bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Rouge

May 5, 2017

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of bObsweep. The opinions and text are all my own.
When the highlight of your day is watching the bObsweep might be a busy mom!

I guess I should start by telling you about the traffic in our home? Our home consists of 2 adults, 3 children, 4 cats, 2 dogs and 2 parakeets. I have DREAMED of owning a robotic vacuum for many years but will admit I was worried about how it would work(please see the photo of clean-out). So, when I reached out to bObsweep I was BEYOND thrilled they wanted to work with me. I ordered our bObsweep from using the easy and convenient in-store pick-up.  I received an email when my order was ready to pick-up and I was in and out of the store in a matter of minutes.

So far we have been bOb's (Yes, We call it bOb) parents for around 2 weeks and we have used him every day. We currently only have hardwood and tile in our carpet at all. I'm really impressed with the pick-up power of bOb, he gets everything. From the pet hair to the finest dirt. As with all vacuums, you do need to clear a path for it. My children have learned this lesson the hard way and lost a few charging cords already.

Yes, that is a tiny pencil you see and that's a LOT of car fur!
The dustbin is easy to clean out and holds a lot of dirt. This bOb has really been a blessing and my best friend. I love that it frees me from sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. It is fully programmable and even comes with a remote but I only run it when I am home. I would hate for one of my furbabies to have an accident and bOb TRY and clean it up. By the way, the furbabies still don't know if bOb is a friend or foe....and my youngest child is still upset they do not wanna ride on bOb. 

Would I recommend bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop? In all honestly---YES! It's so easy to use and works wonderfully!
bOb was under my feet while I was writing this review cleaning away!

Product description:
If you find your home regularly draped in blankets of fur, then this robotic vacuum cleaner is made just for you. bObsweep PetHair picks up all of the hair and dirt scattered about your floors using a TurboLift vacuum and extra-long main brush. His 1-liter dustbin is the biggest in the industry and features HEPA filtration to catch airborne allergens. You can program a cleaning routine for every day of the week, and Bob will recharge himself whenever he's low on power.
  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates
  • 1-Liter dustbin is the largest in the industry
  • TurboLift vacuum suctions pet hair out of carpets
  • Microfiber mop wipes away paw prints and polishes floors
  • HEPA filtration removes allergens and dust mites
  • Create a cleaning schedule for up to 7 days on Bob's display screen
  • Cleans all types of floors including wood, tile, and carpet
  • Avoids falling down stairs or damaging furniture
  • Self-checks all components for proper functionality and reports errors
  • Automatically returns to his charging station when battery dips below 15%
  • Remote gives you control of Bob's movement and functions
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