Cuddle Spoons Giveaway Sept. 7- Sept 21, 2017

September 7, 2017

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Cuddle Spoons Giveaway Sept. 7- Sept 21, 2017
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Sponsored by With Open Eyes To See Organized by Kenneth Vantroba from Cuddle Spoons

The Cuddle Spoons were designed to be a fun gift for couples but are so much more than that in my opinion.

They come complete with cute and fun Cuddle Instructions for Happy Cuddles!
The spoons come in a little box that looks like a bed with two people cuddling. I love the concept of the spoons because they are different, fun and a lovable idea.

Cuddle spoons can be a great gift for any couple and are designed so they work great for disabled persons as well. 
  • Couples Love Them
  • Parents Love Them
  • Even Kids Love Them!
  • Helpful eating aid for Disabled & Infant children
Get to know the Kenneth Vantroba:
Kenneth Vantroba was born in Illinois and transplanted himself to Texas

In 1988 Kenneth had a severe stroke that left him permanently disabled and in a wheelchair. His life changing situation is how he thought of the Cuddle Spoons. To make life a little more simple for those who might have a difficult time.

Throughout his tribulations, he has endured and been blessed. He encourages us not to give up on our dreams because they always come true with persistence! To help each other and most LOVE!
We would be honored to have you using Kenneth's spoons
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