Blue's Clues & You! Story Time with Blue DVD, recipes and a GIVEAWAY

September 28, 2021

Available on DVD September 14, 2021

Get ready to celebrate 25 years of Blue’s Clues with the special 2-disc DVD release of Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue! Available on September 14, 2021, this DVD is full of fun stories from Blue and her friends as they use their imagination, attend a pajama party, and discover Blue’s favorite part of bedtime. Also featuring a bonus disc with eight episodes from the original series, Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue will capture the hearts of both new and nostalgic fans of all ages!

Wrapped Up N U would like to Paramount Home Entertainment for sending us Blue's Clues & You! Story Time with Blue to include in our post. The post also contains affiliate links. Can you believe that it's been 25 years since we have welcomed Blue's Clues in our homes? I can fondly remember my 2 oldest dancing around our livingroom singing the we just got a letter song. My gosh, it seems like just yesterday! Steve and Blue were my kids' first friends and helped them learn to be loyal friends to others. I know you all seen Steves message that was recently released and shed a few tears like I did. I'm including the video below if you haven't already seen it or just need to see it again. To be truthful and tearful, after what's been going on in the world, it's the video we needed.
I'm thrilled to let you know you can now bring home an old friend and new ones with 25 years of Blue’s Clues with the special 2-disc DVD release of Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue!
Enter our giveaway today for the chance to win your very own!

The Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue 2-disc special edition will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment on September 14, 2021, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

Disc One - Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue:
  • Episodes:
    • Story Time with Blue
    • Blue’s Big Imagination
    • Pajama Party with Blue
    • Sleepy Singalong with Blue
  • Special Features:
    • Freeze Dance!
Disc Two - Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Biggest Stories:
  • Episodes:
    • Blue’s Big Birthday
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Blue’s Pajama Party
    • Magenta Gets Glasses
    • Steve Goes to College
    • Blue Takes You to School
    • The Legend of the Blue Puppy
    • Blue’s Room Snacktime Play Date
  • Special Features:
    • Blue’s Memory Photos
    • Blue’s Room Shorts
Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue synopsis:
Are you ready for Story Time with Blue? Play Blue’s Clues to help figure out Blue’s favorite story. Then, imagine along with Josh and Blue, attend Blue’s first pajama party, and help Blue’s friends discover her favorite part of bedtime!
This special 2-DVD set also includes Blue’s Biggest Stories in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Blue’s Clues! Steve and Joe join Blue and all of her friends for more stories!

Check out these 2 super cute snack time treats that would be perfect to include while watching Blue's Clues & You! Story Time with Blue.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Rental Property

September 23, 2021

Purchasing a rental property can provide a lucrative source of passive income. Purchasing a house is one of the most sought-after investment goals. A house is basically guaranteed to appreciate when maintained properly. Investors can expect to make a return of 8-10% on their investment in a house. This percentage outpaces inflation, providing a haven for retirement. 

Your possible income from purchasing a rental property will vary based on factors such as location, cap rate calculation, and the type of tenants you can locate. Before buying your first piece of rental property, one must consider the pros and cons of renting.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Pros and cons to renting

Purchasing a rental property is a serious decision. The purchase of a house is representative of an investing mindset. In many locations, the average house currently costs more than $200,000 and will require a down payment of at least $5,000. With $5,000, one could open a futures brokerage account and begin saving today, or one could start investing in real estate for rental purposes. 

Purchasing a rental property comes with great benefits, and individuals who enjoy managing and coordinating projects will enjoy rental property management. Hands-on individuals may enjoy the idea of becoming a landlord. Paying a property manager is a viable option, but small rental property investors will benefit from handling repairs themselves. It will save them money in the long run. 

