Don’t Be Left Out This Left Handers Day (8/13)

August 13, 2017

To celebrate Left Handers Day (August 13, 2017), BIC commissioned a survey* that revealed the day-to-day struggles and feelings on being a “leftie”. Findings include:
  • Two-thirds of lefties (66%) frequently feel frustrated by everyday objects that are made for right-handed people, such as writing utensils or objects with right-sided handles
  • More than two-thirds of left-handed Americans (67%) have ruined an important document or project specifically because their left hand smeared the pen or pencil on it
    • Interestingly, that figure is higher for millennials as 80% of millennials surveyed recall a time that an important doc was ruined thanks to the smear
  • 58% of lefties believe they are more creative than right-handed people

Luckily, BIC has created the new Gel-ocity Quick Dry gel pens that dry 3x faster** and come in a variety of vibrant colors for less smearing and more creativity! After all, it doesn’t matter whether the pen sits in your left hand or your right – it’s the final creative product that counts! And now, thanks to the new BIC Gel-city Quick Dry pens, what you’ve created, stays created.

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