You've Lost Weight- What Next?

August 13, 2019

Losing weight really is difficult, so if you’ve worked hard and shed some pounds then a massive congratulations! However, now isn’t the time to get complacent, the loss is just the start of your journey- keeping it off can often be just as difficult. Here are a few things to bear in mind going forward.

Update your wardrobe

Losing weight is of course fantastic for your health, by shedding excess pounds you reduce your risk of all kinds of illnesses and diseases and you’ll generally feel much better within yourself. But an added bonus of weight loss is of course the way you look on the outside, and being able to wear what you want feels incredible. One of the best things you can do is get rid of your old bigger clothes, donate them to charity or pass them to friends. That way, you don’t see them as a ‘fallback option’, if you gain weight then you’ve no choice but to lose it again as nothing you own will fit! Treat yourself to a nice new wardrobe to flatter your shape. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, you might need to have your wedding rings resized or even buy a new one at this store. Another important fashion related purchase is a new bra, since your size can change significantly with weight loss. Go to a store and have yourself measured up by a professional.

Up your exercise routine

If you’ve lost weight on a traditional ‘diet’ where you’ve restricted calories, eventually you’ll need to up them again to a more manageable level. To counteract this and prevent weight gain as well as give your metabolism a boost, working out is key. Make this a part of your new lifestyle; join a gym, start walking more, cycle to work- just create new habits so you stick with them. It will prevent you from falling back into old routines, and means you can eat a ‘normal’ amount of calories without weight piling back on.

Decide on your diet plan going forward

Finally, figure out what you’re going to be eating. For long term success, restricting isn’t helpful so you need to focus on eating what you enjoy but in moderation. Up your fruit and veg, make healthy swaps and keep an eye on portion sizes. Find healthy, tasty recipes online and have fun learning to cook them. Weighing yourself each week is a great way to stay on track, if you find you gain a little one week then you can be more careful the next. You dont want to be obsessed with the scale, but it’s important that you’re not overdoing things and undoing all of your hard work. Understand that you can’t return back to the way you used to eat before, or you’ll quickly be back up to the size that you were.

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