Tips for an energy efficient home

November 9, 2017

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I have lived in houses where inside the house, it is extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter, even when the thermostat is set to constantly blow out full strength air. I think this is a common issue in a lot of older homes and even some new ones, depending on how the homeowners live. The good news is that you can make your home more energy efficient, without being uncomfortable! Stop sweating during the summer months and just put a little bit of work into your house instead. The work you put in is definitely worth being comfortable, especially if you have children! Here are my best tips for creating an energy efficient home:

  • Insulation
Insulation is extremely important to have in your home! I remember one of my first homes that I lived in when I moved out on my own was this small rental house and it had no insulation. No matter how hot I set the thermostat on, it would stay freezing, and if I dared to have a party in the summer, I better have not used the oven because the entire house would feel like one. It was miserable, but it was a fantastic learning experience for later in life. According to House Logic, there are many different types of insulation. They consist of batts and blankets, fiberglass batts and blankets, rockwool batts and blankets, cotton batts, loose-fill insulation, loose-fill fiberglass, loose-fill cellulose, structural insulated panels, polystyrene SIPs, polyisocyanurate SIPs, spray foam, open-cell polyurethane spray foam, and closed-cell polyurethane spray foam. Apparently, you can do some of these yourself in order to save money, but if I were you, I would recommend at least getting a quote from a professional, first.

  • Landscaping
This is pretty simple - if a tree is covering the sun and not allowing all of the hot sunlight to get into your house, it will definitely be cooler. This is especially nice for homes without much insulation. If you do have insulation, this will still help, just not as much compared to someone without insulation. In the winter, typically the leaves have fallen and the trees will be bare, letting in the sunlight, in order to warm up your house more. Plus, you can get some gorgeous trees and they are good for the earth, so it really is a win-win!

  • Windows
I have two suggestions for this section. First of all, make sure your windows are properly installed. If they are not properly installed, or if they are very old, there may be gaps and they make be leaking - this could be where your cold or warm air is escaping to.

Second of all, think about adding window treatments and window tinting. UHS Window Tinting and Blinds is the #1 Window Tinting Service in the Atlanta area. They serve the entire metro area, from Alpharetta to Marietta, Canton, and more locations. They have an extensive history with window films and treatments and they continue to learn new things about their industry, in order to apply that to their work, giving customers a quality experience. If you are looking to prevent excessive heat and cold, fading, and high energy cost, window tinting may be the solution for you! In addition to increasing your quality of life by reducing excessive heat and cold, window tinting also prevents glare, reduces your energy cost, and provides an extra layer of safety and security. Co-Owners Matt Erbrick and Robin Staveley, have been running UHS, or United Home Solutions since 2003. They are fully licensed and insured, offer the highest-quality craftsmanship, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • Thermostat temperature
So, this doesn’t exactly help you feel more comfortable in your home, but it will help you save money. Lower your temperature 1 or 2 degrees in the winter and raise it 1 or 2 degrees in the summer to save a good chunk of money. I know you have probably heard this tip before, but I just had to include it. Your wallet will thank you when you receive your electric bill!


  1. I'm putting some weather stuff on my windows this week. I'm tired of watching the curtains blow from air somehow coming in around them. I'm tired of outrageous heat bills when it never really feels warm in here.

  2. Omgosh yes!! We actually plastic all of our windows because they just do not hold up against the wind and freezing temps during winter!