Save Money on Holiday Expenses for Kids and Create Jobs in Your Community

December 12, 2017

Save Money on Holiday Expenses for Kids and Create Jobs in Your Community
As anyone with kids can tell you, the holiday season brings shopping expenses far beyond the gifts themselves. From party clothes to family photos to seasonal clothes for winter weather. Man, it really adds up! Just a nice pair of shoes for one child could be $50.
That’s why Goodwill is my go-to place for holiday bargains - not only because I know I will save a small fortune, but I know that shopping at my local Goodwill helps to create jobs in the local community. Up to 87 cents for every dollar I spend at Goodwill goes towards local job training opportunities!
I’m also so busy that I don’t want to hunt different stores for different holiday shopping needs. With Goodwill I have two stores within driving distance of our day-to-day activities. You can find the Goodwill stores near you at Being able to find needed items for multiple kids across multiple ages all in one place saves me money on gas and time searching different stores.
We had unexpected events for our kids this year. The older they get the busier their schedules get with various activities for the holiday. And at the rate they grow new clothes are always a necessity. This year it suddenly seemed all my kids needed new “dress shoes” at the same time! So of course, we hit Goodwill because I can shop for cause. As a non-profit, Goodwill is dedicated to helping create jobs as well as providing job training for those who struggle to find employment opportunities.
I just love a good deal and a great find, and Goodwill stores are full of them. Bargains, non-profit support, and the perfect pair of shoes? Genius. Find your nearest Goodwill and save on your holiday shopping for your kids today! You can share your great holiday finds with the hashtag #ShopGoodwill!

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