Getting your rental property winter-ready with Home Depot will prove to be challenging and rewarding at the same time. The opportunity to earn passive income lures many into rental management. On average, you can expect a  rental property with income-generating characteristics to provide a gross income between 8-12%. Investors can expect to make a profit of 50% of whatever your gross income is on your rental property. For example, if you calculated that a piece of property will net you $14,000 annually, you will make a profit of $7,000 annually or $583 monthly. Along with the possibility of passive income, purchasing a rental property also provides you with home equity. Your rental property's home equity is the current value of your home minus the amount still owed on your mortgage loan. Property owners can use their home equity to acquire a loan. 

Obviously, taking out a home equity loan puts your property at risk of being seized by a lender and should only be used for things that will make a positive return like renovations, business ventures, or furthering one's education. When an emergency happens, the low interest and tax-deductible options available with a home equity loan make it a viable loan option. 

While the pros to renting may sound appealing, there are multiple cons to renting as well. Picking a bad tenant is always a possibility. Following a basic screening procedure will reduce your chances of choosing a bad tenant. 

Checking for basic financial information such as a tenant's credit score, verifying income, and checking rental history, will help you choose the right tenant. Even if you choose the right tenant, your property could still face periods of vacancy. The housing market follows a positive trend on average, but unexpected events like interest rate hikes, natural disasters, or an addition of a piece of property like a cemetery could reduce your rental property's value. Unexpected costs increases like an increase in your mortgage payments due to increased mortgage rates could drastically reduce your profitability as well.

What to realistically expect

More Americans and Europeans are renting their houses than at any time before. There are 36.2% of households in America renting their houses out compared to 31.2% in 2006. The reason for the increase is obvious—renting provides a passive source of income and can diversify a portfolio. 

Before jumping into the renting market, investors must complete their own research. There are many factors you should consider before your purchase. For example, expensive homes tend to have a smaller profit margin than smaller, cheaper homes. To produce a satisfying return on your investment, you should outline your expectations and research potential cost and risk real estate property near your location.

PAW Patrol: Pups Save the Kitten Catastrophe Crew

September 21, 2021



Mayor Humdinger and his kittens are causing all kinds of mayhem in Adventure Bay and only the PAW Patrol can save the day in the brand-new DVD release, PAW PatrolPups Save the Kitten Catastrophe Crew! Available on September 21, 2021, this DVD includes the best episodes featuring Mayor Humdinger and his kittens Catastrophe Crew from the hit preschool series PAW Patrol, airing on Nickelodeon and produced by Spin Master Entertainment. There’s no time for kitten around as the PAW Patrol tries to win the Spotless Town award, rescues missing kittens, saves Mayor Humdinger when one of his schemes goes awry and more! 

Pups and kittens...OH my! Bring home the fun and adventure today! Meow! The Kitten Catastrophe Crew is taking over! Mayor Humdinger and the feline troublemakers are causing all kinds of mayhem in Adventure Bay for Chase and his crew. First, the pups must clean up the kittens’ mess in order to win the Spotless Town Award. Then Farmer Al’s sheep run away and the kittens go missing! Finally, join the pups as they save the cat show and so much more!

PAW PatrolPups Save the Kitten Catastrophe Crew will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment on September 21, 2021, for the suggested retail price of $10.99. 

PAW PatrolPups Save the Kitten Catastrophe Crew episodes:
Pups and the Mischievous Kittens
Pups Save the Shivering Sheet

Pups Save a Clown
Pups Save the Kitty Rescue Crew
Pups Save a City Kitty
Pups Save the Cat Show
Pups Save a Blimp
Pups Save a Sweet Mayor

PAW PatrolPups Save the Kitten Catastrophe Crew synopsis: Meow! The Kitten Catastrophe Crew is taking over! Mayor Humdinger and the feline troublemakers are causing all kinds of mayhem in Adventure Bay. First, the pups must clean up the kittens’ mess in order to win the Spotless Town Award. Then Farmer Al’s sheep run away and the kittens go missing! Finally, join the pups as they save the cat show and so much more!

