiece. Offering a gorgeous edge-to-edge screen design, VIZIO’s P-Series 4K HDR Smart TVs will thrill the most-demanding videophiles.

For more information about VIZIO products offered at Best Buy or current offers on VIZIO products click either of these links above. Offers valid from 12/18-12/24 on the VIZIO - 55" Class - LED - P-Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR $699.99 after $100 savings (MRSP $799.99) and VIZIO - 65" Class - LED - P-Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR $999.99 after $200 savings (MRSP $1,999.99). Sending you the warmest of holiday wishes from our family to yours, and as always keep it Southern Y'all!

What is Multifamily Financing, What You Need to Know

If you are looking to purchase a multifamily home, it is essential to understand that the real estate and mortgage industry look at single-family homes differently than multifamily investment properties. Since multifamily dwellings are not traditional single-family homes, it can be a little tricky finding the right financing for your purchase. Here we will discuss what you need to know before financing a multifamily property.

Property Types
There are various real estate property types that a purchaser will seek financing for; these types include:
  • Land – raw land that can be developed and built upon
  • Single-Family Residence (SFR) – property that is made for a single family to reside in
  • Multifamily Residences – features that are created with at least two or more units contained within the structure
  • Commercial – property that is built for business use includes multifamily residences that exceed 4 units
  • Timeshare- a property that’s a shared ownership vacation real estate model in which multiple purchasers own allotments of usage. What’s even better in these property types is that there are timeshare exit companies that facilitate easy exit, in case an owner wants to cancel the ownership. 
Owner-Occupied vs. Non-Owner Occupied Property
Property that is purchased as the residence of the purchaser is considered owner-occupied. This property is available for traditional financing. Property that is non-owner occupied is viewed as an investment property. This is part of what makes purchasing multifamily residences so tricky.

Financing Single-Family Residences
Securing financing for the traditional SFR is referred to as conventional loans. These properties are typically associated with the standard mortgage loan given by community banks and mortgage lenders. These loans usually fit under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA guidelines.

Conventional loans are intended for homebuyers that are purchasing owner-occupied homes. These same traditional loans can be used to buy multifamily properties that have 2-4 units and will be occupied by the purchaser as a primary residence.

Financing Investment Multifamily Residences
Multifamily investment properties do not fit into the criteria for conventional loans. Investors are not able to obtain financing from traditional banking institutions, but there are mortgage lenders that have programs designed for the multifamily property investor.

Choosing the Right Multifamily Lender
Multifamily lenders will almost always have a higher interest rate and require a shorter time period for repayment. As an investor, you have to be prepared to bring the cover the closing costs to the table for closing. The amount that you will need is based on the lender and loan program you select.

It helps to find a company that is dedicated to multifamily investment purchases and is familiar with the nature of these often complicated deals. You also need to find a company that is able to supply loans to your state—these companies can be very selective at times. Lima One Capital is a company that specializes in multifamily investment properties, and understands the full scope of multifamily deals, and is dedicated to closing as quickly as possible.

Purchasing a multifamily property is often a bit more difficult than single-family homes. Depending on the specifics of your multifamily deal, you may be having trouble locating the right lender. Hopefully, the tips and information provided here have given you a clear understanding of how multifamily financing works.

Simple Ways To Take Better Care of Yourself

When you are busy and overwhelmed with all that is going on in life, especially at this time of year, it can be hard to really make time for yourself. You can be running on empty and just getting from one day to the next. When times are like this, it can be easy to overeat or just give yourself the reward of food. It can be seen as a treat or a celebration just for getting through the day, but in the end, if you’re not taking care of yourself, then it can be something that is going to end up being bad for you and your health, leading to all different health implications, including your mental health as well. So here are some really simple ways that you can take better care of yourself, especially as we head into the new year.

  • Say No: learning to say no, especially with grace, can be a tricky thing to accomplish. But it needs to be done in order to take better care of yourself and leave you time for the things that you actually want to do.
  • Get Outside: making an effort to get outside every day can do wonders for your health, both your physical health and your mental health. It can give you the fresh air that you need, as well as giving you an increase in energy, and research suggests a heightened sense of wellbeing as well.
  • Drink More Water: drinking water is such a good thing for health. First of all, it gives our bodies the goodness that they need, as we are made up of so much water, we need to replenish our stocks. It can also be something that can stop us from feeling hungry, and give us the energy that we need.
  • Sexual Health: thinking about your sexual health is an important aspect of health that we can often forget about. Safe sex is so important, as well as looking for any problems in that area. Dryness, for instance, could be dealt with by something like a Mona Lisa touch treatment. So get to know your body and then you’ll know when something isn’t right, and you’ll be able to do something about it.
  • Don’t Eat Late: it can be easy to just be sat at home after a busy day and reach for the snacks. But overeating, and eating late, can impact your health and impact your digestion. So it is a good idea to give yourself a time when you don’t eat after, and make an evening wind-down routine for yourself that doesn’t include food.
  • Practice Mindfulness: being more mindful is something that can impact all areas of your health. It can make you more present, impacting mental health, and slows things down for you a little, impacting your physical health. 
As you can see, there are several things that can impact your health in a really positive way. Start doing those things today and you can be on your way to a very happy and healthy 2019.

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Minty Fresh Breath this Holiday Season with NEW Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal

Hello friends, unless you have been living under a rock you know that charcoal has been all the rage recently beauty products. I’m excited to share with you guys that Colgate just launched the NEW Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal to help us remove stains and impurities for whiter teeth and fresher breath. This set includes a toothbrush, with charcoal, infused tapered bristles, that provides deep and gentle cleaning along the gumline. The toothpaste contains micro-polishers that safely remove stains. The cooling mint flavor freshens breath. These sets would make the perfect addition to anyone's stocking and a great reminder of how important our dental health is. Plus it's a budget-friendly gift that can be used every day.

Benefits of using toothpaste with Charcoal
  • Cavity blocker: Charcoal changes the pH balance in the mouth and makes the mouth less acidic.
  • Fight halitosis: Charcoal helps eliminate bad breath.
  • Germ killer: Charcoal is a natural purifier and has been clinically proved to reduce bacteria by up to 90-percent.
  • Whitens teeth: Charcoal eliminates plaque and the micropolishers work to remove stains and discoloring on the teeth.
NEW Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal can currently be found at a Wal-Mart near you or other local retail stores. For more information on Colgate products please follow them on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest product information. Warm wishes for the brightest of holiday seasons from our smiles to yours, and as always, keep it Southern Y'all

City Mouse Or Country Mouse? Tips For Those Thinking About A Scenery Change

Do you remember reading the fable of the City Mouse and Country Mouse when you were a child? You can read a version of the story here. At first, living somewhere with a complete change of scenery seems like an attractive proposition, but the reality can be far different. The moral of the story being that sometimes you are better off where you are!

Still, we aren't living in a storybook world, so a change of scenery might actually do you some good. However, it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of such a move, because as the mice discovered, you might also decide that living somewhere that you are already used to may be the better option.

So, be you a city mouse thinking about a move to the country, or a country mouse thinking about moving to the city, you might want to consider the following before you pack your bags and move.

Moving to the country

Should you be tired of city life, with the hustle and bustle of both traffic and people, then the notion of living out in the country might be attractive to you.


The peace and quiet.
Think about it. No traffic sounds, bar the occasional tractor. No sounds from nighttime revelers, bar the occasional hoot of an owl. If you have ever craved peace and quiet, then a move to the country might be just what you need. Your stress might just melt away as a consequence!

Safer spaces for your kids. Kids love to play, and when it comes to playing out in the great outdoors, there are far fewer dangers. There is less risk of stranger danger. There is less risk of a traffic accident. And while there are some safety risks in the country - poisonous berries, possibly dangerous creepy crawlies - you might still have better peace of mind when your children are outdoors.