PAW PatrolPups Save the Kitten Catastrophe Crew fast facts:
Street Date: September 21, 2021
Catalog: 191329202593(US)
Running Time: 1 hr 37 min Audio: Dolby Digital English 5.1, French Stereo, Spanish Stereo
US Rating: Not Rated
US M.S.R.P.: $10.99

About Spin Master
Spin Master Corp. (TSX:TOY) is a leading global children's entertainment company creating exceptional play experiences through a diverse portfolio of innovative toys, entertainment franchises and digital games. Spin Master is best known for award-winning brands PAW Patrol®, Bakugan®, Kinetic Sand®, Air Hogs®, Hatchimals®, Rubik’s Cube® and GUND®, and is the toy licensee for other popular properties. Spin Master Entertainment creates and produces compelling multiplatform content, stories and endearing characters through its in-house studio and partnerships with outside creators, including the preschool success PAW Patrol and nine other original shows along with multiple short-form series, which are distributed in more than 190 countries. The Company has an established digital presence anchored by the Toca Boca® and Sago Mini® brands, which combined have more than 50 million monthly active users. With close to 2,000 employees in 28 offices globally, Spin Master distributes products in more than 100 countries. For more information visit or follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @spinmaster.

About Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon, now in its 42nd year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The brand includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, location based experiences, publishing and feature films. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of ViacomCBS Inc. (Nasdaq: VIACA, VIAC).

About Paramount Home Entertainment
Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. PPC is a unit of ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC; VIACA), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. The PHE division oversees PPC’s home entertainment and transactional digital distribution activities worldwide. The division is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment content on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television Studios, Paramount Players, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and CBS and applicable licensing and servicing of certain DreamWorks Animation titles. PHE additionally manages global licensing of studio content and transactional distribution across worldwide digital distribution platforms including online, mobile and portable devices and emerging technologies.


Batwoman The Complete Second Season

The Complete Second Season on DVD and Blu-Ray September 21, 2021!
This set contains All 18 Exhilarating Episodes from the Second Season,
Plus All-New Special Features!

We would like to thank Warner Bros. for sending our family an advanced copy of Batwoman The Complete Second Season. This post may contain affiliate links. 

Hey there DC Comics fans! Have you picked up your very own copy of Batwoman The Complete Second Season? This new season is FANtastic! The setting - Gotham City - where there is always a bad guy to be found! Our heroine - Batwoman is ready to do some butt kicking, and she does it well! Get ready, we also see the appearance of the Batmobile this season!


At the end of the first season, Crows Commander Kane (Dougray Scott) has declared war on Batwoman, forcing everyone around them to choose sides. Season two kicks off with a major game-changer that alters Gotham City and The Bat Team forever. A new hero emerges from the shadows. Relatable, messy, loyal, and a little goofy, Ryan Wilder (Leslie) couldn’t be more different than the woman who wore the Batsuit before her, billionaire Kate Kane. Living in her van, Ryan has been made to feel trapped and powerless by the system her whole life and believes the Batsuit is the key to breaking out of it. But what she’ll come to discover is that it’s not the suit that makes Ryan Wilder powerful, it’s the woman inside of it who finds her destiny in changing Gotham City for good.