Self-sufficiency. You don't have to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in the countryside, but if often makes practical sense to do so, especially if you opt for farm living. You can grow your own crops, raise chickens to provide you with eggs, and create your own produce for personal use or to sell at local farmers markets. If you ever wanted to escape the rat race and the world-damaging carbon footprint of city life, then the country might be for you.

A sense of privacy. Houses are often further apart, so if you are tired of nosey neighbors, know that the only prying eyes spying on you and your family are those from the wildlife that inhabit the scenery around you.

You are one with nature. You have fresh air, without risk of pollution. You have the beauty of the countryside. You have places to walk, climb, and possibly swim. You are one with nature and nature is one with you!


Feelings of isolation. Sure, you can stay in touch with old friends through Skype and social media, but it just isn't the same as popping over to your friend's house for a coffee and a cream cake! You might make friends living in the country, but as the population is less, and because houses are often further apart, you might feel lonely occasionally.

Lack of amenities. If you're lucky, there might be a food shop in the village, and even a post office around the corner. But if you're somebody who loves shopping, your home might be a fair distance away from the nearest mall. And that brings us to the next point.

Transport issues. There might be a lack of public transport systems, or at the very least, something less regular than what you are used to, so if you do want to visit the shopping mall or any other amenity, you are going to need a car to get around. This is also true should you need to commute to work.

Moving to the city

If you're looking for more action in your life, with people, pursuits, and generally more things to do with your time, then a move to the city might be right for you.

There is lots to do. There are more places to eat, more places to socialize with others, and generally more things happening on a daily basis. You will be spoiled for choice by the museums, shopping malls, restaurants, and activity centers near you, so boredom will rarely be an issue.

More accommodation choices. Accommodation options are sparse in the country, but in the city, there are all kinds of options, no matter your budget. You can generally find a condo or a house to move into relatively easy, at a size that suits your family, and in places that are easily commutable for school and work purposes.

An exciting cultural life. City living offers you a wider range of cultural possibilities, with more theatres, cinemas, arts centers, and exhibits, than you would usually find in the country. There will be a more diverse culture of people too, so there are all kinds of social opportunities available for you engage with.

Proximity to the essentials. Food stores? Hospitals? Schools? Job opportunities? In the city, most of what you need will be in close proximity. And even if they aren't, you will have a wider choice of transport to gain access to them.


The problem of pollution. We are talking about traffic pollution and noise pollution, with smells and sounds that might not be conducive to positive physical and mental health. If you're used to country living, a move to the city can take some adjusting to!

More safety risks. You might be reasonably comfortable letting your kids roam the countryside, but you might not be in the city. As suggested earlier, with a higher risk of stranger danger, and the problems of busy traffic, city life poses many risks to the younger members of our families.

There are more people. This might be a good thing if you're a social person, but if you prefer your own space, you might find the crowds and congestion difficult to get used to. There are people everywhere, and while many of them are bound to be lovely, the hustle and bustle can get a little wearying if you're desperate for some peace and privacy.

And So...Should you opt for a change of scenery, or are you better off staying where you are? The choice is yours, but consider our pros and cons if you are currently trying to make the decision. We wish you every joy and happiness, whatever you decide to do!

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12 Goals In 12 Months: Ideas For A Happy New Year

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t for everyone. But they’re usually set with the very best intentions. Because at the start of a new year, we all want to feel fresh and ready to really make something of the months ahead. However, to be able to do this, it’s just so important for you to actually be intentional about that. When you know that there are things that you really want to do. And you have always had these big dreams or visions for your life, then you actually need to start working on them. Because if you don’t, then you only ever really have yourself to blame. Because you are always in control of your life. Of your thoughts, your actions, and the way that you spend your days. So don’t you want to make the most of that? Of course, you do!

However, it can be hard to know where to start. Because sometimes, when you think of everything that you want to do, and what you want to achieve, it overwhelms you. So instead, you don’t even start. You’ll quite often find yourself putting things off or talking yourself out of things so that you really don’t have to do them. But, this is only ever going to harm you in the long run. So, instead, you need to take charge of your own life and act! So rather than think about setting new year’s resolutions that you’ll then go on to forget about after January, why not see this as a goal-setting opportunities instead?