With Blu-ray’s unsurpassed picture and sound, Batwoman: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. Featuring all 18 episodes from the second season in high definition, as well as a digital code of the season (available in the U.S. only).
Batwoman stars Javicia Leslie (God Friended Me), Rachel Skarsten (Birds of Prey, Reign), Meagan Tandy (unREAL, Teen Wolf), Nicole Kang (You), Camrus Johnson (The Sun Is Also a Star) and Dougray Scott (Departure, Snatch). Based on characters created for DC by Bob Kane with Bill Finger, Batwoman is produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television with executive producers Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl), Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries, Smallville), Geoff Johns (DC’s Stargirl, The Flash, Titans), Sarah Schechter (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl), James Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash (Gotham, The Vampire Diaries).
  • Deleted Scenes (Exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD)
  • Gag Reel (Exclusive to Blu-ray and DVD)
  • Villains Analyzed
  • Never Alone: Heroes and Allies
  1. Whatever Happened to Kate Kane?
  2. Prior Criminal History
  3. Bat Girl Magic!
  4. Fair Skin, Blue Eyes
  5. Gore on Canvas
  6. Do Not Resuscitate
  7. It’s Best You Stop Digging
  8. Survived Much Worse
  9. Rule #1
  10. Time Off for Good Behavior
  11. Arrive Alive
  12. Initiate Self Destruct
  13. I’ll Give You a Clue
  14. …And Justice For All
  15. Armed and Dangerous
  16. Rebirth
  17. Kane, Kate
  18. Power
Batwoman: The Complete Second Season is available to own on Digital. Digital purchase allows consumers to instantly stream and download all episodes to watch anywhere and anytime on their favorite devices. Digital movies and TV shows are available from various digital retailers including Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and others.

Landlords Insurance: 5 Things Every Landlord Should Know

September 16, 2021

Purchasing landlord insurance is something every landlord should do before they rent out a property. Unfortunately, those who are new to being a landlord may skip this important purchase and leave themselves vulnerable. With this guide, new landlords will learn five important facts they should know about landlord insurance coverage. 

Does Every Landlord Need Insurance?

Purchasing landlord insurance from Roger Butler Insurance is highly important. Every landlord should consider purchasing insurance coverage, no matter the size of their property or its value. This insurance coverage offers vast protection that can end up saving landlords thousands of dollars in liability costs. 

Five Things Every Landlord Should Know About Insurance Coverage

When a person is considering renting out a property, they need to be aware of their liability. It is important to purchase the right landlord insurance to ensure they are covered appropriately. The following offers information on five important things a landlord needs to know about purchasing landlord insurance. 

1. Landlords must purchase landlord insurance and not renter's insurance. Renter's insurance will not cover a landlord. It is important landlords get help from an insurance agent to choose the right coverage. 

2. Landlord insurance covers physical damage done to the property. These policies also offer liability coverage. It is important a landlord purchases the highest level of coverage they can afford. 

3. It is important landlords understand what is covered by landlord insurance. These policies cover financial losses that occur because of property damage or due to liability claims. Landlords can purchase additional types of coverage, such as flood and rent loss coverage. 

4. Landlords also need to know about umbrella policies. This type of policy is separate from the regular landlord insurance policy. An umbrella policy is important if a landlord has a net worth that is larger than the coverage offered by the landlord policy. 

5. Finally, landlords also need to know what they can expect to pay each month for coverage. The average cost for landlords is around $144 a month, but this can vary greatly depending on the state, property value, and coverage level. 

How to Decide on the Coverage Level

A landlord will need landlord insurance for each rental property they own. The amount of coverage a landlord will need is dependant on many factors. It is wise for a person to sit down with an insurance agent and go over their needs. An experienced insurance agent will help landlords better understand their coverage needs so they can be sure they purchase the right landlord insurance policy

What About the Tenant's Property?

It is important landlords and renters understand that landlord insurance does not cover the property of the tenant. Tenants will need to purchase their own renter's insurance coverage. Many landlords require their tenants to carry this insurance as a part of the lease agreement. 

Purchasing Landlord Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

Landlords must know the importance of purchasing landlord insurance for their rental properties. Without coverage, a landlord could find themselves in a financial nightmare because they do not have coverage for damages that have occurred to their properties. Having this coverage offers great peace of mind and allows a landlord to feel much less stress. 

Those who do not have this coverage should consider purchasing it right away. Working with an insurance agent will help landlords to understand their coverage needs and ensure they are purchasing any additional coverage that should extend their current landlord policy. 

15 Tips for Wearing Your Earrings in Style

September 15, 2021

Women, and some men, often wear earrings as an afterthought. They grab the first pair they see that won't look bad with their outfit and head out the door. Stop doing this. Spend time learning how to wear your earrings in style and watch them transform an outfit from plain to fantastic. The following tips become of great help as you work to achieve this goal. 