You can set twelve goals for yourself that you aim to achieve over the next twelve months. They can be as simple and small or a big and grandiose as you want. But the idea is to ensure that a) you actually want to do them, and that b) they are achievable. So here, let’s take a look at twelve ideas to inspire you.

1. To Be Happy Every Day
First of all, everybody’s goal should be to be happy every day. Okay, so it’s not always possible to be happy all day, every day. But as long as you’re aiming to live a happy life every single day, then you’re always going to be off to a good start.

2. To Move Every Day
Next, a really small thing that you can do to really make a difference to your life, is to make sure that you are moving every single day. Because if you’re able to move more, it’s going to give you energy, help you to stay fit, and just to feel good in general too.

3. To Be Kind To Your Body
As a step on from that, you should also think about what you can do to be much kinder to your body. Because you need energy and if you want look and feel good, you need to nourish your body too. And this is why eating well matters. Sure, eat the foods you love too, but just make sure that you’re actively looking to fuel your body with good foods too.

4. To Have A Hobby
Then, for something fun, why not think about having a hobby? Because we all need something that fills us with joy and allows us to feel content in life. And there are so many different hobbies, that there’s bound to be something out there that you will really love to do. So think about what your ideal hobby could be and get started.

5. To Actively De-Stress
From here, something very simple that could benefit your life massively is the idea of de-stressing. Because when it comes to being busy and putting too much pressure on yourself, you’ll find that you do just end up exploding at some point. And that’s never good. So, instead, you’re going to want to think about adding ways to de-stress into your everyday life. This will vastly improve how you feel day-to-day.

6. To Read More
Next, whether you’re an avid reader or not, you will find that choosing to read more is always a good idea. There is a style of book for everyone. And the more you read, the more you fuel your mind. The more you learn. The more you feel nourished in life. Plus, reading at night helps you to sleep well too!

7. To Travel
Something pretty big that a lot of people are going to love is the idea of traveling more. Because it’s nice to be able to explore the world and see all of the gorgeous locations that you’ve always wanted to see. But you really need to make sure that you plan this out. From Petaling Jaya to Costa Rica, work out where you want to go. Then research the area, find great deals, a budget for what you need, and save. Don’t just dream about it, do!

8. To Learn Something
But then also, maybe you want to learn something new? Maybe you want to speak a new language or pick up a new skill? Maybe you want to learn a craft? If you know that there’s something that you’ve always wanted to learn, now is the time to start.

9. To Work On Your Career
From here, you’re then going to find that working on your career is incredibly important for you too. Maybe you had dreams once? Or you stopped working and you miss it? Or you just don’t feel like you’re on track at all? Then it’s time to change all of that. Come up with a career plan for yourself. Something that allows you to step from where you are today, to somewhere closer to where you want to be within the next twelve months. Make it achievable and give yourself something to work on each month.

10. To Decorate
And then, it’s always fun to work on the house a little, isn’t it? Maybe you’ve been meaning to spruce up that room or redo this one? When that’s the case, you need to plan for it, save for it, and then get to work!

11. To Socialise More
Another really big goal that could be influential in your life, is to improve your social life. Because we all need friends and to spend time with people that have the same interests as us, or that we just get along with. And if you don’t have that quality social time ticked off yet, then this is definitely something that you’re going to want to work on.

12. To Be More Intentional
And then finally, one thing that is going to help you to become your happiest self, is to make sure that you are so much more intentional with your life and with every single day. Really, you want to be more present here. You want to think less and do more. To live in the moment and feel grateful for what you have and where you are every single day. Positivity helps here too. This is a very simple goal, but it’s something that will ensure that you have the best possible quality of life ever.

So, what do you think? Do these twelve goals sound like something that you might want to work on? Do you feel as if they will benefit your life and make you much happier? Do you believe that putting your time and attention into these areas will allow you to live a rich and fulfilled life? Of course, they will! So now it’s time for you to think of twelve goals for the next twelve months, and go after the best life possible.

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