Know the Earring Types

Most women can tell the difference between hoops and studs. However, when a person talks about the new pair of gold earrings they got and refer to them as huggies, countless individuals don't know they are talking about small hoops that hug the earlobes. Learn the different earring styles so you aren't confused when making a purchase. 

Don't Fall Into a Rut

Think back over the past two weeks. Did you wear the same earrings every day? Many women find the answer to this question is yes. Try new styles. Pull out a pair of earrings you haven't worn in a while and make it a point to wear them. It's easy to grab the same pair every day, but that gets boring. Make sure you mix them up. 

Create Layers

Don't hesitate to layer earrings as you would necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Use multiple styles, such as stud earrings combined with dangle and drop earrings. With these layers, you can change your look in a matter of minutes. Go from a day in the office to a night on the town with a change of earrings and not much more. 

Wear Them Correctly

Many people don't know how to properly wear certain earring styles. For instance, climbers follow the curve of the ear when worn correctly. Jacket and drop earrings, in contrast, track the jawline, highlighting it in the process. 

Don't Overdo It

Don't mix statement earrings with an oversized necklace. Choose one piece to be the focal point of your accessories and keep the other pieces muted. Add those accessories you think you will wear and then remove one. This technique ensures you don't overdo it when it comes to your jewelry and end up looking like you were playing in your mom's jewelry box. 

Choose a Focal Point

To avoid overdoing it, choose a focal point for your jewelry. This may be the statement earrings or it might be another piece completely. Once this item has been selected, choose other pieces that complement it without going overboard for a fashionable look. 

Consider the Occasion

Women should not wear statement earrings to the office when they work for an established law firm. On the other hand, plain silver studs typically look out of place in a nightclub. Think about where you are going and why when choosing earrings to ensure you pick the perfect pair every time. 

Earrings Aren't an Afterthought

Women often choose their necklace and bracelets then put in a pair of earrings as an afterthought. Don't make this mistake. Your earrings will attract attention, as they are so close to the face. Choose a pair that complements your face shape or skin tone for a great look. 

Mix Metals

Fashion rules change over time. In the past, men and women often refused to mix metals, but now they are encouraged to do so. Choose a pair of earrings that incorporates more than one metal in the design. For instance, it may feature a stud in gold with a silver jacket around it. See how it makes the earrings pop and you will want to mix metals more often. 

Highlight Features

Choose your best feature and use earrings to highlight it. For example, studs or other small earrings accentuate the eyes, while chandelier earrings draw attention to the jaw. Regardless of what gemstone or precious metal you select for your earrings, the sparkle illuminates the skin. Keep this in mind as you select a pair of earrings. 

Choose One Item to Build Your Outfit Around

Women often start by choosing the outfit they want to wear and then pick accessories to go with that outfit. There's no rule that says this must be done, however. Choose one item you really want to wear on a given day and build the entire outfit around that. It may be a favorite pair of earrings rather than a piece of clothing. There's nothing wrong with that. 


Don't be afraid to try new things. See what is fashionable this season and try one or more items to see if you like the look. Earrings are a great way to try something new, as you can purchase multiple pairs for little money. This allows you to experiment without breaking the bank. 

Be Unique

Don't feel tied to current fashions. Find your own personal style and wear it with confidence. What looks good on one person won't be appropriate for another, so you need to find a look that is all your own. Try to incorporate new trends, often with the help of jewelry pieces, but keep favorite items even if they aren't the latest fashion. You feel good in them, and this will show in all you do. 

Skip the Other Accessories

There's no hard-and-fast rule that says earrings must be worn with a necklace or bracelet. If you have an incredible pair of earrings that make a statement on their own, skip the other jewelry. This style works extremely well when wearing a high neckline or one that is cut really low. 

Share Memories

Pull out sentimental pieces and wear them with pride. Although you don't have to use these pieces every day, they are a great item to have in your wardrobe. Furthermore, unique pieces that have been handed down through the generations can be great conversation pieces at social gatherings and other places. 

Never become a slave to fashion trends or rules. You are your own person and should let your values and personality shine in your clothing and jewelry choices. If anyone tells you differently, ignore them. If it works for you, go for it. 

Great Households Gifts to Give

Gifting your friends, family, and neighbors should be a norm that everyone should adopt and do it warm-heartedly. Gifting others creates a great connection with the people you are gifting. It is an action of kindness and generosity. It would be best to consider the following household items to gift your family, friends, or neighbors this holiday.


House Makeover

Gifting a loved one a home makeover is the greatest gift that you can ever give to someone. If the person you want to award has been dreaming or been wanting a house makeover, you can surprise them by granting their wish. The makeover is a warm gesture that can be highly appreciated. You are taking away their financial stress to renovate their house.

It will help if you renovate the house according to the design to make your loved one happy. For instance, if the receiver was longing for the sliding barn door hardware, you should invest in the best sliding doors. It would be best to consider getting financial assistance from your family or friends if you want to gift the loved one as a group.

Customized Mugs

The customized mugs have become the most popular items to gift a loved one or loved ones. If it is a family, you can customize the mugs by branding the family names on each mug. Each of the family members will have their mug with their name branded on the mug. You can also go on the extra mile by adding a picture of each of the family members.

Exercise Instruments

Exercise instruments cab be a thoughtful gift to give to someone or your family. If the loved one or the family members enjoy exercising, gifting them exercise instruments will be highly appreciated. If your budget is low, it would be best if you considered buying your loved one or the family members some headphones or a recoup fitness massage roller.

Throw Pillows

Many people have embraced gifting their loved ones' cute throw pillows. Without a doubt, throw pillows significantly impact a house by increasing the house's visual appeal. They are comfortable when you are sitting or watching a movie. The throw pillows can be wrapped up in beautiful wraps or gift bags to look presentable to the receiver

Smart Device

Everyone is expected to love a smart home. You can decide to invest in smart devices, which come in handy in many functions. Smart devices are convenient in maximizing home security and help in home control. Some of the thoughtful, smart devices for a home are a precision cooker, a projector, and a Fire TV Cube.

Smart devices give the homeowner have greater control of the energy use in the home. Some tasks like opening the windows and doors or adjusting the temperature can be done easily with more comfort. The homeowner is provided with insights about energy use which helps in saving energy.

Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the household items that are necessary, but not everyone can afford to buy it. The washing machine eases the back pains caused by doing laundry manually. Doing laundry is a task that is considered tiresome by most people. It saves the time used to wash the clothes, and the clothes fry faster. It comes in handy when you need to do heavy laundry like blankets, jackets, and jeans.

It would be best if you considered investing in a good washing machine that is long-lasting. A good washing machine should be functional for a longer time with no maintenance issues. The homeowner can multitask when they have a washing machine, making work easier.

Picture Frames

Most people have neglected to decorate their walls with beautiful picture frames. Change is inevitable but can be embraced and adopted. Picture frames define the personality of a home and display the aesthetic sense of the homeowners. You can get bespoke frames in London from FRMD (or look for a similar service near you) to provide a satisfying finishing to the room they are placed in.

Some picture frames contain messages that act as inspirational and motivational words. They also add the value of a home by increasing the overall appeal of a home. The added benefit of picture frames is that they are captivating and draw attention to anyone visiting the house.

When you gift someone, do not consider it as a chore but as an act of giving. Do not consider something in return when you gift your friend or family any of the above household items. You will be appreciated, and you will retain the bond you have with them.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

September 14, 2021


for sending us a copy to enjoy at home.




Hey there friends! I hope each of you are having a wonder week! Are you looking for a movie that everyone in the family can watch? Maybe you are looking for a fun family night movie? If so, I would like to recommend THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS. If you enjoyed the first Boss Baby movie, you will love this one too. This is easily one of the best animated sequels and is a must have for your movie collection.

If you haven't seen the movie STOP reading here: SPOILERS BELOW!

The Boss Baby is back and reporting for business in DreamWorks Animation’s THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESSa hilarious sequel guaranteed to bring the whole family together for non-stop adventure and laughs. On August 31, 2021 The Boss Baby Family Business is available to own on Digital and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray™ and DVD on September 14, featuring an all-new short from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.  Building on the success of the first film, welcome back brothers Ted (Alec Baldwin) and Tim (James Marsden) as they’re introduced to a brand-new boss baby, Tim’s daughter Tina (Amy Sedaris), who is on a mission from BabyCorp. The entertainment extends beyond the film with all-new exclusive bonus features offering endless fun and sure to get the entire family into the ‘back-to-school’ mode.  These features include a brand-new animated short, deleted scene, gag reel, interactive Creative Experiment Labs, Boss Baby Art Class and more.
This family animation comedy also includes a star-studded voice cast featuring Alec Baldwin (It’s Complicated, The Departed), James Marsden (Hairspray, X-Men Franchise), Amy Sedaris (Puss in Boots, Elf), Ariana Greenblatt (Love and Monsters), Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park, Independence Day), Eva Longoria (‘Desperate Housewives’), James McGrath with Jimmy Kimmel (‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’) and Lisa Kudrow (‘Friends’, Booksmart) also returning. THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS is directed by filmmaker Tom McGrath and is produced by Jeff Hermann.
In the sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar®-nominated blockbuster comedy, the Templeton brothers—Tim and his Boss Baby little bro Ted—have become adults and drifted away from each other. Enter new boss baby Tina with a cutting-edge approach and can-do attitude that is determined to bring them together again...and inspire a new family business.

  • ALL-NEW ORIGINAL SHORT “PRECIOUS TEMPLETON: A PONY TALE” - In this original DreamWorks animated short, Precious Templeton has entered the Perfect Pony Pageant in hopes of winning top prize. Just as the winner is about to be announced, the crown jewels are stolen. What will they do now? Find out in this hilarious original short.
  • DELETED SCENE – “Time Out” with introduction by Director Tom McGrath.
  • NEVER GROW UP: THE BIG BABIES BEHIND THE BOSS BABY: FAMILY BUSINESS – Get behind the lens with cast and filmmakers as we uncover how The Boss Baby: Family Business came to life. Dive deeper into the inspirations for each character and see what it took to bring this animated feature to life.
  • “TOGETHER WE STAND” LYRIC VIDEO – Sing along with Tabitha as she performs “Together We Stand,” in this whimsical lyric video.
  • ROLL CALL – Meet the voices behind the babies as we take a cast roll call of The Boss Baby: Family Business.
    • Alec Baldwin – Boss Baby (Ted)
    • Amy Sedaris – Tina
    • James Marsden - Tim
  • CREATIVE EXPERIMENT LAB – Schools in Session! Join us in the creative experiment lab to become a scientist in your own home. Hosted by James Marsden (voice of Tim), we’ll teach you everything you need to know to pass science class with flying colors.
    • Potato Power
    • Volcano To Go
    • Plastic Fantastic
  • BOSS BABY ART CLASS: HOW TO DRAW – Ever wondered what it would be like to be an animator? Get a firsthand look at how to draw your favorite Boss Baby at home with this fun drawing tutorial. Hosted by Catherine Rader, one of the lead story animators of The Boss Baby: Family Business, you’ll see step by step how to bring this big baby to life.
    • Boss Baby (Ted)
    • Tina
    • Precious Templeton
  • FEATURE COMMENTARY – Feature Commentary with Director/Exec. Producer Tom McGrath, Producer Jeff Hermann and Production Designer Raymond Zibach.
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